Complete comparison: Rolex Vs. Jaeger LeCoultre

Since 1868, when Philippe made the world’s first wristwatch, everyone has been fond of this invention to this day. Having a wristwatch can boost our confidence and increase our class. Many companies are making wristwatches today and smartwatches are becoming trendy. But today we will talk about the ancient giants of the elegance of watchmaking… Rolex Vs. Jaeger LeCoultre.

Today we will compare these two companies and see who the winner will be: Great Britannia or Switzerland

Overall View

Rolex and Jaeger LeCoultre are two of the most known and popular wristwatch brands. Both these companies manufacture high-end classic wristwatches that are globally appreciated.

These competitors have many similarities including their usage of material, initial birthplace of headquarters, and even founders!

Like any other wristwatch company, Rolex & LeCoultre have their designs patented. If you pay attention, you can see that the differences between these two brands are in finer detail. But is JLC better than Rolex? Today we will look into that.

Stay tuned for our review of Rolex vs Jaeger LeCoultre.

jaeger lecoultre vs rolex

Historical Review

We cannot compare Rolex and Jaeger LeCoultre without first talking about their rich history. starting with the older brand:

Jaeger LeCoultre History:

In 1833, Antoine LeCoultre founded the LeCoultre brand in Le Sentier, Switzerland. He challenged himself to combine delicacy, measurement, and accuracy to create extraordinary timepieces.

By the year 1888, LeCoultre was the most valued company in its region and had 480 workers that were both men and women.

When Jacques-David LeCoultre met Edmond Jaeger in 1903, he made the world’s thinnest pocket watch at the time. After this, Cartier signed a contract with Jaeger and LeCoultre that would make all of their manufactured watches exclusive to Cartier for 15 years.

This cooperation led this watch manufacturing company to rename itself Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1937.

Jaeger LeCoultre has an invention called The Celestial. It shows the sun when it’s day and the moon phase when it’s night thus making it one of the most complicated designs ever!

Jaeger LeCoultre vs Rolex

Rolex History:

Hans Wilsdorf, an Oxford youth, founded Rolex at 24 in 1905.

In 1926, Rolex invented The Oyster watch series; The world’s first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch. This accomplishment was the most notable milestone in the history of Rolex. Wilsdorf was an admiringly creative man, and this increased Rolex’s quality. Hans used very small movement calibers that a watchmaking company in Switzerland manufactured to make his timepieces unique.

In 1920, Rolex moved its headquarters to Geneva, which was recently intentionally renewed for watchmaking companies. Rolex had another big invention in 1956 where they introduced the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss watch specifically for the people that work around electromagnetic fields.

Rolex, while being significantly younger than other watchmaking companies, immaculately used a variety of different materials. Giving the option to buyers to choose between steel or gold or a mix of both, and even jewels such as diamonds, was a big step in Rolex’s industry.

Rolex got bigger and bigger every day and started innovating new ideas and patents; which they still do to this day.

Jaeger LeCoultre vs Rolex

JLC vs Rolex

Now, we will compare the newest model of each company as an example of their products.

Quality Comparison

First of all, let’s talk about the build quality and material of Rolex Vs. Jaeger LeCoultre!

Both Rolex and Jaeger LeCoultre are pretty high-standard brands and use excellent grade-A materials; therefore, the build quality is tight. So, let’s dive a little further and discuss the finer details. Both companies have similar bodies but there are slight differences in the base dial corners and back cases. Also, they both mostly use the same bezels used in Rolex Datejust bezel types. But, the branding and design on the dials are entirely different.

While the LeCoultre uses more quartz and steel, Rolex uses obsidian, gold, and sometimes sapphire and diamond plates. No one does “fancy” better than Rolex. Limited edition series of Rolex is more common than LeCoultre; this means Rolex uses more exclusive material that adds value to the art of watchmaking.

We gathered these material differences in a chart so you’d understand them better.

Materials and VIP settings

Rolex LeCoultre
Diamond & Obsidian Leather
Yellow and White Gold Yellow and White Gold
Sapphire Glass Quartz glass
Grade 5 Titanium Grade 5 Titanium
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

Jewels and Specials

Rolex LeCoultre
Up to 100 jewels Up to 32 jewels
Mariner Glass Legitimist Leather
Diamond Dial Golden Dial
 Golden Back Case and Caliber Golden Back Case

As you can see, there are some differences; but the differences aren’t much in the interior and more in the build and exterior design.

Yet there is a simple complex way to distinguish LeCoultre from Rolex: Caliber Complexity

The LeCoultre confidently makes the most complicated calibers that have ever existed, and they take pride in that. This takes this company up a notch and evens it with Rolex.

Price Comparison

Rolex or Jaeger LeCoultre? When it comes to pricing Rolex vs Jaeger-LeCoultre, there are A LOT of factors that impact the costs. Overall, the prices of these watchmaking companies are pretty much close to each other, and their biggest price gap is $1000. (Not including their limited editions)

Rolex watches price range starts from $6,500 and goes up to around $75,000. Meanwhile, Jaeger LeCoultre’s price range is anywhere from $8,000 to $90,000. (Yet, there are some exceptional limited-edition series in Rolex that can cost up to 500,000 dollars! The Rolex watches come with Rolex warranty cards, certificates of ownership, and service stations.)

Keep in mind that Rolex watches are not highly suitable for retailers trying to sell second-hand Rolex watches in the market and it is a lot riskier than selling second-hand Jaeger LeCoultre watches.

Now, let’s wrap this article up and see who wins the Jaeger LeCoultre or Rolex competition.

Rolex Watch Review vs Jaeger LeCoultre


We have read about the main differences between Rolex and Jaeger LeCoultre and know that both these brands are of high worth. Meanwhile, with time, they continue to improve and top each other and get more innovative.

If you like to purchase a watch to wear, our recommendation is Rolex, although if you are a vendor, we suggest LeCoultre. But at the end of the day, choosing a watch is your decision and yours only. That is why we provide information… so you can choose better.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article at saatsaz watch as much as we did and if you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.


Is Jaeger LeCoultre better than Rolex?

  • Both these brands have been at the top for years. Any watch from these brands will satisfy your need but at the end of the day, your decision will determine if Rolex or Jaeger LeCoultre is better.

Is Rolex more expensive than Jaeger LeCoultre?

  • Rolex has more limited-edition series that have expensive jewels such as diamonds and they are much more expensive watches than Jaeger LeCoultre. But apart from these, these two companies have pretty much the same price range.

Is Rolex older or Jaeger LeCoultre?

  • Jaeger was founded before Rolex and has a little more history to it. Jaeger was the first watchmaking company in Vallée de Joux. But after a while, Rolex kept up and competes for the top place ever since.
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