Rolex Cookie Monster vs Smurf: Submariner Showdown Review

Rolex, a brand synonymous with luxury, precision, and timeless design, often finds itself at the center of passionate horological debates. Two of its models, colloquially known as the “Rolex Cookie Monster” and the “Rolex Smurf,” have garnered attention not just for their functionality but also for their unique aesthetics.

On this article at Saatsaz Watch, delve into the specifics of these two remarkable Rolex Submariner Date watches: 126619LB vs 116619LB refs while highlighting their distinct features and the tales behind their quirky nicknames.

Rolex Smurf vs Cookie Monster

The realm of Rolex watches often comes with not just precision engineering but also intriguing nicknames that capture the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide. Two of these models, affectionately known as the “Cookie Monster” and the “Smurf,” have particularly piqued interest for their standout aesthetics and backstory. But before comparing them to each other, first let’s talk about each one separately.

rolex cookie monster submariner review vs smurf

Rolex Cookie Monster (Submariner 126619LB) Review

The Rolex Cookie Monster is the Submariner model with reference 126619LB, boasting a luminescent blue dial that’s hard to miss.

Design & Aesthetics

Characterized by its distinct blue dial set against a white gold case, the watch’s color scheme is reminiscent of the beloved Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster, leading to its playful nickname.


As part of the Submariner lineage, the Cookie Monster is designed for divers, offering water resistance up to 300 meters, a unidirectional rotatable bezel for safe dive time tracking, and Rolex’s automatic movement ensuring timekeeping precision.

Market Reception

Its elegant yet bold aesthetics make the Rolex Monster watch a favorite among those looking for a mix of luxury and character in their timepiece.

rolex smurf submariner review vs cookie monster

Rolex Smurf (Submariner 116619LB) Review

The iconic “Smurf” refers to the Submariner with reference 116619LB, distinguished by its blue dial and matching blue Cerachrom bezel.

Design & Aesthetics

The Smurf comes in an 18k white gold case, paired with a deep blue dial and bezel. This unique blue aesthetic draws parallels with the famed blue character, the Smurf, leading to its catchy moniker. The white gold-blue combination exudes luxury and style.


A true diver’s watch, the Smurf ensures water resistance up to 300 meters, boasts a unidirectional bezel, and is powered by a reliable automatic movement.

Market Reception

With its high-end construction and iconic colorway, the Smurf holds a premium position among Rolex enthusiasts and collectors.

Now that you know about each of the models, it is time to get to compare them:

Rolex Submariner Date Comparison: Cookie Monster vs Smurf

  • Purpose: Both watches are designed keeping divers in mind, but their aesthetics cater to slightly different audiences. While the Cookie Monster is modern and bold, the Smurf carries a more classic luxury appeal.
  • Material & Construction: Both watches use white gold, but their finishes and overall presentation set them apart, with the Smurf leaning towards a more traditional luxury feel.
  • Price Point: Given their high-end construction and materials, both watches command premium prices, with variations based on market demand and rarity. Rolex Cookie Monster price is around $44,000 at Rolex’s official website. Meanwhile, Rolex Smurf is a discontinued model and should be bought from retailer shops and are immune to inflating prices due to their rarity.
  • Nickname Origins: The playful nicknames, stemming from pop culture, add a unique charm and narrative to these submariners.


Both the Rolex Cookie Monster and the Smurf are testament to Rolex’s unparalleled craftsmanship and design philosophy. Whether you gravitate towards the playful allure of the Cookie Monster or the timeless elegance of the Smurf, both watches stand as icons in the Rolex Submariner lineage.

The choice, as always with Rolex, remains a deeply personal one, influenced by individual style, purpose, and passion. Who do you think wins the battle between Rolex Cookie Monster vs Smurf Submariner Date watches? tell us in the comments.


Why did Rolex discontinue the Smurf?

  • Rolex often revises its lineup, discontinuing certain models to introduce new ones or updated versions. While the company rarely gives explicit reasons for discontinuations, the retirement of the “Smurf” (Submariner 116619LB with a blue dial and bezel set in white gold) might be part of Rolex’s strategy to refresh their offerings and maintain exclusivity.

What is the Rolex Cookie Monster?

  • The Rolex “Cookie Monster” refers to a specific Submariner model, the 126619LB, which features a luminescent blue dial and is crafted in white gold. The playful nickname is believed to be derived from its color scheme, reminiscent of the Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster.

How much is the Rolex Smurf worth?

  • As of my last update in January 2022, the Rolex Smurf’s value on the secondary market had appreciated due to its discontinuation and increased demand. Prices can range widely based on condition, provenance, and market demand. For the most current valuation, it’s advisable to consult watch dealers or auction sites.

Is Rolex Smurf collectible?

  • Yes, the Rolex Smurf is considered highly collectible. Its unique color combination, white gold construction, and the fact that it has been discontinued add to its desirability among collectors and Rolex enthusiasts.
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