Hands-on review: Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022

Wristwatches are belongings that can brighten up your look, spirit, and day.

While there are a massive number of watches on the market, and each one of them is better than the other, you can sometimes find a specific piece of art that will make you fall in love; we have seen that even people that don’t like wearing watches can fail for a watch.

Imagine that a watch gets produced and has almost everything you could have ever wanted from a timepiece.

Even thinking about it makes us filled with excitement!!!

Today we want to talk about a particular watch in the Swiss watch world and keep in mind that this watch will be highly familiar, and there is a reason, let us tell you why.

The Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022.

This watch is by far the most amazing one we have ever seen; whether its design or durability, the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022 does the job perfectly.

Now we shall start and dive deeper into this watch’s heart.

tudor gmt review

Overall view of the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022

It may occur to you sometimes that some watches are oddly familiar with the others, and this makes us wonder if these brands are copying the original.

Nevertheless, that’s not correct.

There is something called “co-founding” or relative companies; let us elaborate.

Take Rolex and Tudor, for example, some of the models in these two brands have a considerable resemblance, and it doesn’t mean that one copied the other in fact, Mr.

Wilsdorf founded both of these companies, and that’s why they have so much in common.

This kind of company is called the brother or sister company, depending on the gender of the brand.

Now let’s talk about Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022.

Tudor just entered the market of GMT watches that have been trending nowadays, and we hope that by the end of this review, you will have all of the knowledge you wanted for the watches.

The design and durability of this watch are spectacular; all of the small and vast remarks on the body and dial combined with the body’s polished finish create the ultimate masterpiece.

Regardless, small details are crucial for the article, so that we will discuss them in the design section.

When talking about special features, this watch is decent in our perspective, meaning it does what it is intended to do just enough.

While we are confident that the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022 will be marvelous, we will get into the article to learn more about this timepiece. Shall we begin?

The durability of the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022

Most of the watches in the world of timepieces are unique; they have their unique material and personality that makes them special to the individuals that wear them.

This fact makes almost every watch special.

However, the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT is one of the few watches sure can fulfill every expectation.

We talked with some Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT owners and gathered information regarding this watch.

The Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022 comes in two materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium

These two are the most durable watch materials on the market; of course, that is when we oversee the exclusive substances.

But overall, these two show that this watch is durable.

Most of these models are manufactured with steel and anti-scratch polish, meaning that this watch is resistant to sudden drops and contact with other complex objects.

The bracelet and the body use this material as the main one, and then the dial is usually ceramic or titanium.

The Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022 comes in three bracelets, which we will read in the design section; however, the metal bracelet and strap are the steadiest.

Overall, the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022 has tremendous and almost perfect durability, and needless to say, the sapphire crystal is the front glass with the double-domed glass that can protect your dial.

tudor gmt review

The design of the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022

In a word, the design of the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022 is fascinating.


The dial without any numeral creates a minimal look, and with the help of the watch hands and the Lumi-lights on the remakes, the dial is simple but elegant.

The bezel has a GMT option or 24-hour system that makes this watch unique compared to its family members.

As we said, the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022 comes with three types of bracelets:

  • Metal
  • Fiber carbon fabric
  • Rubber

These straps have a unique use for this watch, meaning you can get them and use them on every occasion.

The dial has an additional section dedicated to the date indicator, which is powered by the Tudor movement pro, and the front glass, as we mentioned, is curved, which gives off a whole new look to the watch.

And last but not least is that this watch is considered one of Tudor’s thin watches, meaning that it will not bother your wrist.

And the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022 can be used in casual and formal conditions, proving that this watch’s design was done correctly.

Now let’s get to the features of the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022.

Special features of the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022

As a luxury watch, this model has several options that we would like to list for you:

  • The Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022 has a water-resistant rate of 20 bars or, in other words, 200 meters deep into the waters. This makes this watch kind of a diver watch, and we are sure 200 meters is more than enough.
  • The second fact is that this watch has an additional GMT unidirectional rotatable bezel that lets you set a second-time zone to your watch; this is why this watch is named GMT.
  • And the third option is the chronometer certification of the watch that allows you to use this ability by using the crown on the side of the watch; in addition to this chronometer option, this watch has a rate of 40 hours of power reserve.

These features make a decent wristwatch, and we are sure that the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022 is more than worthy.

We shall end the article at once and get to the conclusion.


A wristwatch is the completion of style and confidence.

This sentence means that sometimes just wearing the right watch can make a huge difference in your look.

In this article, we talked about the Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022, and why it is a magnificent watch, this watch comes in USD 4,000, which we think is a fair price for a luxury watch.

In the end, we are glad that you enjoyed the “Hands-on review: Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022” article; please keep in touch with us through the comment section.


Does Rolex own the Tudor?

  • Yes and no. the founder of Rolex, Mr. Wilsdorf, founded the Tudor as well, so technically, they don’t own each other but are sibling companies.

Why is Tudor expensive?

  • As a high-end watch brand, it is only fair prices; keep in mind that manufacturing timepieces can be an excruciating task.

Is Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT 2022 worth buying?

  • In our opinion, yes. However, we recommend you to read about the watch and in the end decide for yourself, but this watch gets our approval.
5/5 (2 Reviews)

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