8 Different Rolex Datejust Bezel Types

The Rolex Datejust is one of the most iconic and recognizable watch models of all time. Since its launch in 1945, the Datejust has evolved into a classic timepiece available in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations including different bezels. Make sure to follow us at Saatsaz Watch to find out more about Rolex Datejust bezel types.

Rolex Datejust Bezels History

The original Datejust from 1945 featured a fluted bezel, also known as an Engine-Turned bezel. This type of bezel has a distinctive scalloped or grooved design that helps give the watch an elegant yet sporty aesthetic. The fluted bezel remains a popular option for Datejust watches to this day.

In the 1950s, Rolex introduced the Smooth bezel for the Datejust. This smooth, uninterrupted circular bezel gives the watch a more dressy and refined appearance. The smooth bezel Datejust became a favorite among professionals seeking an elegant timepiece for the office or special occasions.

The Jubilee bezel was introduced in the mid-1970s. This bezel features a series of wide, overlapping links that mimic the design of the popular Oyster bracelet. The Jubilee bezel gives the Datejust a more modern and contemporary look.

Since the 1980s, Rolex has offered the Datejust with a Two-Tone bezel made of both stainless steel and 18k yellow Rolesor gold. The gold design elements in the bezel and bracelet give the watch a more luxurious and premium appearance.

Rolex Datejust Bezel Types


  1. Fluted:

    The original bezel type introduced in 1945. Features a distinctive scalloped or grooved design. Gives the watch an elegant yet sporty look.

  2. Smooth:

    Introduced in the 1950s. A simple circular bezel without any notches or indentations. Gives the watch a more classical and dressy appearance.

  3. Jubile:

    Introduced in the 1970s. Features a series of wide, overlapping links that mimic the popular Oyster bracelet. Gives the watch a more modern and contemporary look.

  4. Two-Tone:

    Features a bezel made of both stainless steel and 18k yellow Rolesor gold. Gives the watch a more premium and luxurious appearance.

  5. Diamond-Set:

    Features round-cut diamonds set into the metal band. Adds a more glamorous and dressier dimension.

  6. President:

    An ultra-precise bezel with links that fit together with virtually no gaps. Reflects Rolex’s standards for excellence.

  7. Cerachrom:

    Made of ceramic composite. Resistant to fading, scratches and corrosion. Introduced in the mid-2000s.

  8. Non-Metallic:

    Some Datejust models feature wooden or ceramic bezels as alternatives to metal.

Also, a rare bezel was made between 1954 and 1957… the Rolex Bamboo Bezel. This rotating bezel was made out of stainless brass and had bamboo stalk design on it. The Rolex watches with the Bambo bezel are very rare as they were only manufactured for 3 years. But still to this day, collectors seek the Rolex Bamboo bezel watches.


In summary, the wide array of types of Rolex bezels that allow wearers to choose a style that fits their personal tastes and desired look – from classic and dressy with a smooth bezel to more modern and sportier with a Jubilee or fluted bezel. Regardless of the chosen bezel, the iconic Datejust remains instantly recognizable as one of the finest and most respected timepieces in the world.


How many different Rolex Datejust bezel types are there?

  • There are a lot of Rolex Datejust Bezel types out there such as Fluted, Smooth, Two-Tone and many other. You can read about 8 of the Rolex bezel types on this article.

What is a Rolex fluted bezel?

  • A set of grooves and ridges were made on the bezel to screw it down to the crystal and increase water resistance and were named “fluted bezels“. But nowadays, their presence is just aesthetic.

Rolex fluted bezel vs smooth bezel?

  • Generally, if you want to dress classy and fancy, a fluted bezel Rolex will suit your outfit better. But if you are going for a more casual look, then probably a smooth bezel Rolex is the better choice.
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