Everything about the Rolex warranty card 2023

Watches are popular among people for both fashion and time tracking in today’s globe, and their role in people’s lives are increasing. They have a brand name and a monetary value, and they come with attachments that the seller must pay attention to when purchasing. For example, when you purchase a Rolex watch, it will come with a Rolex Warranty Card.

What is Rolex Warranty Card?

The Rolex warranty card is one of the crucial components of legitimate paperwork for Rolex watches; so, every genuine purchased Rolex, comes with a warranty card. These cards, which are the official publications of the watch, can be transported to any location.

What Makes the Rolex Warranty Card important?

  • Re-sale value increase
  • Authentication

Rolex warranty duration

Rolex warranty card differs by nation; for example, in the United States, warranty cards are written in English and feature information such as the serial number, model number, bracelet reference, and design number. Foreign warranty cards show the same information but are written in French.

Note: Rolex warranty cards are not always required; however, several letters are permitted to indicate which store the Rolex watch was purchased from, and the information on the back of the warranty cards contain the owner’s name, address, and date of purchase..

US warranty cards are without any state code, making it impossible to establish which state they belong to. And they are also packaged in a paper folder, whereas international warranty cards are packaged in synthetic leather. This makes it easy to discern whether they were purchased in the United States or elsewhere.

Rolex warranty cards may contain several codes, such as Switzerland that has sixteen codes. Rolex has not released an official list of country codes.

One of the unique codes is 061, representing the Rolex headquarters code. So, if a customer purchases straight from Rolex, this is the number that will appear on his Rolex warranty card.

Rolex warranty cards in 2022

How does the Rolex warranty work?

All genuine Rolex watches come with a warranty card, also known as certification, that is digitally enabled when bought from an official Rolex retailer. The Rolex warranty card was originally a piece of paper, but it eventually became a durable plastic card.

With the digital warranty card, you can know exactly when the card became active and who activated it. This straightforward approach guarantees that the purchased watch is not fake.

Every Rolex watch buyer should ensure that the warranty card includes the following information:

  • Name of the store
  • Date of the purchase
  • Name of the customer

The names of the buyer and the seller must be filled out on the warranty card; however, if the customer refuses to reveal their identity while acquiring the watch, the authorized sellers may enter the “XXXX” authorization.

Note: Customers should be aware that any work done by a 3rd party on the watch, will invalidate the warranty.

What does Rolex Warranty Cover?

In general, the Rolex watch warranty card should be kept by the watch owner for free repairs. You can have your watch repaired by an approved Rolex store or Rolex service centre.

The warranty does not include a variety of items including:

  • Normal wear and tear: especially wear of non-metallic bracelets and straps.
  • Missing parts or damages: as a result of inappropriate usage.
  • Replaced components: by a manufacturer other than Rolex would void the warranty.

As we mentioned above, the Rolex watch warranty is only valid if one of the following events occur:

  • The watch is sold by a Rolex authorized dealer.
  • The certified Rolex vendor fills out the warranty card at the time of purchase.

Rolex Warranty Card

What exactly is included in Rolex servicing?

When repairing a Rolex watch, it is completely opened by specialists, and the acoustic method is used to clean all the parts. Then, in case of complete inefficiency, each part is placed on a trial basis and replaced with the original Rolex parts. After that, electronic testing is performed to ensure that the watch is working correctly, and the metal frames and bracelets are cleaned and polished to achieve their luster.

Rolex then puts the watch under a series of technical tests to ensure that your watch is waterproof, energy-efficient, and accurate. After the full service, your Rolex watch will be covered by the Rolex warranty.

How much does it cost to service a Rolex watch by warranty?

The cost of maintaining a Rolex watch is determined by the sort of service required. Before starting the service, the specialist thoroughly examines the watch and states its condition, as well as the fee that must be paid for services.

If the specialist guarantees that all of the formalities for obtaining the warranty have been correctly followed, the warranty will cover the expenses.

Does Rolex have Lifetime Warranty?

A lot of rumors may be heard about the top watchmaking companies. One of these rumors is that “The Rolex watches are warranties for lifetime”… which is not true. Rolex watches have a 5-year warranty from the purchase date.

How can a lost Rolex warranty card be replaced?

One of the restrictions of Rolex watches is that in the event of loss, the watch bearer will NOT be issued a re-card.

However, for further details and to fix this problem, you can return to the retailer and ask for assistance from the place where you bought the shop.

When did Rolex start 5 year Warranty?

When Rolex introduced its five-year warranty in 2015, the company received a lot of praise. This not only demonstrates the company’s pride in its goods, but it may also give Rolex owner’s a sense of superiority because only few companies can offer 5-year warranties. This made Rolex warranty cards better than their rivals.

Omega began offering a five-year Omega warranty card on their watches in 2018. They were the most significant opponent since for Rolex since they attempted to compete with them and provide their clients with five years of peace of mind.

Rolex warranty card 2022

How to tell a Fake Rolex Warranty Card from Real?

The company comprises a range of authentication tokens to detect cheating and allow their users to authenticate their Rolex warranty cards. There are several distinct factors that distinguish a genuine Rolex warranty card from a counterfeit Rolex warranty card.

  • Hologram

On the top left of the card, there is a hologram that can only be seen with UV light.

  • Text in Lines

The green lines on the card are not just lines! under magnification you can see that they are the words “Internationale Rolex Garantie” written over and over and give the illusion of a line.

  • Black Fonts

All the black fonts on the Rolex warranty card have a mixture of straight and pixelated look to themselves and this makes them unique and differentiable.

  • Gold Print

Under magnification, the gold print and the Rolex logo on the card should have a metallic look.



This article sought to convey whatever was necessary about the Rolex watches warranty. As previously stated, the Rolex watch warranty, like all the other watches, does not have a lifetime warranty but instead provides a 5-year worldwide warranty.

Note that this warranty does NOT cover all of the watch’s flaws and has its own set of rules. We hope you enjoyed this article, and whether you own this well-known brand or plan to acquire it, we hope this knowledge was helpful to you.

If you own this watch, we’d like to hear about your experiences with the Rolex warranty card so that we can share them with our audience.


  • How long is Rolex Warranty?

In 2015, Rolex changed its warranty duration. To show their pride in their watches, Rolex increased their warranty duration to 5 years.

  • Is having a Rolex Warranty Card Necessary?

Warranty cards are an essential part of purchasing a Rolex watch. A warranty card will be included with every new Rolex formally sold. Rolex warranty cards ensure the authenticity of the Rolex watches and boost their residual value.

  • What is covered by the Rolex Warranty and what is not?

The Rolex warranty does not cover normal wear and tear (particularly on non-metallic bracelets and straps), loss, theft, or damage caused by improper usage.

  • Is the watch serviced by Rolex if it is no longer under warranty?

Rolex will service the watch without authentication if it is not stolen. If you have lost your Rolex warranty card, Rolex will still service it.

  • What if the Rolex warranty card is misplaced?

Contact the official Rolex dealer from whom you purchased your Rolex. If a new warranty card is lost, you will not be able to obtain a warranty card for the third time; however, if you have serviced your watch, you will be given a new “warranty card” with a two-year warranty.

  • Is the Rolex warranty valid for strap wear and tear?

The Rolex warranty does not cover scratches on the bracelet. Polishing scratches and stains are included in the standard Rolex service cost.


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