Time Converter Tool

This advanced time converter tool allows you to change one unit of time to another with ease. Making it a perfect tool for your time conversion math problems.

This time converter even takes leap years (which have 366 days instead of 365, and happen every four years) into account. It also considers days of a month as 30.44 which is the average of all months which have different days. It’s all MATH!

How to Use

Fairly simple…

  • 1. Enter a value.
  • 2. Select the time unit of the entered value.
  • 3. Select the desired time unit (which you want to convert to)

And the time converter tool will do the calculation.


2 days to hours = 48 (which means that there are 48 hours in 2 days.)

1 year to days = 365.25 (meaning there are 365 days in a year with a ¼ probability of it being a leap year.)

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