How to change the Seiko bezel insert?

If you want to upgrade your Seiko watch and make changes in the appearance of your watch, you can change the bezel insert. This is a common way to transform the look of the Seiko and all the other watches.

Also, you change one part of your watch, but it affects the whole appearance and makes it up-to-date.

Try to wear your current watch after changing the bezel insert; most of your friends will congratulate you on buying a new watch!

To try this funny and fantastic trick, we want to add the steps to change the Seiko bezel insert in this article. What do you need to change the Seiko bezel insert?

Is there any unique tool you should use while changing your Seiko bezel insert?

All the answers are here in this paper! So, without further ado, let’s dive into the topic and learn to change the bezel insert!

How to Change Seiko Bezel Insert

What do you need to change the Seiko bezel insert?

You require to prepare some tools for this process. We try to mention the most straightforward tools so you can have access and change your Seiko watch’s bezel insert.

So before doing anything, ensure you have prepared the essential tools on the list.

Changing the bezel or bezel insert is not complicated. All you need are mentioned below:

  1. Your Seiko watch and replacement bezel (the most important ones!)
  2. A sharp and handy knife (penknife)
  3. Ethanol Solution
  4. Case back remover tool
  5. Case holder and Crystal Press (this makes the process easier, but if you don’t have one, it is fine)
  6. Paper towel (you might need it, so keep one close)

Now that you have prepared all the requirements in the list, you can start the process. If you want to change the Seiko bezel insert, follow the stages mentioned in the following section.

The steps to change the Seiko bezel insert

Seiko offers the best and most valuable watches, so if you want to use it for a longer time or reshape it, you can change the Seiko bezel or bezel insert using the steps below.

Please stand up and bring the tools mentioned in the list above. We want to change the Seiko bezel insert according to the instruction below:

How to Change Seiko Bezel Insert

· Step 1: Get rid of the old bezel

Bezels are secured onto your watch case by different means. On the other hand, they can be easily attached to the majority of timepieces, including Seiko watches.

This makes the replacement and changing process easier for you. It would be best if you pried it off.

You can accomplish this task with the assistance of a watch knife or any other suitably sharp tool.

Place the knife into the space between the bezel and the case. Use a little force and be gentle. Try not to break it. You may don’t need the old bezel now, but who knows!

To make this process more convenient, The bezel can be removed by inserting the knife into the gap between the bezel and the casing and then prying it apart.

· Step 2: It is time to remove the bezel insert.

In this part, you can use chemicals like Ethanol Solution that we mentioned in the list in the previous section.

Putting a sharp penknife in the space between the bezel insert and the bezel is an additional option that works well.

Because of this, the adhesive will become unusable. And last but not least, the bezel insert may then be removed from the bezel.

· Step 3: Place the new Seiko bezel

Bring the crystal press or any handy device to help place the new bezel on the Seiko watch. But if you want to change the bezel inserts, we suggest purchasing an economy crystal press.

It will make it very simple for you to insert the bezels into their respective case frames. When doing a new bezel, be cautious and ensure that you utilize the appropriate size to cover it.

It would be best if you took precautions to protect the new bezel from scratching.

Some bezels are snap-based; first, you should ensure the bezel click spring is adequately positioned.

Install the bezel with considerable force. Since this step requires more pressure and power, it would be best if you get used material between the case and your working surface.

This would protect the patient and the working surface at the same time.

Now it is time to Seiko bezel insert.

· Step 4: Put the new Seiko bezel insert.

Congratulations on reaching this step! Now that you have come so far, it is time to clean the bezel’s inner surface and prepare it for the new bezel insert.

After giving the rear of the insert a thorough cleaning and applying a double-sided adhesive to it, you will need to carefully spin the bezel in both a clockwise and a counterclockwise direction to locate the solid block.

Place the bezel insert, and make sure the noon marker is aligned with its dial marker.

And that’s it! You now have changed the Seiko bezel insert.

The process is easier than you think; briefly, you have to:

  1. Removing the Old Bezel
  2. Detaching the Old Bezel Insert
  3. Placing the New Bezel
  4. Fitting the New Bezel Insert

You have to know when to employ force or be gentle to prevent any damage and scratch the bezel or bezel insert. If you take all the steps we cited, you can easily change the Seiko bezel insert without any damage.

This is it!

Use the four steps in this article to change any bezels beside the Seiko bezels! These are useful for all the replacement processes.

We hope you like the article “How to change Seiko bezel insert?” and use the steps to easily replace your old Seiko bezel insert with a new one.

If you still have problems with changing the bezel inserts, please get in touch with us and share your concerns. We will help you with all the steps.


Can you change the bezel on a Seiko?

Sure, you can do it. You can change the bezel on Seiko using the four simple steps mentioned in this section.

How do you change the bezel insert?

You must remove the Old Bezel, detach the Old Bezel Insert, place the New Bezel, and finally fit the New Bezel Insert. To know them in detail, check our article.

How do you remove a Seiko bezel?

It requires simple steps and needs some tools. Read the section above to get all your answers.

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