Citizen Divers Watch [Full Review]

These days, all watch companies worldwide are trying to top each other daily, which means more and more innovations in these watches and lower prices. They want to be ahead in the competition and be considered one of the best Watch-Brands.

Some of the excellent features of luxury watches were created to compete with their fellow watchmakers, and we think that as long as this competition is healthy, it benefits everyone.

In this article, we will discuss an exceptional watch that brings some extraordinary features to the table:

The Citizen Divers Watch

This model is one of the best on the market and is known as ProMaster Dive.

We will discuss the watch’s durability and design, and then we shall tend to the more specific sections of the Citizen Divers Watch. Some of the features in this watch caught our attention, and we want to share our experience with you because it can make a huge difference in your opinion!

Citizen Divers Watch Design

Overall View of the Citizen Divers Watch

As you may know, the diver watches are the heritage of the many companies; meaning that it is one of the original series every company introduces to the public. Usually, these watches are durable and well-designed because of the main idea behind the watch.

The first marine watch was designed for the sailors and divers who had to know the time and wanted to wear classy watches, but the regular pocket watches didn’t cut it. So, the watch companies came up with the diver series, and then the industry accepted these watch series as one of the best models of every brand.

These watches are well-designed and the material that gets used in these watches are pretty robust and durable, but the most crucial side of these watches is their features. The Citizen Divers Watch has some unique features that you can find in a few models, which are exceptional.


Durability of the Citizen Divers Watch

There are many series in the Citizen Divers Watch collection, and every one of them is unique; however, if you are looking for durability, you have to choose some of the individual models this brand has.


For instance, this brand uses steel and titanium as the base material of the case and bracelet of the watch; but, in some of the unique edition watches, you can find gold and silver case materials.

But the most durable material on the list, is grade 2 titanium which can endure much more pressure than the others.

The watch’s bracelet has the same material as the case, which guarantees that under any condition, your watch bracelet will endure. The watch’s durability is related to the design of the case and the caliber because the structure of the watch case can impact the amount of pressure these watches can handle.

Front Glass

The front glass of the Citizen Divers Watch is made from anti-scratch sapphire crystals, meaning that it has high resistance, and you can wear this long-lasting watch with ease of mind.

Now let’s get to the design of the Citizen Divers Watch, shall we?


Design of the Citizen Divers Watch

The design of a timepiece is important because it is the appearance of the watch, and it can be the reason that you fall in love with it. Luckily, the design of the Citizen Divers Watch is one of the best we have seen!

If you look closely, you can see some resemblance to the other diver watches on the market, but it has some unique characteristics that change the whole balance.

Body & Dial

The watch’s body is shiny, meaning there is no matte finish or coating. On the other hand, the watch’s dial comes in two models, matte and shiny.

Watch Hands

The Citizen Divers Watch has 6 watch hands, and each one of them have a purpose. The difference between these watch hands makes them seamless; meaning that you can see all of them, but they won’t disturb the functionality of the watch.


The bracelet of the Citizen Divers Watch is like any other formal watch bracelet.


The details on the bezel of this watch are immaculate, and the bezel of the watch consists of two sections: a blue one and a red one

These two sections indicate different depth conditions, and also the Rotating Bezel can move in unidirectional ways!

Now let’s get to the features and see what these extra pieces of hands and numbers are on the dial and the bezel.

Citizen Divers Watch

Special Features of the Citizen Divers Watch

In this section, we want to list the features of the Citizen Divers Watch that stand out and matter.

  1. This watch is water resistant up to 200 meters in depth.
  2. The sensor in this watch can indicate the depth and pressure, and some of the hands on the dial will show them. All of these for a $500 watch!
  3. Having a rate of 48 hours of power reservation that kicks in when the battery dies, is another cool feature.
  4. Another hand on the watch’s dial will show the “empty and full”. This indicator will move when the power reserve option is operated.

Showing up so much detail in this innovative way is very impressive. Kudos!

Now let’s finish the statement.


Luxury watches are trending daily, which means that watches in the industry will get even more advanced in the future decades. Some of these watches are rather impressive, whether the topic is features, durability, or even design.

In this article, we talked about the Citizen Divers Watch, one of the divers watches we strongly suggest for individuals who like luxury and innovative watches and want to pay less than $1000.

in the end,

we are glad that you decided to stay with us until the end of the Citizen Divers Watch Review.

Make sure to keep in touch with us and share your insights in the comment section below or on the contact page of this website.


Are Citizen Watches low in quality?

  • Quite the opposite! Citizen is a brand that provides luxury watches, and the material and the design that this company uses are far from low…

Where is the Citizen Watch company located?

  • Currently, like most watch-making brands, Citizen watches are located in Switzerland. You can find Citizen stores everywhere in the world.

Should I buy the Citizen Diver watch?

  • It depends on your personal preference. However, you can read about the Citizen Diver watch review here to decide better.
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