Hands-on series review: Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso

If you pay close attention, every new invention made or a new idea has been told will get satiated over time.

Watchmaking had this happen to it as well, several times.

But with technology, everything is possible. But what if we didn’t have tech, this would be a significant problem—however, this condition didn’t stop Jaeger LeCoultre from inventing a one-of-a-kind device in 1931.

There was a time that people didn’t have the internet or the fancy of 3D Printers; in the meantime, LeCoultre made something that was pretty much the most prominent form of evolution.

Creating the Reverso.

The Reverso series is not something that we could cover in one article. It is not a watch. It was a cultural jump for the company and the users, and by mixing it with the celestial calibers; this series got the biggest hit of the time.

Join us on this exciting journey to the heart of Reverso and discover the culture and elegance together.

You will read:

  • Overall view
  • Reverso history
  • The durability of the series
  • Design of the series
  • Special features
  • completion

now let’s start the review and get to work.

jaeger lecoultre reverso reading

Overall view

A timepiece that is swiveling launched and destined to become the most classic part of the 20th-century design: The Reverso

This series was created to stand the polo matches that were and still are brutal. Its deco art form and the pioneering reversible case made this series one of the most recognized series in the world.

Although the JLC introduced this series in 1931, they were the best-designed watches that existed back then, and in the present, this watch has some competitors. It still holds its stand firm, and it seems that it is not going down effortlessly.

Reverso history

In 1930, the Jaeger LeCoultre hosted so many polo games of its time. Eventually, they came up with an idea to spontaneously make something designed well and durable even for polo players.

Then the Reverso was born, and the watchmaking industry was facing a new challenge in competing with the Reverso.

This series was a unique piece in the LeCoultre collections and was terrific and sentimental for the company.

This corporation usually engraves all of its gemstones, meaning wristwatches, but this one was different; the company offered a special deal for the customers interested in the Reverso series.

Individuals that were ordering a model from the Reverso series had permission to send their initials to the company so it could get engraved on the watch; this was a big and brave step for the LeCoultre.

jaeger lecoultre reverso reading

Three expressions, one concept

Years of development and there are three types of Reverso wristwatches in this series:

· The one

“The Reverso one” or “the feminine” is an elegant series among the Reverso world that gives a daring gracious sense of femininity. This is one of Reverso’sReverso’s magnificent models with the jewels finishing lines.

· The classic

This one is inspired by the model made in the late 30s and is the core concept of rectangular beauty. Besides, the reversible face gives you an additional time zone or simply another style.

· The tribute

“The Reverso tribute” or “the original” is the same look as the first Reverso ever created. They kept improving it without compromising its unique identity; this series is the simplest form of magnificence, yet the complexity at its peak, from plane dial to the double-faced and beyond.

The durability of the series

The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso boy cases are made from 50 different stainless steel components and grade 5 titanium. This complexity and parted technique are why this watch is durable; it is made for polo players.

The sapphire front glass protects the display from any harm that comes the watch’s way.

The caliber inside these watches is variant, over 50 calibers were made for this series, all of which are made from jewels and titanium. This makes the Reverso one of the most durable series in Vallée de Joux.

The case on some models comes in yellow gold with a silver dial; although that edition is quite lovely, it’s less durable than the titanium finishes. Overall this watch Is a legacy, and it will keep its value until the end of time.

Let’sLet’s talk about the miracle of design on these watches.

Design of the series

The design patent on this series is one of a kind and in the world. The rectangular body brings back the nostalgia from 1930.

But, the essential side of the design of the JLC Reverso is that it has a reversible base panel, some models have double-sided dials, and some have a dial on one side. The other is just empty and pure steel that you can customize by engraving your initials on the surface.

Besides, the leather bracelets on this model have quality and verity over the roof; every single model on this series has unique and different leather used.

Remember that Jaeger LeCoultre says that no animal of wild nature has come to harm in using these leathers, and all of the leather comes from LeCoultre farm animals, just like Gucci.

The feminine models have jewels all over them. However, other models have a particular partition inside them covered with gems all around the dial.

The dials are made of quarts and come in different colors and handles, handles crown is usually made of silver, but in some models, you can find it in yellow or white gold, or even titanium.

jaeger lecoultre reverso review

Special features

All models inside the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso category have special celestial calibers, meaning some of the models have mood and sun phases that accurately indicate whether it’s night or day.

The Reverso slogan stands for the elegance behind the reversed watch face and how it can add style to your watch or double as a shield for the look you already have.

The calibers are power reserving up to 51 hours, and the watches themselves are water resistant up to 3ATM or 40 meters for about 3 hours.

Overall, the reverse is a symbol for the company and since the first reverse watch brand hasn’t given this series up yet, in our opinion is one of the unique models and series in the luxury and fancy watch world.

Now let’s bring the article to an end and see the result of the hands-on review of Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso.


We conclude that the Reverso is a legacy and lifestyle for the manufacturers in the Vallée de Joux, and giving up this series would be a mistake.

The Jaeger LeCoultre created a masterpiece, and if you are looking to invest in a luxury yet fair-priced wristwatch and seek to differ, this series might be excellent for you.

We hope that this review was helpful, and now you know everything about the Jaeger LeCoultre The Reverso series; if you have another question regarding this case, please get in touch with us via the comment section.

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