Hands-on series review: The JLC Polaris (Jaeger LeCoultre)

It has become common sense that wearing a wristwatch is one of the most crucial parts of every outfit and fashion combination.

But sometimes, you can’t find a watch that captures your true identity and the event you will participate in; it doesn’t matter if you are going for a casual night out with friends or being interviewed to become CEO.

If you always look for a watch that you can wear on almost any occasion, you have come to the right place; today, we are going to review a unique series of watches:

The JLC Polaris, yes, the Jaeger LeCoultre.

If you are looking for offhand dignity, you have been waiting for this day. Let’s begin to explore the fantastic world of the JLC.

You will read:

  • Overall view
  • Polaris history
  • The durability of the series
  • Design of the series
  • Special features
  • Completion

Without any skepticism, let’s start the article and dig into the specks of dirt on JLC’s heritage.

JLC Polaris review

Overall view

The Jaeger LeCoultre is a high-end wristwatch manufacturer specializing in complex calibers and is most known for its celestial series.

But the series that we are going to review is something that no one will expect from the JLC.

The JLC Polaris is a magnificent series that revolutionized the JLC world because this series used a design patent and looks that no one was expecting to be revealed from JLC.

The Polaris series has significant changes that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

The materials, the caliber, and the design is entirely something spectacular. And we are going to review every little and exemplary aspect of this series.

Unlike the Reverso series, this one doesn’t use a rectangular body, and this is one of the most extensive modifications that this series has.

Although some of the materials got cut off from this series, these watches still stand their home ground.


With this brief introduction, let’s move on to the next chapter and the history of the JLC Polaris.

JLC Polaris analysis

Polaris history

In 1968, a heritage was born into the family of JLC; it was the Polaris.

The idea that inspired this company to create this model was that they wanted to offer a watch that was different from the other models and could be used in multiple tasks; that’s why they call this watches “formality with the sporty soul.”

While having an exquisite and formal design, this watch gives off pure sport and casual vibes.

After creating this spectacular series JLC started evolving it and pushing it to be better, and that’s precisely what the Polaris did; it became of the most-sold luxury watch models of the millennia.

It’s worth mentioning that the first Polaris watch created in 1968  had an active alarm system embedded inside it, and this fact blows our mind that how could do something that amazing.

After the take-off of the Polaris, the JLC started to improve and expand the series and became the Polaris that we know and love today.

And now it’s time to dive a little bit deeper into the JLC Polaris and see how much pressure it can stand on the design and durability test and see if this series is worth spending on

The durability of the series

Like any other JLC series, this one-use grade 5 titanium is the primary material for building the body and the frame; the watch’s glass consists of quartz and sapphire covering the dial and the back case.

The bracelets on these models are a bit surprising; first, there are mostly leather bracelets on the watches as the kit strap, but the interesting fact is that they are replaceable. You can get another pair of straps and use them whenever you want.

Both the leather and metal straps are freakishly durable against pull pressure.

Moving onto the caliber of these models more than 15 variants with fine details and di from each other.

Although, these calibers have something in common: the moon phase and the alarm system.

You heard us right, the working active alarm system with a self-winding crowd.

This watch does everything itself and lets you enjoy your life and occasionally check your watch for the time.

JLC Polaris review

Design of the series

This section of the article is attractive.

As you know, the JLC Reverso was a rectangular-based watch that this company was very proud of and still is, for that matter.

However, they have made this impossible and created a new patent, and changed the whole design of the wristwatches.

The circular shape gives this series a whole new look, and the new alpha color of this series is marine blue and navy blue.

The see-through back case and the calendar on the dial have given a whole new entity to this series and changed the visions of watchmaking; combining these qualities with natural and pure leather makes the ultimate casual and fancy ware.

The white and yellow gold used inside the caliber is in sight if you turn the watch to its back; the other fine detail that the JLC Polaris series have is the information of the model and series engraved on the back case bezel.

Now let’s list the features that matter.

Special features

There are some immaculate features and options on the JLC Polaris series.

The critical points of this part are the mood phase and the dual calendar system combined with the alarm winder.

Some of the models have something called a world timepiece that can allow you to see the exact time in several cities and the same time.


Overall, the JLC Polaris was an evolutionary step for the company, and by expanding it, the company found that this series has some solid potential to grow.

But there are some downsides to this watch: the high price.

Yes, we have to consider that these brands are luxury watch manufacturing companies but seeing the features and interior material, I think at least view the other brands.

Hopefully, this article has given you enough information to make your decision-making process easier on what watch you should get.

If you have any questions or opinions about the hands-on review of the JLC Polaris, please let us know in the comment section below.

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