Hands-on review: Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control Date (The JLC)

When we talk about brands and wristwatches, JLC has the most paradox compared to other companies.

Sometimes you want to invest in a watch that is not flashy yet fancy.

It is hard to find a fine wristwatch that is both high quality and simple in design, but as usual, The JLC has created a timepiece to solve this absurd issue.

The model that we are going to review today is a rebellious and outrageous part of the JLC world, but with all of these, this model is one of the company’s favorites.

The JLC master control date.

You will not believe how many advanced improvements this watch holds inside its small caliber.

You will read:

  • Overall view
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Special features
  • Lastly

If you are wondering, keep reading this article with us and let’s see how this watch is going to act against our review and tests, we shall see.

jaeger lecoultre master control date

Overall view

The JLC was most famous for its rectangular series, the Reverso. After a while, this company accepted the truth that the square model base might be a tad harsh and unnecessarily nostalgic, so as they say, modern problems require modern solutions.

This was the time that the Master control collection was born; at first look, you might say that these models have hundreds of age, but on the contrary, the date model belongs to the 90s, and it is not that old, that is the reason that we said that the JLC was a paradox.

In the recent decade, jaeger LeCoultre revisited the series and decided to tinker with it, and the result was four new models from the master control collection, one of them being the Date.

This model is the exact opposite of its heritage. The circular dial base and the exchangeable leather straps are innovative and different.

But let’s discuss and see if, by making this advancement, how well should the JLC d and what are the competitions at hand.


Like every other Jaeger LeCoultre manufacturer, this collection contains several modules with different materials, making them different from each other in case of durability.

But the JLC master control date uses carbon-infused grade 5 titanium; therefore, the pressure standpoint on this model can even be compared to other models.

The frames and the back case bezel also use the same metal, and the screws that connect the front and back panels are placed brilliantly.

The glass-covered dial is made from pure quartz, and like many other models, I turn the watch around, and you will see that the caliber is visible; the Date uses that same dial glass in the back case well.

But when It comes to caliber and movement, the JLC takes it up a notch.

Usually, most companies use white or yellow gold when creating the caliber, but the JLC did it differently in this model.

They used the same grade 5 titanium on the small parts of the caliber, and the covers consisted of gold; therefore, the durability of this caliber is out of the charts, and we can’t compare it to pretty much anything that is ever made.

To cut it short, the only thing that we can say about the durability test of this model is that this one wins all of the prizes, but there is a fact that completes this durability that will blow your mind. Just keep reading to find out.

jaeger lecoultre master control date reading


It’s time to talk design.

When we inspected this watch for its design and fine detail, we were shocked by some facts that we will tell you.

You can feel the change of pace on this model through your bones; the round base dial and body give this watch a whole new identity.

It is mentionable that when comparing the round body and dials, the JLC counts as an amateur because, unlike the other watchmaking brands, this one started with rectangular bases.

But it doesn’t mean that the JLC didn’t do a great job creating this model.

Obviously, in the beginning, we said that we were looking for elegant and straightforward, but we have to admit looking at the dial and the hands, maybe the JLC could add some more details to the dial.

The dial consists of hands to second and the JLC logo, and the model; that’s it.

The base of the dial is steel, and it doesn’t have any particular texture, but as we said, elegant and straightforward, right?

Let’s move on.

We are moving to the back case. The caliber is visible, and you can see the movement inside the caliber.

The following design point makes up for anything that the Date lacks.

This watch is by far the thinnest model ever in the JLC world; taking from the durability, it was a bold move to use that many materials and then reduce the thickness; this one wins.

Not unlikely most of the Jaeger LeCoultre models. This one has the model, the brand, the serial number, and some other information engraved on the back case bezel that gives you a hint of originality.

Now, let’s get to the features section and see if the JCL master control Date has unique functions.\

Special features

After many analyses, we conclude that the Date is a featured watch, but we cannot expect the moon. After all, it is only 3.7mm thick.

The JLC master control date has the fancy of water resistance up to 5 bars; we know that in 2022, 5 bars aren’t much of a number when it comes to the water-resistance rate, but a watch with this unique size is more than enough.

The feature that shocked us additionally was the power reserve option.

Yes, this watch has 70 hours of power reserve for emergencies if your battery drains or anything wrong happens to your power supplier.

The dial comes in two silver and sunray colors similar to rose gold.

And the last great function that JLC offers in this collection is the replaceable straps for your watch, so when you are getting this model, you can get another set of straps just in case.

Now that we are done with the central part of the review let’s wrap the article up and see if the Jaeger LeCoultre master control date is worth investing in.


The Jaeger LeCoultre is one of the largest wristwatch establishments specializing in high-end products.

The master control collection revolutionizes the watch industry and the JLC.

The Date is the model that we reviewed today, and let’s say you like simple wristwatches and are going to invest in a fancy watch, this watch may be suitable for you.

But if you are looking for attributes and texture, you have to keep looking.

We hope you got all the information you needed to decide which watch you want to buy.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any other inquiries and opinions about the hands-on review of the Jaeger LeCoultre master control date.

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