Do Tissot Watches Hold Their Value?

A luxury watched brand from Switzerland and was founded in 1853. Tissot Watches is a valuable property of watchmaking, presenting us with sports watches, diver’s models, fine dress pieces, and the world’s first-ever touch-screen chronometer.

Most luxurious watch brands are valuable and hold their value by bypassing time. Or, like Rolex, they even become more precious over time. But what about these Watches? Do Tissot Watches have their value?

This is the central question we want to answer in this article. If you are an owner of a Tissot Watch and want to know if it’s worth keeping or something, this article is for you.

And also, if you are about to buy a Tissot Watch and want to know if these watches won’t lose their value and price, stay with us and read this paper thoroughly.

First, we want to talk about the Tissot Watches and give you a gist of these watches’ quality and prices; in our previous articles, we have written about these timepieces and discussed whether Tissot Watches are good or not.

Do Tissot Watches Hold Their Value

A glimpse of Tissot Watches and their quality

These watches are high quality and classic. They cannot be counted among the luxurious watch brands, but Tissot Watches are qualified even though they are not as expensive as other fine timepieces.

So, if you are asking, has Tissot Considered a luxury timepiece brand among people and watch lovers?

Tissot is not seen as a luxury brand in the watchmaking industry. Instead, it’s considered an entry-level luxury brand is offering its fans superior timepieces at more reasonable prices.

One of the reasons that Tissot watches are not allowed into the luxurious watch brands is that they are mass-produced. And they are not exclusive.

But it is better to know that these wristwatches are made with exotic and valuable materials. Tissot is addressed as so-called a “middle range” watch brand amongst watch lovers.

Knowing all this information again, we come back to our first asked question: do Tissot watches hold their value passing the time or not?

Let’s find out.

Do Tissot Watches Hold Their Value?

If I want to tell you the truth, Tissot watches don’t satisfactorily hold their value. And there are some fundamental reasons why these watches won’t have their price.

The most central point concerns the exclusivity of these watches and the Tissot brand. The Tissot watch brand or its models are not great investments. At the same time, you might find some models in the industry that could hold their prices. So, you can look for specific models in this brand.

One factor that helps the Tissot watch brand gain the attention of watch investments is its origin. Since these watches are made in Switzerland, the country of luxurious watch brands, Tissot watches are also one of the brands people tend to buy.

But totally, they are not known as luxury properties, except in some of their modes.

If you want to know which models hold their value and might be suitable for investment, you can see them in the section below.

Do Tissot Watches Hold Their Value

Which Tissot watch models hold their value?

Suppose you insist on buying Tissot watch brans timepieces (which you have the right to because of their quality and reasonable price). In that case, we want to introduce some models of this brand that can hold their value and are suitable for investment.

These are specific potential models for investments that won’t lose their value.

You can search for the Tissot models that hold their prices in the “limited-edition” watches.

Tissot T-Race MotoGP and Vintage Chronograph line are two examples of limited edition Tissot watch that are good for investment.

So, generally speaking, Tissot watches are unsuitable for investment and won’t hold their value, except for the models we mentioned earlier.

If you are looking for watches that can hold their price, you always have to search in the “limited-editions” in each brand you like; they might be a fair investment.

We have reached the end of this article, and hopefully, you have found your answers in this section.

Let’s wrap it up.

To wrap it up

Many luxury watches are great investments and watch lovers tend to buy them more often. Because they hold their value over time and are not just handwrits watch.

But for Tissot brand watches, it is not valid. Tissot brand watches can’t hold their value, and generally, they are not a suitable property for investment.

Nevertheless, you can find some models in this brand that are limited edition and can maintain their price. We have mentioned them in the above section, so if you are curious, look at the models and see if you want to purchase them.

Did you enjoy the topic “Do Tissot Watches Hold Their Value?” do you have any further questions? If yes, please share them with us in the comments below. We will gladly answer.


Do Tissot watches have good resale value?

Tissot watches do not have a good resale value as much as you would expect; they are high-quality watches but are not good at holding their price as entry-level Swiss watches.

Are Tissot brand timepieces worth collecting?

As you saw in this article, Tissot brands are not holding their price, but some of the models we mentioned, so-called limited-edition, might be worth buying for Tissot brand watch lovers.

Is the Tissot brand considered a luxury watch?

The brand originated in Switzerland that is famed for watchmaking expertise. This elevates Tissot to a luxury estate and emphasizes the brand’s watchmaking superiority. These factors make Tissot watches a “middle-range” watch brand.


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