Hands-on review: The Grand Seiko SBGJ249 Elegance

In Japan, every season that changes go through four-phase stages, and one of them is the peak of summer, which is called “shosho.”

The warmth of the summer combined with the majesty of the forest is astonishing.

The Grand Seiko harvested that feeling and that delicacy and turned it into a wristwatch, and it’s none other than:

The Grand Seiko’s SBGJ249 is the elegance collection AKA “shosho.”

This watch is the perfect consolidation of nature and humans, the greatest of both.

We all know that the grand Seiko always is a huge fan of nature, and we recommend you to keep reading about this majestic watch and get lost in the allure of elegance.

We will view:

  • Overall review
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Features
  • Lastly

Together, let’s appreciate these masterpieces; stay with us so we can dive into the gears of nature.

sbgj249 review

Overall view

The Grand Seiko is all about the essence of the nature policy, and the SBGJ249 is that policy at its finest.

  • This wristwatch has high-quality material used in its forging, a design that from every aspect captures nature and all its beauty, and all of these powerful Features that make this watch one of the most magnificent wristwatches ever.

With a terrific design, excellent mechanism, and minor details, this watch can meet you at any matching point that you desire, so let’s go on and review this fantastic watch dust to dust and see if this watch is worth the money and on what occasions. Are you suitable for this wristwatch?


We can start by talking about the body and build quality of the SBGJ249 and how well it holds up to its reputation.

This watch is made entirely of stainless steel, including the dial box, bracelet, and clasp.

Some models use many ingredients to produce a single material for the body and the watch’s frame. Still, the SBGJ249 uses pure steel as the main ingredient, and this fact increases the durability of the watch and its strength against pressure and pull.

The dial has sapphire crystal as a glass because it’s exceptionally enduring and won’t break that easily.

The clasp used in this model is the three-fold type that is great in structure and grip; combined with the push release button, this watch department helps and has a firm grasp on the whole body of the watch.

Overall, this watch has legitimate and dependable endurance and passes the standard durability test.

But now, let’s talk about design and accommodations.

sbgj249 review


This watch is overwhelmingly beautiful, the dial reminds you of your memories and the good times, and the proportion is precisely on point.

This is a big deal, there are hundreds of fantastic watches worldwide, but few can get the proportion like the Grand Seiko has done in the SBGJ249.

The powerful movement partition, 9S86, powers this watch. This movement structure is one of the most nuanced and detailed movements partitions ever created.

Like most grand Seiko models, if you pay close attention, this watch has the same sapphire glass in the back panel to see the whole 9S partition.

With the manual winding and being automatic simultaneously, this watch is also a combination of modernity and nostalgia at the same time.

Let’s talk about the dial.

The dial has the famous grand Seiko silver coating used in a few exclusive models such as this one. The texture is extraordinarily detailed and magnificent; it reminds you of the warm breeze of the summer.

The diameters on this watch are 39.5mm, and the thickness of 14.1mm, may be compared to other watches; this one is thick, but considering the 9S, it’s reasonable.

The sapphire contains an anti-reflection coating that aids you when you are outside and the sun is directly into your watch; there is no problem with this coating that the grand Seiko has made exclusively for the SBGJ249. You can see the dial of your watch on the shiniest of days.

Like some limited-edition models, this one is a luxury; the dial contains 37 pieces of jewels and a dual calendar system that gives this watch a whole other level of class.

  • Altogether this watch lacks nothing from a design perspective and is near perfect. Now the exciting part is the Features. Keep reading with us, and don’t miss out on this.


Finally, there comes a downside to this watch.

  • Unlike the other models that have up to 300 meters of water resistance Features the SBGJ249

It is splash resistance, and it’s not the wisest idea to drag this watch into a pool party or a beach day because under the pressure of the water, this watch can and will get damaged, and most of this damage is going to be on the movement mechanism.

Do yourself a favor and avoid deep waters if you own this watch. Although the SBGJ249 lacks water resistance, it has another great option: magnetic resistance.

In our recent articles, we explained magnetic resistance, but let’s briefly hear it again.

Magnetic resistance means that this watch and everything it contains is resistant to the magnetic fields produced and spared from devices like smartphones or routers.

This feature is undoubtedly vital for high-end and fine wristwatches. The dual calendar and the embedded jewels are the other features this watch shines with.

sbgj249 review


Last but not least, this review proves that the SBGJ249 is worthy of its name elegance, there are some other models in the elegance series, yet they are more expensive, and some are even limited editions.

Overall, the grand Seiko SBGJ249 elegance is one of the most affordable and worth spending watches in its range, and we recommend getting it.

Hopefully, this review was entertaining and informative; if you have any other questions about this model, we will be glad to address them in the comment section below.


Are limited editions available?

  • Yes, some limited-edition watches are produced in the high number range.

Where is Grand Seiko from?

  • The gran Seiko productions are placed in central Japan.

Are the grand Seiko models expensive?

  • Typically, this company composes high-brand products made from the finest of materials, and some parts are handmade, so it’s reasonable that it has higher prices than usual.
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