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After the very first wristwatch, the industry expanded like a plague all over the world.

New designs and companies every day, until at one point something felt missing; we have seen so many watch enthusiasts that lost their passion over time, we researched this fact in some more candidates, and the conclusion was somewhat surprising.

The conclusion of this experiment was to find out why people get bored with this beautiful world and passion?

The results were common sense; over these years, there have been some fantastic watches that contain a lot of features and are expensive, but all of them have a problem; in a way, they all look the same.

Same plain dial, rectangular or circular case, and leather or metal straps. It has become a routine at this point.

But from all of this chaos rose a savior of light who had an eye for things that people couldn’t see and a vision that turned him into a legend: Sir Gerald Genta.

You will read:

  • Who was GÉRALD GENTA?
  • Some of the hand-picked watches from GENTA.
  • In essence.


So, let’s be a part of this revolution to resurrect the watch passion.

Gerald Genta Watches Review


Gerald Charles Genta was an artist and a Swiss watch designer, and his life was as complicated as his designs.

He didn’t have his own company for an extended period, and he was the sole designer of some of the biggest wristwatch manufacturers, such as Omega and IWC.

He had his mark, meaning that whenever this man designed a watch for a company, they would put his design mark on the dial.

His life was changed after getting to a collaboration with BVLGARI and creating the evolution series; after some time, he resigned from this company and founded his own company, the Gerald Genta, and started his designs independently.

He was no longer under the wings of BVLGARI, but still, this company supported his former watch designer and had a lot to do with the growth of Genta.

Charles wasn’t like the other watch designer, and he had a different nature, rebel, and rule-breaking.

After he left BVLGARI for his own company, companies like GUCCI and DIOR proposed a collaboration, but he didn’t accept because he said, “I don’t want to,” yes, he was angry but playful fella.

He passed away in 2011, and the whole world mourned for him, RIP Gerald Charles Genta.

Now let’s see some of his works and how he was inspired to make these art pieces; here is a Gerald Genta watch list.

Some of the hand-picked watches from GENTA.

When this man designed watches, the whole world would shake by design.

His work was confidently the most unique in the history of watchmaking.

Today we are going to see some of the designs that he did in his early times and even near the end are quite an acronym for his company:

Gerald Genta Watches List


In the year 1994, a powerful statement was spoken.

This design was one of the most potent designs, and this company still crafts this model.

This watch consists of 1000 different components, which is a lot for a 1994 watch; it has a dual caliber system, which means there are two kinds of movement systems inside this timepiece.

One of the calibers hast the movement responsibly, and the other one is built in just for chimes; yes, this watch has chimes.

The case is crafted like a pyramid, and the material on the case and bezel are yellow gold and titanium. Also, the dial has an additional time zone and date chart on it. The theme on the dial is cherry blossoms.

This model is undoubtedly one of the most abnormal and extraordinary models that Gerald Genta has ever made.


We move on to the next watch series, and that would be Gerald Genta the Retrograde.

We will mention in every watch model that this designer was seeing that no one else was seeing. The Retrograde was one of the most elegant yet complicated models in the market; with small diameters and metal dial, this model is innovative.

The dial has some industry look to it, and the hands are made of steel, and they have an extreme contrast regarding the rest of the case and dial.

This model has its own unique identity; the frame on the sides of this watch is not consistent, meaning there are two different designs on the frame, and the bezel is a smooth titanium plate.

This occurs in the sportiest watches category with date display and double chronograph caliber.

Gerald Genta Watches


As the name of this model suggests, it was made in the year 2000.

This model was the shared design of the Genta and BVLGARI, which had so many resemblances to the previous model, the Retrograde. However, this model has some unique features to it.

Like the Retrograde, this model has the same frame on the sides but in full titanium, unlike the gold coating on the Retrograde, besides the dial is completely changed in this model; the dial has yellow hands now to suit the dark theme of the watch.

There are some special editions to this watch that, unlike the other unique edition products, the frame and the bezel are entirely different.

The leather straps on this model are genuine alligator leather that comes in several colors.

These were some of the essential items on Gerald Genta’s watch list; now, let’s get to the end and see what point this article is.

In summary,

As we discovered in this article, Gerald Genta is one of the world’s most outstanding designers; there are controversies on whether the designs on these watches are worth the fuss because all of the series that this company did is very high-end and luxury.

The only thing that we can say is that it is a matter of personal preference, some people like unique designs but some prefer the old and everyday watches more.

Overall, we think this company has potential and can grow as a brand.

We hope that you enjoyed this article about the Gerald Genta watch list, and reading this information, you will be able to choose the best option suited for you.

We appreciate you keeping us company until the end of this article. If you have any additional questions or a watch series that we dropped, you can contact us via the comment section beneath this article, and our team will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.


Is Gerald Genta an independent brand?

  • Overall, yes, it is; however, there is some more history in the matter of this brand’s activities that we entirely explained in this article.

Are the watches that Gerald Genta crafts expensive?

  • Yes, they are; this brand’s watches are high-end luxury watches; therefore, they are also highly-priced.

How is the retail market on the Gerald Genta models?

  • The retail market for luxury brands is very suitable, meaning this brand is the same as the other Swiss watchmakers, and the retail market is pretty good.
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