Cartier Tank Dupe Casio: The LTP-V007L-7B1 Watch Review

The world of horology is vast, with iconic designs that have stood the test of time and become markers of luxury and status. The Cartier Tank is undoubtedly one such emblematic watch, having graced the wrists of countless celebrities and influencers since its inception in 1917. But not everyone is looking to break the bank on a high-end timepiece. Enter the Cartier Tank dupe: Casio’s affordable alternative that offers a similar aesthetic without the hefty price tag.

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History of the Cartier Tank

The Casio Tank was inspired by the top-down silhouette of the military tanks used during World War I. Over the decades, it’s maintained its rectilinear design and has been donned by illustrious personalities including Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy, and Andy Warhol, to name a few.

Casio’s Affordable Tank Dupe 

Casio, a brand renowned for its functional and durable watches, has a model that closely mimics the design of the Cartier Tank. While it doesn’t claim to be a direct replica, the similarities in design are hard to overlook. Sporting a rectangular face, Roman numeral markers, and a classic leather band, Casio’s version captures the essence of the Tank’s timeless design at a fraction of the price.

Key Features

While the Cartier Tank is powered by a mechanical movement (in many of its models), Cartier Tank’s Casio dupe, the LTP-V007L-7B1 watch utilizes quartz movement, which is known for its accuracy and minimal maintenance. The watch also boasts water resistance, a feature that many of its high-end counterparts might lack.

Cartier tank dupe casio review

Casio LTP-V007L-7B1 Price

The LTP-V007L-7B1, a notable model from Casio, is available at an accessible price point, retailing at approximately $55 in various shops. This cost provides consumers with a blend of quality and functionality that the brand is known for, making it an attractive choice for those seeking both value and style in a timepiece. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, its competitive pricing enhances its appeal to a wide range of watch enthusiasts.

Casio LTP-V007L-7B1 Specs

  • Case Dimensions:
    • Length: 31mm
    • Width: 22mm
    • Height: 7.5mm
  • Case and Bezel Material:
    • Chrome plated
  • Power Supply & Battery Life:
    • Approximate battery life of 3 years, powered by SR626SW.
  • Glass Material:
    • Mineral Glass
  • Accuracy:
    • ±20 seconds per month
  • Regular Timekeeping:
    • Analog display featuring 3 hands: hour, minute, and second.


While purists might argue that nothing can truly replace the authentic design and history of the Cartier Tank, Casio’s alternative offers a viable option for those who admire the Tank’s design but are operating on a tighter budget. Whether you’re a budding watch enthusiast or simply searching for a stylish accessory, the Cartier Tank dupe by Casio provides a blend of classic design and affordability.


Does Cartier Tank watch hold value?

  • Certainly! The Cartier Tank watch tends to retain its value well due to its iconic design, the prestigious reputation of the Cartier brand, its association with celebrities, and the use of high-quality materials in its construction. Specific value can vary based on model, condition, and demand, but the Tank’s timeless appeal has made it a sought-after piece in the luxury watch market.

Is the Cartier Tank a good everyday watch?

  • Yes, the Cartier Tank is a good everyday watch. Its classic and elegant design makes it versatile for both casual and formal occasions. Built with high-quality materials and renowned Cartier craftsmanship, it’s also durable enough for daily wear. The clean lines and rectangular shape of the Tank have made it an iconic timepiece, and its understated elegance pairs well with a variety of outfits. Additionally, the watch has a comfortable fit, making it suitable for extended wear.

What is the Casio Tank called?

  • The Casio watch that is often compared to the Cartier Tank due to its rectangular shape and design is the Casio “Classic” series, specifically models like the Casio MQ24. While the Casio MQ24 has a similar rectangular form factor, it’s important to note that it doesn’t have the same luxury attributes or intricate detailing as the Cartier Tank. Nevertheless, the Casio is a budget-friendly option for those who appreciate the Tank’s aesthetic but don’t want to invest in a luxury timepiece.
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