Redwood Tactical V2 Review: A Timepiece Revolution You Can’t Ignore!

Dive into the world of precision, craftsmanship, and adventure as we explore the Redwood Tactical V2 — a timepiece that seamlessly merges rugged durability with contemporary design. Welcome to our in-depth Redwood Tactical V2 review at Saatsaz Watch.

History of Redwood Watch Brand

Hailing from Montreal, Redwood stands as an independent entity in watchmaking. Their ethos revolves around crafting dependable watches, merging impeccable quality with genuine value. Unburdened by corporate constraints, Redwood prioritizes genuine craftsmanship over sheer commercial gains. Their heritage in engineering is evident in the meticulous attention to detail in every timepiece.

Redwood’s journey, enriched by a profound admiration for horology, is a testament to their legacy. Each Redwood watch symbolizes resilience, crafted to thrive in diverse conditions, reflecting the brand’s vast experience.

Established in 2014, Redwood’s ties to timekeeping and military traditions are deep and historical. More than just a watchmaker, the essence of Redwood encapsulates a reverence for nature, a penchant for timeless aesthetics, and an homage to their ancestral lineage.

Redwood Watches Review

Redwood Watches exemplify a blend of robustness and elegance. The Tactical V2 Diver watch, in particular, stands out with its unparalleled reliability, even in aquatic environments. For those seeking a harmonious balance of resilience and refined aesthetics, Redwood offers an impeccable choice.

Redwood Tactical V2 White Automatic Diver

Redwood Tactical V2 Review

In a realm where design often compromises function, the Redwood Tactical V2 emerges as a beacon of balanced craftsmanship. Here’s an in-depth look at this exceptional timepiece:


The Tactical V2 exhibits a captivating fusion of form and functionality. Its intricate dial design boasts clear markers, exuding a sense of tactical precision while retaining a touch of urban sophistication suitable for every setting.


Constructed from premium PVD, the Redwood Tactical V2’s 40mm diameter case is as resilient as it is refined. The matte surface minimizes reflections, giving it an elegant edge. Its meticulous build assures water resistance up to 200m / 660ft, making it a reliable companion, be it in bustling streets or uncharted terrains.


At the heart of the Redwood Tactical V2 wristwatch is a state-of-the-art Miyota 82S0 automatic movement, renowned for its steadfast accuracy. This affirms Redwood’s dedication to delivering unmatched timekeeping reliability, irrespective of external adversities.


With a focus on endurance, the Tactical V2 stands tall. Its fortified crystal coupled with the robust stainless steel body ensures it remains unscathed from life’s unexpected challenges, be it on rugged trails or beneath the waves.


The V2’s strap, crafted from toughened nylon, binds the entire aesthetic together. While incredibly durable, it remains comfortable, hugging the wrist securely during intense activity. The textured pattern subtly nods to its style quotient, hinting that the Tactical V2 isn’t just muscle but also grace.

Redwood’s Tactical V2 is the epitome of when artistry harmonizes with engineering prowess. Whether you’re driven by adventure or simply appreciate a watch that melds reliability with panache, the Tactical V2 beckons for attention.

Redwood Tactical V2 watch Specs

  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Case Material: PVD
  • Case Thickness: 12.2mm
  • Lug to Lug: 48mm
  • Movement: Miyota 82S0 automatic
  • Glass: Sapphire Crystal
  • Water Resistance: 200m/660ft
  • Strap Material: (Ribbed) Nylon
  • Strap Width: 20mm

Redwood Tactical V2 Stealth

This watch comes in two versions: Redwood Tactical V2 Stealth and White. These two variations have the same specs but come in different colors, as well as price.

Redwood Tactical V2 Stealth Price

The Redwood Tactical V2 dive watch, with its array of impressive features and craftsmanship, is priced at $289 at the Redwood official website.

Of course, the true value of any watch extends beyond its price tag. The Redwood brand’s reputation, after-sales service, and the emotional connection one forms with their timepiece play a significant role. The Redwood Tactical V2 provides a compelling blend of quality and aesthetics that justifies its price.


The Redwood Tactical V2 military watch stands out with its marriage of form and function. Boasting robust build quality and a design suitable for both adventures and daily wear, it presents a compelling option for watch enthusiasts. While individual preferences vary, if you’re seeking a blend of durability, style, and precision without breaking the bank, the Tactical V2 might just be the watch to adorn your wrist.

In wrapping up, the Redwood Tactical V2 melds strength with style in a unique blend. We’ve laid out the perspective of Saatsaz Watch team, but now, we turn to you. What’s your take on this watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s enrich this conversation together.


Are Redwood Watches any good?

  • Certainly, Redwood Watches has built a reputation for its balance of durability and elegance. Their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality materials make them a trusted choice for both watch enthusiasts and those seeking reliable everyday timepieces.

Is Redwood Tactical V2 Watch worth it?

  • Undoubtedly. The Tactical V2 is a testament to Redwood’s prowess in watchmaking. By melding rugged functionalities with sophisticated design elements, this watch stands out in its category. If you’re looking for a timepiece that performs under pressure and still turns heads, the Tactical V2 should be on your radar.

Is Redwood a good brand of watch?

  • Redwood is indeed a commendable brand in the world of horology. They’ve consistently showcased their dedication to crafting watches that aren’t just timekeepers but also statements of style and endurance. Their positive reception in the watch community attests to their brand’s worth.

Where are Redwood Watches made?

  • Rooted in a tradition of craftsmanship, Redwood Watches are expertly crafted in Montreal, Canada. This origin speaks to their commitment to maintaining high standards of quality while infusing each piece with a touch of Canadian artisanship.
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