Hands-on review: Richard Mille RM35 V2

Over time, so many historical models have seen the face of the Earth.

They are ever delicate, exclusive, and stunning.

Richard Mille is a high-end wristwatch company known for its abnormal and unique-shaped watches.

This company collaborated with a specific celebrity and created another fantastic series of its historical collection.

The RM35 V2 RAFA.

This model has a magnificent story behind it, and we are so honored that you will hear about it from us.

So let’s start reviewing this fantastic model and see what comes from the other end.

We will review:

  • Overall view
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Features
  • Finish point

Company us in this journey of amazement.

Richard Mille RM35 V2 review

Overall view

As we all know, Richard Mille is famous for its tank-like models and exclusive design; the RM35 V2 follows from a family recipe and fills the footprint of its previous and older family.

This new model was designed and made in 2008 and has been everlastingly popular.

Rafael Nadal is a professional tennis player and gave Richard a visit.

Surprisingly, they hit It off and started working on a new project. At the time, No one knew what they had been working on actually; it turned out to be one of the most sold models, the RM35 V2 RAFA Edition.

This watch was uniquely designed to honor the great tennis player, and Rafael himself was this model’s exclusive spokesperson and promoter.

Overall, this watch is familiar to the previous-gen of Richard Mille watches but with slight differences that we will tend to in the design section.

The durability of this watch is no less than the other models, and it’s made mainly for athletes. They call it a sport-friendly wristwatch.

Materials used in the RM35 V2 are similar to some of the previous models, yet it’s one of the most durable models on Earth.

Now let’s dive in and keep going with our review.

Richard Mille RM35 V2 reading


Like its fellow wristwatches, the RM35 V2 is durable as a block of titanium.

This model comes in two finishes, which are different in the material used to make the frame.

One comes in titanium, and the other comes in carbon fiber. Nevertheless, both are the most robust materials to forge metal structures globally.

The RM35 V2 uses the exclusive RMAL1 caliber movement system that offers some distinct sides to this model. While extremely light, this caliber is also extremely capable of standing under pressure without breaking a sweat.

Using carbon TPT and the “unibody” system helps with the durability, the bridges inside this mighty caliber physically make it very hard to bend or even break.

Overall we can say this watch is more durable than ever. However, the old fashion thinking of Richard Mille makes it challenging to resolve some issues, one of them being the weight.

Hoverer, these watches are light weighted but compared to other high-brand wristwatch retailers such as Rolex or Caviar, RM models are cumbersome.

The weight issue doesn’t mean that the RM35 V2 is unusable or not worth buying.

After all, seeing the interior of this watch, we understand why this watch is so heavy.

Let’s talk design.


The RM35 V2 isn’t much of an exclusive piece for design. It looks like every other RM historical series, although this consistency is one of the reasons that this brand is outstanding.

This model uses the new caliber visible from the front base dial and back case.

The glass used in this model consists of tempered glass and quartz crystals; this glass has a twin in the back case of the watch to see the caliber and all of the movement mechanisms crystal clear.

The bracelet of the RM35 V2 is like usual, the carbon-infused silicon with a high-pressure point and 45 degrees on connection angle to the frame; it’s not new, but it is as durable and beautiful as the other models.

Like most models, the dial base is blank, meaning there are no flat-based dials, only the hands, and caliber beneath them. This dial has “Swiss-made” engraved on it and has florescent options, meaning in the pitch-black darkness, this watch will glow and let you see the time despite the darkness.

The perfection in the placement of the screws is one of the talents that Richard has shown us over the year.

Not only do they look immaculate, but they are a reinforcement for the frame’s durability and multitasking.

The finishes on the RM35 V2 are something new. They call the unique finishing “Nadal’s lines.” This clever naming refers to the tennis racket that Rafael uses in his matches; it has a red base and yellow lines across it, just like the finishing on the watch.

The second finish is the classic gray carbon finish with the same lines.

This bit is the last of our design section. There is small-sized pluck on the dial that says “Rafael Nadal” engraved with gold.

This watch is considered from the edition series, but it’s not limited.

Now, let’s move to the features section.

Richard Mille RM35 V2 review


The RM35 V2 almost competes with most models when it comes to features.

This model contains a dual calendar function with a month and day counter, time measurement to seconds, a stopwatch option, and finally VGR or variable-geometry rotor.

The VGR function in the RM35 V2 is by far one of the most impressive tools of all time.

NASA develops this tech to preserve the blades on space shuttles. Now Richard Mille uses this technology to make this model immortal; using this technology, the caliber will never touch the other parts, and as long as it has power, it will pursue life.

This watch may not have as many features as its peers, but it certainly isn’t the worst of them.

Therefore, let’s conclude the features here, wrap the article up, and see if the RM35 V2 is worth spending the money on.

Finish point

The RM35 V2 is a durable and well-designed wristwatch, yet there are some factors to consider before buying this model.

Analyze our review article carefully and then decide whether you want to invest in this model or whether there are better options for you.

Get through all the aspects of this watch; we recommend getting newer models, although, as we said, it’s a preference matter.

Hopefully, this article helps you to make the right decision. If you have any questions or feedback on this watch or other models, ask us in the comment section below.

5/5 (1 Review)

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