Hands-on review: Baltic Acuascaphe watch

In watch-making, you must keep your head up and pay attention to specific details when choosing a decent watch for your daily use.

You want your watches to be perfect and full of features that will make it easier to maintain the timepiece.

Some individuals prefer classic watches while some prefer modern, some like their watches complex, and some others like them minimal and straightforward.

Today’s article is for watch lovers that are into minimal designs and classic watches.

The Baltic Acuascaphe.

This watch is one of the less known brands; however, we have high hopes for this one.

Considering what we have heard about this watch, we are obligated to review every single detail of this watch to give you the correct answer.

Now let’s review the Baltic Acuascaphe and see what the deal of this watch is.

Full review of Baltic aquascaphe watches

Overall view of the Baltic Acuascaphe

If the simplicity took a physical form, it would be the Baltic Acuascaphe.

The design of the Baltic Acuascaphe is so minimal and simple that you can observe all of the dial information in only one glance.

This means that designers in the Baltic are doing their jobs right.

Just like most watch lovers, we too appreciate a remarkable simple design.

However, the durability of the Baltic Acuascaphe is nothing special, but the materials that this company uses are decent enough for everyday use.

We should mention that the Baltic Acuascaphe is a diver watch meaning it is made for the marines, although the Baltic says that the second sue for this watch is everyday routine use.

On the other hand, the unique features are a few on this model, meaning that you can find some of the essential elements on the Baltic Acuascaphe; however, you should not expect a lot from this watch.

In the end, the Baltic is a French brand, so you can see why they would pay attention to the design and tiny details.

Now let’s get into the detailed section of the Baltic Acuascaphe review, shall we?



The durability of the Baltic Acuascaphe

The Baltic is considered the stainless steel for most models in their collection. In our opinion, it is a strategic move; this way, they don’t have to increase the prices, and they can quickly raise the durability level of the watches.

However, the Baltic Acuascaphe has a different story; this watch is thinner than the other models we review daily; a combination of stainless steel and some secret ingredient that is confidential to the company has made this watch a tank.

The Baltic Acuascaphe has one of the best durability rates considering its diameters and thickness.

The glass on this model is made from sapphire crystal; however, the glass itself is curved and double-domed, meaning that it is crack-resistant, and the domed glass will protect your dial from direct sun.

And in the end, the bracelet on this model is metal by default and will be counted as a plus point for the Baltic Acuascaphe.

Let’s get to the design section of the Baltic Acuascaphe and see what French precision looks like?

Baltic aquascaphe Watch review

The design of the Baltic Acuascaphe

First of all, let’s start by talking about the dial of the Baltic Acuascaphe.

The material used on the dial is the same steel as the case of the watch; however, the finishing of the dial is quite different.

The Baltic calls this texture the sea bottom because if you look closely, you can see that there are sand grains on the dial of the watch; however not the sand color; it is matte black.

The dial has three watch hands for hour, minute, and second; although this watch doesn’t have any date indicators, the numerals on the dial and the indicator remarks are placed to make up for the calendar lack on this watch.

The second-hand watch on the dial is slightly different from the rest of the hands, so it is much easier to read the time on the go.

The bezel is fixed; however it has the minute indicator on the four sides of it, this means that there is a 15, 30, and 45 on the bezel top, and we might add that the substance of the bezel is also stainless steel.

As you can see, the design of the Baltic Acuascaphe is amiable and fulfilling.

The next part is the unique features of the Baltic Acuascaphe.

The unique features of the Baltic Acuascaphe

Two significant special features of the Baltic Acuascaphe are worth reviewing.

The Baltic Acuascaphe is a diver watch. It has almost up to 20 bars of water resistance rate, meaning it can hold under the pressure of 200 meters deep under the water.

There are indeed watches that can go down under the water up to 600 meters, but the Baltic Acuascaphe with 200 meters on it can also be pretty helpful if you get it for daily usage.

The second feature is the power resistance which allows the watch to keep working for almost 42 hours even if the battery is removed or drained.

This option can be practical for most travelers who want a durable watch.

These two features are the basics of the Baltic Acuascaphe; we think that these options on a luxury watch are enough.

Now let’s get to the last section of the article, which would be the last words.

Last words…

In this statement, we discussed the Baltic Acuascaphe, a French luxury watch, and you have to keep in mind that all of these features and durability factors are taken place in a small case.

If you are looking for a fair-priced watch for your daily use, we recommend you this watch.

In the end, we thank you for your time, and we are sure this article will help you make the best decision on getting a watch.

If you have any specific questions about the “Hands-on review: Baltic Acuascaphe watch” article, you can ask away all of your inquiries in the comment section below.


How much is the Baltic Acuascaphe?

  • The basic model of theBaltic Acuascaphe starts at $700, which is pretty affordable for a luxury watch.

Are French wristwatches good?

  • The French watch industry has come a long way and some of the French watches, like the Baltic Acuascaphe, are pretty decent.

Is the Baltic Acuascaphe durable?

  • Indeed it is. The stainless steel plus the secret ingredient makes this watch a vital piece of craftsmanship.
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