Hands-on review: IWC Top Gun

While discussing the extravagance of wristwatches, we need to utilize the name IWC.

Specific individuals like to wear solid watches and can stand outrageous circumstances; in any case, they could also need the magnificence and tastefulness of a watch.

So, what is the ideal choice for individuals that want such?

Is there a watch that is strong and simultaneously dazzling?

The response is, yes, absolutely there is.

IWC has been designing Pilot’s Watches custom-made to meet expert pilots’ practical necessities and explicit requirements for a very long time.

At first, imagined as exact and solid apparatuses for the route, they are praised these days for their notorious cockpit instrument plan, outrageous vigor, and high flexibility.

The model that we will examine today is the Pilot’s Top Gun, and it is all that you might care about.

So let’s get to realize the Top Gun somewhat better.

You will read:

  • Overall view
  • Durability
  • Design
  • After all

Consequently, let’s start this survey of the IWC Top Gun.

iwc top gun reading

Overall view

Unexpectedly, IWC utilizes an in-house development from the 69000-caliber family for the well-known TOP GUN in dark earthenware.

During convoluted moves, pilots are exposed to high G powers, including supersonic planes like the F/A-18.

Yet, broadened missions on the plane carrying warships, where they are presented to the damp, salt-bearing ocean air, put a colossal burden on both workforce and material.

The TOP GUN was created utilizing vigorous and consumption-safe materials, for example, earthenware and titanium for the tip-top among the US Navy’s fly pilots.

Unexpectedly, IWC has outfitted this exemplary with an in-house development from the 69000-type family. Aside from its stopwatch work, the IWC-made 69380 type likewise has shown for the afternoon and date.

The red minor second’s hand at “6 o’clock” gives a striking bright feature on the dark dial. The case is made of non-intelligent dark zirconium oxide fired, and the rear of the case is from titanium. The watch is appended to the wrist with an opaque material lash.

Initially, the Automatic Top Gun is recognizable because of the standard dial configuration found all throughout IWC’s far-reaching Pilot’s Watch family.

Also, for good explanation, A plan gets vigorously from the first Mark 11 produced for RAF pilots in 1948. Every hour is set apart with its Arabic numeral, every moment gets a hash mark, and at noon, we observe the triangle joined by two dabs on one or the other side. That is essentially it, and that is our plan.


The case is in the traditional IWC Flieger shape, measures 44mm in width, and is in dark zirconium oxide earthenware. The material has a Vickers rating second to that of precious stone and is incredibly scratch safe.

The super-advanced earthenware utilized in watch cases is portrayed by very unadulterated unrefined components and complex creative processes.

The source materials are polycrystalline powders blended with a few helper materials to a homogenous mass, molded lastly, and sintered at high temperatures on a stove.

Due to its intricacy, hardness, and scratch opposition, the material is appropriate for regular use in the limited space of a fly cockpit. The matte dark tone guarantees that pilots are not occupied by the watch reflecting daylight.

Titanium and artistic are likewise exceptionally impervious to consumption, making them ideal for dependable missions on a plane carrying a warship in the muggy, pungent ocean air.

The case back and chronograph are made of Ceratanium – another material as light and rigid as titanium, however, with a similar scratch opposition as earthenware.

The blend of ceramide and Ceratanium gives the watch an exceptionally secretive and intelligent matte dark completion.

The case is somewhat thick. However, the liberal width makes it look highly relative, and the ventured bezel and smooth bends of the case reaching out to turn into the carries make it a decent looker.

Let’s see what Ceratanium is.


This pivotal new material depends on an exceptional titanium combination. After the case parts are processed, turned, and bored, they are warmed in a broiler.

During this heater cycle, oxygen diffuses into the material, and stage progress happens, with the surface then, at that point, expecting properties that are like those of clay.

Ceratanium® is light and vigorous like titanium and hard and scratch-safe like fired. Unlike more traditional coatings, the surface is indivisibly fortified with the material and can’t drop off, assuming that the watch is thumped against another article.

Because of this new material, all watch case parts can be fabricated in a sturdy coal-black completion.

Now that we are finished with the solidness let’s go of the design.

iwc top gun review


The main particularity of this IWC Big Pilot’s Watch 43 TOP GUN is to be about current and secretive motivations.

In light of the exemplary characteristics of the sub-assortment sent off in 2007 with the Double Chronograph TOP GUN, it currently has a case made of matte dark zirconium oxide clay.

In an average IWC style, the crown and case back are made of differentiating titanium, giving the watch a sheer instrumental look.

Contrasted with the steel, titanium, or bronze models, this TOP GUN has grown a little, being 43.8mm in measurement (+ 0.8mm).

The case is a respectable 13.9mm level, hitherto slenderer than an exemplary Big Pilot. The crown tightens, and the watch offers an agreeable 100m water opposition. The titanium case back is improved with the TOP GUN token.

It likewise includes a delicate iron inward case that safeguards the development from the impacts of attractive fields.

The dial of this Big Pilot’s Watch 43 TOP GUN couldn’t be more centered on clarity… With the blend of a matte dark foundation, curiously large hands, and markers in white and the way that separated from the time, nothing has been added to the showcase, this outcome in a watch that could be one of the most intelligible available.

Here, the hands are dark and generally loaded up with brilliant material, and a slight hint of red has been added to the TOP GUN logo.

The strap might seem like some other texture, a NATO-style tie; however, on the wrist, it’s unique.

This is no regular tie, including cowhide support on all surfaces that touch the skin. Accordingly, it feels a lot steadier on the wrist than a standard NATO could offer; however, it accompanies a couple of disadvantages.

In the first place, it’s challenging to eliminate from the watch without likewise removing the spring bars; not a gigantic arrangement, but rather, assuming you’re the sort that likes to trade lashes spontaneously; it’ll cause some wavering.

With these realities being said, let’s wrap the article up.

iwc top gun reading

After all

The IWC Automatic Top Gun is estimated at $5,600, which puts a heavy premium on the fired case and in-house development.

Saving that, this is an exceptional watch assuming you value the strategic idea of the case and strap.

It’s an advanced interpretation of a noteworthy plan from the brand. Keeping in mind that it indeed inspires no sentimentality on account of its execution, it seems like a continuation of a story that is ages-old.

That weight tops through the generally dark stone monument of a tech-forward instrument that is the Automatic Top Gun.

Ideally, this article will assist you with settling on the ideal choice and getting the ideal for yourself.

If you have any other questions or opinions on IWC Top Gun Review, please contact us in the comment section underneath.

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