Hands-on review: Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver

As every article passes, we get better and fancier.

We have seen many watch lovers looking for something better and far beyond their expectations and imagination.

Some watch companies don’t satisfy these individuals, for instance, the Rolex watches are not luxury anymore, and they want something far more elegant.

To satisfy your urge for luxury wear, we have searched for a watch that is one of the most luxurious and well-designed watches on the high-watch market.

We have to mention that high-watch is an expression that brands use for their up-level watches that are much better than the rest of the collections, so the watch that we will be talking about today is one of these watches.

We are sure that you have heard the name of the Louis Vuitton brand; you may think that this brand is only producing clothes and bags; however, Vuitton is one of the world’s watchmakers.

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver.

This watch is particular because everything about it is unique, and we can confidently say this would be amazing.

So, let’s get started with the review of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver

Overall view of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver

You have been following us for a long time, and you know that when we review a watch, we pay attention to small details and aspects that are so small that you can overlook them easily.

One of these factors that matters to us is the watch’s design and functionality. You have to understand that when you spend a ton of money on a fancy watch, you expect it to be the best in the game because it is not easy to afford these watches.

So as you can understand, design matters to us, and we are glad to say that the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver has a perfect design.

This watch is immaculate for a company that doesn’t focus on wrist watches.

The durability of the watch comes second in the factors, and evidently, you want your watch to be durable so it can stand in extreme conditions.

Remember that durability is a relativity matter in the timepieces because depending on the watch, the durability rate can be different, which we will discuss in the article’s deeper sections.

And the last case that needs attending to is the fact that this watch has some fantastic features that make it even more special. In contrast, these features are prevalent except for one; we are confident that the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver will attract you to at least consider it when buying a wristwatch.

It is correct that the watch’s price is relatively high but let’s move forward and see if it is worth the money.

Now let’s get to the next section of the article, and we shall start with the durability of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver.

The durability of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver

As we mentioned, one of the most significant factors you must remember when purchasing a watch is the piece’s durability. We are glad that we get the chance to review the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver and its durability in this section.

The body of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver is made from reinforced stainless steel, and the inner bezel and the dial use the same material.

The straps on this watch are removable, meaning that you can separate them and use some new ones that you purchased later.

The material of the straps can be different, but the ones that we h have used and know about are the metal straps and fiber ones.

The metal straps can perform better for the watch’s durability.

The glass on this watch is tempered sapphire, and we think this glass can be one of the most durable on the market, right after Apple’s ceramic shield and gorilla glass 5.

Remember that this watch is mainly made for marines and water-based sports, but the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver is primarily for formal gatherings and parties.

Now let’s get to the design section of the statement.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver

The design of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver

The fact that we have chosen this watch to review means that we have already seen this piece, and we think that it is worth the time to take and check every single aspect of it; however, let’s get to the design and see why this watch is so unique.

The Louis Vuitton, Tambour Street Diver, comes in two finishes, matte and shiny however the color in both of these is the same as the dial, navy blue, but if you browse, you can find other colors combinations like gold and white or black and red.

Remember that this watch is made for marines, so the blue color is the best in our eye.

The bezel of the watch contains two crowns that have different responsibilities.

The watch’s dial has three hands, two of which are for the central hour and minute measure and the third one has its mini dial, which works as a second measurement system.

All hands are Lumi-light infused, meaning they glow in the dark, which is a beautiful touch.

The inner bezel of the watch has one-quarter color on it, meaning that you can see a specific timeline that you can set; however, the exciting fact is that this bezel is rotatable in unidirectional, and you can operate it using the second crown on the upper hand of the watch.

The back case of the watch is transparent, meaning that you can see the caliber.

Overall, the design of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver is one of the best on the market, and we can stand behind that idea.

Now that we want to talk about the unique features, we want to do that in this section because it won’t take long.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver

Special features of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver

This watch is water resistance up to 100 meters deep into the water and combined with the magnetic resistance that the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver comes in, we can say that this watch can protect itself.

The rotatable bezel makes this watch unique because there is no need even to touch the bezel, but you can easily manage a second timeline.

The watch’s design represents a mini pot shape; if you tilt the watch, you can see the brand name carved right under the front glass, which is a nice touch.

Now let’s get to the end of the article and see if this watch is worth buying.


Luxury watches are delightful to have; however, because they are not cheap, you have to pay attention when you are intending to buy one because you have to make sure that the watch that you are getting is practical and well designed, and most importantly based on your taste of timepieces.

The watch we discussed today is the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver, and we think it is one of the best watches possible.

The price of this watch starts at $6,500, and it can go up to $16,000.

As you can see, this watch isn’t cheap, so think deeply before deciding to get this piece.

We hope the information and review we provided on “Hands-on review: Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver” can help you find the best option and decide easier on what watch to get.

In the end, we are glad you took the time to be with us today, and if you have anything to add to this article, you can use the comment section below.


Why is the Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver so expensive?

  • The first reason is that this watch is reduced from one of the biggest and most luxurious brands ever, and the rest of the reasons are in the article that you just got done with.

Should I get a Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Diver?

  • If you love luxury watch collections, this watch can be your answer, but you have to review the watch deeply because you may not like some of the things on this watch.

Is Louis Vuitton better than Rolex?

  • This question cannot be answered because this comes to personal preference, and you have to like the timepiece that you are getting, so the only thing that we can say is that both of these brands are equally decent.
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