Farer Watches Review in 2023- Are Farer watches Overpriced?

When one thinks of high-quality watches, it’s often Switzerland that comes to mind. Yet, in recent years, a British brand has been making waves in the world of horology – Farer. Merging distinctive British design aesthetics with the revered precision of Swiss craftsmanship, Farer has quickly established itself as a brand worth noticing since its inception in 2015.

Farer Watch Brand Origins

Founded in London, Farer has a clear vision: to create timepieces that celebrate the spirit of adventure and discovery. Their name, Farer, means “to travel” or “to explore” in Old English, and this ethos reflects in their timepiece collections. Now let’s review their watches.

Unique Design Aesthetics

What sets Farer apart is their brave use of color and design. At first glance, a Farer watch might be recognized by its vivid, multicolored dials, often combined with vintage-inspired handsets and markers. However, beyond the color, there’s a depth to their designs. Layered dials, finely detailed sub-dials, and carefully chosen color palettes ensure that each watch is both a conversation starter and a piece of art.

Movement: Swiss Heartbeat

While the design is distinctly British, the heart that beats within each Farer watch is Swiss. By sourcing Swiss movements and manufacturing in Switzerland, Farer ensures the precision and reliability expected of premium timepieces. Their range includes everything from automatic and manual movements to quartz-driven chronographs.

Farer Watches Review - Are Farer Watches Overpriced?

Are Farer Watches Overpriced?

Farer watches have garnered attention in the watch community for their distinctive design and Swiss movements. Their price range typically situates them in the mid-tier market, competing with many established and emerging brands.

Pros justifying their pricing:

  1. Swiss Movements: Incorporating Swiss movements ensures precision and is often a signifier of quality in the watch industry. These movements are generally more expensive than their Asian counterparts.
  2. Design Aesthetics: Farer’s unique design aesthetics might appeal to a niche audience looking for something different from the usual offerings.
  3. Build Quality: Many users have noted the satisfactory build quality and finishing details of Farer watches.

Counterpoints suggesting they might be overpriced:

  1. Brand Pedigree: Some watch enthusiasts feel that the pricing should reflect the brand’s history and pedigree. In this view, since Farer is a relatively new player, its watches should be priced lower.
  2. Market Competition: In their price bracket, Farer competes with brands that offer similar or even higher specifications, potentially at a lower price.

While Farer watches are priced higher than some other brands with similar specifications, they offer a unique design that sets them apart. Whether they are overpriced or not is subjective and depends on the individual’s valuation of the brand’s aesthetics, quality, and what they seek in a watch. If one is looking for a timepiece with a distinctive look and is willing to pay a bit extra for that uniqueness, then Farer’s pricing might be justified. However, for those looking purely at specifications and brand history, there might be other brands that offer more bang for the buck.

Farer Watches Collections

Diversity is the spice of Farer’s collections. From the deep-sea inspired ‘Aqua Compressor’ divers to the versatile GMTs and elegant hand-wound dress watches, there’s something in the Farer lineup for every watch enthusiast.

Farer has produced a variety of timepieces since their inception. Here are some of their notable series and models:

  1. Manual Wind Series: This includes models like the “Stanhope” and “Aldrich”. These watches are defined by their manual winding movements and their classic, often colorful, dial designs.
  2. Automatic Series: Models like the “Beagle”, “Endurance”, and “Hopewell” fall under this category. They are characterized by their automatic movements and a variety of designs, from sleek dress watches to more rugged sports watches.
  3. GMT Automatic Series: Perfect for travelers and those with a global mindset, models like the “Lander”, “Ponting”, and “Roché” feature a GMT complication, allowing wearers to track multiple time zones.
  4. Chronograph Series: These models include the “Cobb” and “Segrave”. With a chronograph function, these timepieces are not only stylish but also functional for those who need to measure elapsed time.
  5. Aqua Compressor Series: Designed with divers in mind, models like the “Leven”, “Hecla”, and “Triton” are built to be water-resistant and rugged while maintaining Farer’s signature style.
  6. World Timer Series: The “Roche World Timer” is a notable model in this series. It’s designed for the global traveler, offering a world time complication alongside Farer’s distinctive design aesthetics.
  7. Quartz Chronograph Series: This series includes models like the “Eldridge” and “Bainbridge”. They feature reliable quartz movements coupled with the chronograph function, making them both precise and practical.
  8. Pilot Series: The “Morgan” is a standout model, designed with pilots in mind. It offers a clear, legible display and a classic aviator design.

This is not an exhaustive list, and Farer continues to innovate and release new models. The above gives an idea of the range and diversity of their collections. Each model is unique, but they all share Farer’s commitment to quality, Swiss mechanics, and distinctive British design.

Conclusion: A Modern Classic in the Making?

In the vast ocean of watch brands, Farer is carving out its own niche. With a keen sense of design, respect for traditional watchmaking, and a fresh, modern approach, they’re drawing attention from both seasoned collectors and newcomers to the world of watches.

While they might be a relatively young brand, Farer’s commitment to quality, combined with their distinctive design language, suggests they’re here to stay. For those seeking a timepiece that combines the best of British design and Swiss mechanics, Farer might just be the perfect choice. We hope you enjoyed our Farer Watches Review. Tell us your


Are Farer watches any good?

  • Yes, Farer watches are generally considered good quality, especially for their distinctive designs and the use of Swiss movements. They have been well-received for their attention to detail, build quality, and unique aesthetic, appealing to those looking for a watch that stands out from typical designs.

Who owns Farer watches?

  • Farer is an independent British watch company. It is not owned by any of the major watch conglomerates. Instead, it was founded by a group of individuals passionate about watchmaking and design.

What is the origin of Farer watches?

  • Farer was founded in 2015 in London, UK. The brand takes inspiration from British design elements and combines them with Swiss watchmaking precision. The name “Farer” is derived from the Old English word for “travel,” reflecting the brand’s emphasis on producing watches suitable for adventures and explorers.
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