How to Tell if a Rolex is Real? (How to Spot a Fake Rolex)

The Rolex watch is one of the most recognizable wristwatches in the world and has many devoted followers.

When it comes to Rolex watches, the question people are most interested in knowing the answer to is: How to Tell if a Rolex is Real?

The first and most helpful approach is to take it to a Rolex service shop officially authorized for repairs.

Because of the rapid development of both technology and the business, replica Rolex watches on the market today are so well crafted that, if you do not have prior experience servicing watches, you could think you are tinkering with a genuine Rolex.

This is something that should be taken into consideration.

Along with the expansion of the fake Rolex watch business, an accompanying improvement in the replicas’ level of craftsmanship has been seen.

Now it is simpler to print precise dials, make mirror frames and bands, and even match the weight of a genuine Rolex.

The telling if a Rolex is real can be difficult and time-consuming for novices who risk making expensive mistakes.

To our good fortune, some expert Rolex technicians can determine whether a Rolex watch is authentic.

Okay, for those obsessed with watches, let’s look at “How to Tell if a Rolex is Real?”. Stay with us at Saatsaz Watch to find out.

How to Tell if a Rolex is Real

How to Detect a Fake Rolex Watch (5 Tips)

We must comprehensively understand the evidence that demonstrates that a Rolex watch is a fake before we are in a position to determine whether or not the watch in question is real.

Examining for typical faults or discrepancies on replica watches that are not seen on a real Rolex might be one way to determine whether or not a watch is a fake Rolex.

In most instances, fake or imitation Rolex watches have faults in the typeface and dials, the cyclops is not enlarged, the second-hand does not sweep, the finer features are missing, the watch seems to have water damage, and the mechanism does not match one that comes from Rolex.

You had to be thinking that you couldn’t believe I didn’t have enough knowledge about this!

There is no reason to be concerned since this is precisely why we are here about telling if a Rolex is real or not.

How can you tell if a Rolex is real?

· The Second-Hand Does Not Move Across the Face of the Watch

Most Rolex watches have been constructed using mechanical movements from the company’s founding.

This indicates that the sweep function should function appropriately on a pre-owned Rolex.

Quartz movements are the ones that give watches their distinctive ticking sound rather than the traditional sweeping motion, and this is one of the reasons that we can tell if Rolex is fake.

Quartz movements are often found in counterfeit Rolex watches because of their low cost and the fact that they are frequently utilized to entice prospective customers.

Because Rolex is regarded as a status symbol, there are a lot of unidentified people who purchase Rolex watches. When attempting to identify a fake Rolex, they repeatedly make the same error.

· Water Damage

The replica manufacturers of Rolex watches are not concerned with their accuracy or durability.

Consider that they are manufactured with the sole intention of imitating look rather than quality.

This indicates that water resistance gets little attention throughout the manufacturing process, and there needs to be more quality control for imitation Rolex watches produced on a production line.

Suppose you can identify water damage, which is unusual for a brand such as Rolex. In that case, you should search for additional symptoms that indicate you are in the company of a fake Rolex.

· There needs to be More Attention Paid to Little Details

When determining if Rolex is fake, it is essential to be familiar with the model year and the watch’s reference number.

Over the years, Rolex has done an excellent job of incorporating itty-bitty indicators and a variety of other one-of-a-kind embellishments onto their watches.

An excellent illustration of this can be seen in how the Rolex crown was positioned at the six o’clock position on the watches that used the next generation of movements.

It is expected that any Rolex with such a little crown would have a particular caliber. If those sets do not match, there is a good chance that the watch is fake or has been tampered with and this is one of the ways how to know Rolex is real.

· The Movement Is Completely Dissimilar from the Actual Thing

The case backs of authentic Rolex watches are opaque and cannot be seen through. Because of this, replicas can take shortcuts by including motions that do not seem genuine.

Examining the watch’s movement is the most reliable approach to confirm the authenticity of a Rolex in this day and age, when it may be so difficult to recognize a knockoff.

Examine the hairspring as part of the movement’s verification process to ensure its genuineness.

A Blue Parachrom Hairspring is one of the products that Rolex manufactures and has patented. It is complicated to manufacture, so it is implausible that a counterfeit Rolex would have this feature.

· It Should Be Noted That the Date Cyclops Is Not Magnified

The Rolex Datejust, Submariner, Day Date, GMT Master II, and Explorer II collections each include a magnifying bubble shaped like a cyclops that sits above the date window.

This magnification, set at 2.5x, may be found on authentic Rolex watches. In many cases, the level of expertise and financial investment required to create identical outcomes for a fake is unfeasible.

Because of this, you’ll find a cyclops lens on many counterfeit Rolex watches, but it won’t magnify anything. Keeping this information in mind will make it much simpler to tell if Rolex’s watch is fake.

How to Tell if a Rolex is Real


However, as you are probably aware, Rolex is widely regarded as one of the most famous brands in the whole globe. The question of “How to Tell if a Rolex is Real?” is asked by the vast majority of consumers. Because this is a reasonably joint inquiry, we have provided some answers in this post, naming and explaining some common misconceptions.

We hope that by using these strategies we present in the “How to Tell if a Rolex is Real?” article, you will quickly differentiate between authentic and imitation Rolex watches and know how to tell a real Rolex and spot a fake Rolex.

We appreciate you sharing your experience telling us whether a Rolex is Real or fake. Also, if we have an article about “How to Tell If a Rolex is Real Oyster Perpetual?” that you can check out.


How can you Tell if a Rolex is Real?

  • There are many indicators that can help you tell a real Rolex watch from a fake one. These indicators include the position of crown, movement of the second-hand, water resistance and other things… which we have discussed in this article.

How to Know a Rolex is Real?

  • In order to clarify if your Rolex is real, there are some sign that you should be familiar with. Such as the position of crown, movement of the second-hand, water resistance, and other small details that we have talked about in this article.

How to Spot a Fake Rolex?

  • Real Rolex watches have Rolex warranty and authentication cards. If your Rolex does not have those, there are still some indicators on the watch that can help you identify a real Rolex watch. Indicators such as the position of crown, movement of the second-hand and others that we have discussed in this article that help you spot a fake Rolex watch.
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