IWC vs. Rolex: Full Comparison

There are so many great brands in the watch industry, and people might be asked about them and what are their differences and advantages from the other ones.

Here we have chosen two of the most popular ones that watch lovers ask about more often: IWC vs. Rolex.

IWC and Rolex are two luxury watch brands; one is a Swiss watch manufacturer, and the other is from London.

If you ask which one is better for their fans, they will answer you biasedly.

So, we decided to compare them in this article and see which one is better, IWC or Rolex.

These watch monsters have similarities too, but their differences are far more.

Meanwhile, IWC and Rolex have a common feature:

Both companies have shown perseverance to excel in all areas, whether materials, movement, and design.

They are on the list of The Best Watch Brands in The World Ranking 2022.

First, we give you a very brief history of IWC and Rolex company and then compare them thoroughly. If you are a fan of each one, please read this article without bias.

So, let’s start the duel!

IWC vs Rolex Full Comparison

A brief history of the Rolex watches

The Rolex watch-making company is one of the most recognizable watch brands among people today. However, this luxury company is young compared to other watchmaker industries.

Rolex was initially started by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905 in London.

In the 1910s, they sent their first movement to Switzerland, and it was awarded the world’s first chronometer rating for a wristwatch.

They were not content with being just an ordinary watch company. In a brief time (about 20 years), Rolex, this luxurious watch company, had reached over 20 world records.

These world records included the Rolex Oyster case, the world’s first waterproof watch, and the first true perpetually wound (automatic) watch.

Rolex has continued to seek superiority. There is considerably more to the history of Rolex that this report scratches the tip of what has become an immense iceberg of a tremendous watch firm.

A brief history of the IWC watches

An American engineer and watchmaker wanted to build watches in Switzerland, drawing on the country’s outstanding craftsmanship and watch-making expertise. He also wanted to maintain the cheaper labor costs prevalent in the European nations.

Our engineer Jones, met Heinrich Moser, an entrepreneur watchmaker.

In the 1868s, Jones established his watch factory in Schaffhausen, and IWC has remained in that city ever since.

IWC watches generally feature highly readable displays and are aimed at male customers. This is supported by this company’s advertising motto, “Engineered for men.”

IWC makes applicable, robust watches. By adopting this approach, many of its products have become design classics, admired by many watch collectors worldwide.

Now that you have a general statement about each watch industry’s background, we want to start the main topic of our article.

It is time to compare the IWC and Rolex companies.

IWC vs. Rolex: A Full Comparison

In our comparison, we want to compare the IWC and Rolex watchmakers in 6 different categories.

The categories that we have chosen are listed below:

  1. Brand recognition and prestige
  2. Price
  3. Investment
  4. Movement
  5. Longevity and Warranty
  6. Quality

At the beginning of our comparison, we want to start with brand recognition and prestige. I know you are impatient, so let’s begin the battle without wasting time.

IWC vs Rolex Full Comparison

1. Brand recognition and prestige

Although the IWC brand and watches are well-known worldwide among watch enthusiasts, no one can beat the Rolex luxurious watch-making industry in brand recognition and prestige.

In marketing, IWC is not as bold as Rolex. Not even close. But even with that, this watch-making company ranks nine as the world’s most recognized Swiss watch brand.

2. Price

The IWC Schaffhausen company varies in expense from $4000 -$13,000. On the other side, their finest watches and custom pieces come with a much steeper price label.

If you put the gem-set watches aside, Rolex watches will cost you about $6,000 and $20,000 on average.

In the price category, the only thing that matters is your budget! Both watches have a good variety of prices for watch lovers. So here there is no advantage in the price for none of them.

3. Investment

One of the most influential aspects of buying a watch among watch investors is the possibility for these luxurious watches to be invested.

And based on these, we want to compare IWC and Rolex in this category. As you know and we have mentioned in our previous articles, the Rolex watches are the best products to be invested in.

Because of the high demand from the customers and the limited production of this company, the price of Rolex watches will increase over time, making it a great option to invest in.

4. Movement

Rolex watches are either self-winding or manual-winding. This company has put out quartz movements in the past.

On the other side, IWC products use outsourced and in-house movements. Their lower range models are sourced from Swatch-owned ETA. The more pricey models use an in-house movement.

Rolex produces all of its watch movements in-house, and the company guarantees all its products are up to a very high standard, no matter the price.

5. Longevity and Warranty

IWC watches are precious. Though They aren’t made for extreme conditions and based on this fact, their durability isn’t as excellent. They will need to take care of in some situations.

Rolex watches are incredibly durable. The company tests its watches to the extreme.

Rolex watches are made for wearing in a luxury celebration, mount climbing, or sky diving. Then you can participate in a swimming race and your Rolex will company you no matter what.

They have stringent criteria for their quality control testing. Rolex is not simply a watch; it is a tool.

6. Quality

Many watch enthusiasts believe IWC is one of the most refined watch brands regarding craftsmanship. IWC cares about environmental impact, and they have impeccable designs.

As mentioned above, Rolex aims to produce a tool, not a watch. Rolex offers stunning watches with exquisite craftsmanship. All Rolex watches have solid case backs.

Again, Rolex watches are all handmade; this process is almost a year for each timepiece.

We let “YOU” decide which one is better in keeping the best Quality in producing horology.

Now that we have analyzed two of the most significant watch-making industries, it is your turn to decide which one is more suitable for you and your budget.

These are just a help for you so you can decide better. We have reached the last point of our article, “IWC vs. Rolex; Full Comparison.”

In the end

IWC and Rolex are the best timepiece makers and have unique fans. In this article, we decided to compare Rolex and IWC in six categories: brand recognition and prestige, price, investment, movement, Longevity, Warranty, and Quality.

I hope this info gives you a perspective of each brand’s watches and helps you buy your favorite timepiece.

Do you have any other thing to add on this topic? Please share it with us and tell us which one you pick. An IWC or a Rolex?


Is IWC as good as Rolex?

Both companies, IWC and Rolex, offer great products with beautifully finished movements. But there is a fact that IWC uses transparent case backs, and Rolex only has watched with solid case backs.

It might be a step back because they make excellent mechanical calibers.

How does IWC rank?

IWC outranks most of the Watch High Range category brands.

Is IWC a luxury watch brand?

Of course, the IWS company is a pioneer in luxury watch brands.

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