Stalwart watch repair kit review

Always having a wristwatch included in your fashion combination can make a huge difference in your appearance.

Since the 1980s, there have been several high brand watch manufacturers, most of them located in Switzerland. Some of these brands are Rolex, Omega or LeCoultre, and Romanson.

But after a while, using the watch could mess something up inside the caliber or the watch body itself; in these conditions, the wisest way to deal with this crisis is to take the watch to a certified repairer of that specific brand and have them deal with the problem.

But if in any way you don’t have access to a repair shop or a retailer around you, you might want to use some repair kits that these companies make for customers to do their repair job for themselves using instructions and manuals.

This article will discuss the stalwart watch repair kit, its utilization, pieces, and value.

Review Repair Kit

What is the watch repair kit?


If you have a wristwatch for a long time and the watch is exposed to extreme conditions, it may break, or the caliber inside may lose gear in these conditions; you will need specific tools and instructions to repair your wristwatch.


Keep in mind that some of the watch models we mentioned in these articles are high-end wristwatches. They are high quality and expensive therefore if you have the chance give the repair job to someone skilled and experienced at it.


These tools are used to open the case, the back case, the dial glass, the caliber, and so much more; using these tools is the equivalent of an autopsy on the human body.


There are several brands of repair kits, and sometimes even the watch companies themselves produce these repair kits for their customers and retailers. However, today we will talk about a specific brand and its pieces of repair kit tools: stalwart watch repair kit.


Stalwart is an average American brand specializing in manufacturing repairing tools for watches and other small gadgets with a complex interior.


This kit has up to 16 pieces inside it, and each piece has its particular use and utilization instruction.



Now that you understand what we are dealing with in this article, let’s get to the stalwart watch repair kit’s central part of this review.


Stalwart watch repair kit


It doesn’t matter if you are a watch manufacturer, retailer, or simply a customer repair kits like this always come in handy when it comes to extreme conditions.


The 16-piece stalwart watch repair kit almost has everything you could need from a repair kit for your wristwatch.


It doesn’t matter if you need to change the battery to your watch or distract adjusting and if you want to open the watch entirely and examine the caliber.


First off, let’s see what the pieces inside This repair kit are:


Spring-bar remover

Spring bar removal it’s a process that allows you to shorten or increase the length of the bracelet on your wristwatch; this tool also has used for taking out and inserting the bracelet back in its place.


Long-nose pliers

This tool looks like an applier but with a longer end. You can use this tool to remove some parts from the caliber or the dial without even touching it with your bare hands. Using this device is essential when working with a very sensitive caliber that is working.


Mini screwdriver

As the name suggests, a mini screwdriver is just a tiny version of a standard screwdriver, and it is used to remove the screws from the back case to get to the caliber.

Review Repair Kit

Pin punchers

In some watch systems, there are pins that you have to punch out of their place to remove that part and examine it. These pin punchers come in different sizes and diameters for other watch models. This tool requires extreme skills and persistence because it’s a very delicate job.


Holder block

A holder block is a gripper in a miniature size that allows you to stabilize your wristwatch’s position for the actions you are taking upon it.


Case wrench

This tool has a multi-task option. It can remove the parts of the bracelet, be specific, the metal bracelets, and reinsert them again. The other use for this tool is that it can double as a screwdriver with so many options that you can use on several kinds of screws.


Watch hammer

A watch hammer is a small but handy tool. As the name suggests, a watch hammer is a small hammer with concentrated head density, which allows it to be heavier than it looks. This tool is used for the punctures and applying pressure on them, meaning you cannot use a regular hammer or your hand to tap onto the puncher.



Fine point tweezers are a tool that is included in this kit. As the name suggests, this tool is a tweezer, and it is used for grabbing certain parts of the interior of the watch.


Flat-head screwdrivers

Flathead screwdrivers are a standard tool in every industry, but in this specific scenario, the screwdriver size is relatively small than the regular screwdrivers you see every day. Like the other screwdriver, this is used for these particular screws on the caliber.


Case knives

The name of this tool is pretty self-explanatory. A case knife removes the back case from the watch’s frame to make the caliber accessible.


These were all of the parts you will find inside a stalwart watch repair kit.


Keep in mind that the quantity of some of the tools in this kit is more than one, and the overall number of devices on this kit would be 16 pieces.


By this part of the article, you know what a stalwart watch repair kit is and what it contains; now, let’s move on to the article’s conclusion and see if it is worth spending cash on this watch repair kit.


Last but not least

Having a luxury and high-end wristwatch is delightful, but unfortunately, some things happen to your wristwatch, and you need to repair it.


There are several options for you to get your wristwatch repaired. One of them is handing the watch to a professional repairer, or you can get a stalwart watch repair kit and, using the manuals and instructions, repair it yourself.


Keep in mind that repairing a watch is nothing short of complicated. If you don’t know what you should do, we highly suggest that you seek help from a professional.

Make sure to read the manual and instructions in these kits. They usually have excellent tips and tricks on using those tools in repairing your watch.


Besides, make sure to double read the stalwart watch repair kit review twice to see if the tools inside this kit will help you in your journey or not.


This is the end of the article. We are happy that you were with us until the end of this article. If you have any additional inquiries or opinions that you want to share with our audience, contact us via the comment section beneath this article.



Is a stalwart watch repair kit dangerous to use?

  • A stalwart watch repair kit is not hazardous for you, but it can be dangerous for your timepiece if you make mistake when working with them on your wristwatch.


Is the stalwart watch repair kit expensive?

  • Actually no. This stalwart watch repair kit comes at a very affordable and fair price; the basic models of this kit start at $20.


Are these tools the same tools that professional repairers use?

  • Yes, and no. Depending on the job, it could differ from tool to tool. Usually, professional watch repairers use more specialty and unit tools to perform the repairing process.
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