Hands-on Review: Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi

When you hear the word “Pepsi,” you instantly think of soda, and this can be misleading in today’s concept, so know that we will not be talking about any drinks today!!!

You might know how much we value the importance of a breath-taking wristwatch; we mean that when we see a timepiece so well designed that we like it instantly, we try to review it.

We are sure that when you like a watch you do the same as well, you wonder about that watch and try to find out everything about it, let alone if you want to purchase it.

In today’s article, we will discuss a particular watch from the giant of the industry, Rolex.

The Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi.

This watch has so many qualities and features that we cannot fit it in a simple article; however, we will try our best to capture the beauty and the details of this watch so you can enjoy it as much as we did.

So, if you are ready, let’s start with the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi review.

Full review Rolex Gmt Master ii Pepsi

The overall view of the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi

You may have guessed by all of the articles and reviews we have done up until this point that certain factors in every wristwatch make that watch very special, and then we recommend it to you.

However, Rolex is not known for its fair prices, and having a Rolex and products from similar brands such as Cartier is more of a luxury move or even an investment.

Although the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi is one of the watches that lives up to its purpose.

This means that this watch is one of the watches we are sure will do well in the review test.

The Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi has several materials on the body and a bracelet for users to choose from. Besides, all of the substances that Rolex uses on the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi are unique materials and exclusively belong to Rolex watches.

On the other hand, the design of the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi made us fall in love with this watch at first sight because the elegancy and details on this watch are immaculate.

We presume this design can be seen in another brand, not a stranger to the Rolex family: the Tudor GMT watch.

The GMT series watches are a new and unique side of the timepiece world, especially among Swiss brands.

Now that you have a brief introduction to the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi, let’s get into the detailed review and see how the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi will perform under extreme standards.

The durability of the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi

We will kick off the durability section of the article with the materials that Rolex dedicated to this watch; keep reading to find out what they are.

As we said, one of the main factors that define the durability of a watch is the material that the company uses in crafting that timepiece. Still, Rolex took it up a notch in the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi.

Let’s see why.

  • Oyster Steel
  • Everose gold
  • White gold
  • Oyster steel and Everose gold

These are the materials that Rolex uses in crafting the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi, and we think that all of these watches will be highly durable because you might know that the Oyster Steel, which is the exclusive product of the Rolex world, is a much durable material even more than titanium.

However, the other pure gold materials are better for formal occasions and collectors because, as you know, gold in every form is a soft metal, and it can quickly get scratched or bent.

The front glass is sapphire crystal with Cyclops addition on top, which we will discuss in the design section.

The bracelets are the same as the body, but there are two metal bracelet types to choose from:

  • The Oyster
  • The Jubilee

Both of these bracelets look fantastic on this watch as well.

Now to the design section.

Rolex Gmt Master ii Pepsi Watch Review

The design of the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi


As much as we like a simple design but the chaos and order in the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi is something that tempts us to get this watch.

As you know, the GMT watches have an additional bezel that is rotatable and unidirectional.

It is made from ceramic and can be used to set a new time zone.

This bezel, combined with the color of the body and the Cyclops crystal on the top, defines a good design.

The watch’s dial comes in several colors depending on the material of the body, and this color differs from pure black to textured white gold.

The numerals and the watch hands are the same design and haven’t changed since the first Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi.

The Jubilee and the Oyster bracelet can be used in different scenarios; however, your opinion on them is the main factor in choosing the suitable bracelet.

The dial includes a date indicator under the Cyclops crystal to help you see the date better.

Overall, the design of the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi is one of the best in the market, and we will never doubt that.

Now let’s get to the features of the watch, shall we?

The unique features of the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi

The Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi watch has many great features that complete the set of diamonds in this series.

The Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi has approximately 60 hours of power reserve and 200 meters deep water resistance.

These features are the basics of a luxury watch; however, the GMT option is the innovation here that allows you to set a second time zone on your wristwatch.

Aside from these features, this watch doesn’t have anything new to add to the watchmaking world, so that we will move on to the last section.

The Conclusion…

Several of the watches in the timepiece world are exceptional, whether the built quality, design or even price on occasion.

However, there are watches that, when you see them for the first time, you want to get that in any condition.

The Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi is one of these watches, and we are happy that we had the chance to review this fantastic watch.

In the end, we are happy that you stayed with us through the “Hands-on Review: Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi” article; if you have any additional information about this watch or if you want to add something new to this article feel free to use the comment section below this article.


Why is the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi called the “Pepsi”?

  • The original color of the bezel in the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi is blue and red, which are the primary colors of the Pepsi brand, so the watch is called the Pepsi.

Is the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi expensive?

  • The Rolex GMT Master II, Pepsi’s price, is relatively high, starting at $25,000, and it can be higher based on the material choice. However, this price is fair for a watch with this much value and innovation.

Why should I get a Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi?

  • Based on what you want to use the watch for, you can always get this watch if you like it.

As we said, most people get Rolex watches as an investment.

5/5 (3 Reviews)

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