Hands-on review: Rolex Explorer 2022

There is a reason the explorers call the mount Everest the “end of the world” it is one of the highest places on the planet earth, and we are honored to say that the watch that we will review today went all the way to the peak and made it back to tell the story.

This article will discuss an entry-level Rolex watch that many great scientists and ventures wear.

The Rolex Explorer 2022.

When looking for a Rolex watch, you have heard the name “Explorer”; this collection is one of the proudest pieces in the Rolex product line.

We will test the strength, durability, design, and special features of the Rolex Explorer.

The Explorer collection has a complicated interior and design and is almost as complex as its history. It has three pieces in the Explorer collection that share the same configuration; however, the watch’s design and material are quite different.

If you are ready to explore Explorer, stay with us, and let’s take the steps of this review together.

Let’s get started.

Rolex Explorer review

Overall view of the Rolex Explorer

Before getting to the summary of this review, let’s talk about the history of the Rolex Explorer watches.

As the name implies, the explorer watches were designed for adventurous individuals to help them explore the face of the earth.

As you know, the first-ever human to reach the Mt Everest peak was Sir Edmund Hilary, he was a mountaineer, and in the year 1953, he climbed to the top point of the Everest; however, he was a Rolex fan, but he didn’t wear his Rolex for this journey, and no one knows why.

But someone else with him, his companion Tenzing Norgay was wearing a watch from the Oyster collection.

Now, we said that the history of the Rolex Explorer was complicated; here is why.

The newer models of the Rolex Explorer, such as the 2022 models, are from the mother collection of Oyster Perpetual, yet they were counted as a separate collection.

But the truth is that the Explorer collection is one of the many small collections of the Oyster series.

The Rolex watch got up on Mt Everest and made it back in excellent condition; since then, Rolex has been working on the Explorer collection to make it more reliable for various adventures.

Now, here is our brief opinion on the watches.

When talking about durability and interactions with the extreme conditions, these watches are the best performers on the field, and that is because, in this collection, two models use the exclusive materials that Rolex crafted itself.

And when we talk about the watches’ design, you may think that these watches are the ordinary and everyday Rolex pieces you see; however, there are small and fine details about the watches that separate them from the rest of the collections.

Overall, the Rolex Explorer is a collection worth considering. We shall start the detailed review and see what is beneath all of this finery.

The durability of the Rolex Explorer 2022

As mentioned in the article’s last section, the Rolex Explorer’s durability is immaculate.

Let’s say that using Titanium wasn’t practical because it was heavy, and the aluminum itself was less durable.

Rolex thought of innovation to create the most potent material for their high-performance watches.

The Oyster Steel.

This material is a combination of strength and lightness, Titanium and aluminum.

Explorer collection uses Oyster steel and Oyster Bracelet in one of the models, and it is the basic Explorer.

Using this metal has made this model incomparable to the other collections.

But we mentioned two exclusive materials; let’s see what the other one is.

The second material is the Rolesor; Rolex used this material in the early 1900s for the Oyster series.

This new substance combines yellow gold with stainless steel; in other words, it is magnificent, charming, durable, and unique.

The dial glass on this watch is anti-reflective sapphire crystal with scratch resistance.

There is another piece in the Explorer collection which is a bit heavier. However, there are reasons for that, which we will list in the design section.

Let’s get moving and get to the design of the Rolex Explorer.

Rolex Explorer

The design of the Rolex Explorer 2022

Among the three models in the Rolex Explorer collection, two timepieces look similar, but the material they used is different, so they have differences.

The basic Explorer, which uses a stainless steel body, is entirely silver-coated, but the Rolesor model has a unique gold strap on the metal.

So the only difference between them is the color of the body and the bracelet; however, there is a $2000 price difference between the basic and the Rolesor model in this collection.

The third collection piece is the Explorer II which has a bigger bezel, dial, and case.

The bezel on this model has a 24-hour system to increase the watch’s reliability for some individuals who prefer the 24 approaches over 12.

The calibers used in these models are the same; therefore, these watches have the same movement system.

The Rolex Explorer II has two options of dials for the color white and black.

The numerals on the explorer collection dial have 3, 6,9,12 on them. In other words, it is much easier to read.

Overall, the design of the Explorer collection is exquisite.

Now, let’s move on to the features section.

Special features of the Rolex Explorer 2022

The matter of unique features on the Rolex Explorer sires is not that special.

The Explorer series primarily focuses on the durability of the watch rather than some particular sides of the models.

However, these watches are unique in their way.

These models use the twin lock water-resistance system, and this option makes these timepieces water-resistant up to 100 meters deep into the water.

The next feature that impresses us is the power reserve, a handy feature for an adventure watch.

The power reserve makes the watch work even after the battery dies or gets removed.

The last feature of the Explorer collection is the Rolex Chromalight.

Rolex uses particular substances with longer life spans for the luminance option of the watch hands and numerals on the dial.

Now that we are finished with the review, it is time to conclude and see if the entry-level Rolex Explorer 2022 is worth spending on.

Rolex Explorer review

In the end

Rolex cares greatly about heritage and culture, and the Explorer is its symbol. Rolex quotes:

“The Explorer will help you answer the unknown call of nature.”

In this article, we reviewed the Rolex Explorer series, and the durability and design of the watches are flawless; this is not only because of the materials and cliché moves but there is also a deeper reason that we mentioned in this article.

We call this collection entry-level because of the price, the basic model of the Explorer starts at $6000, and the most expensive model of the group is $12,000, which is a low price for a watch company like Rolex.

If you are into expeditions and adventure, this watch is absolutely for you.

This is the end of the article. If you have any questions about the “Hands-on review: Rolex Explorer 2022” article, contact us via the comment section beneath this article.


Is the Rolex explorer collection the same as Oyster perpetual?

  • the Oyster perpetual is one of the independent series of the Rolex world. However, there was an interaction between Explorer and Oyster series, which we discussed in the article.

Is the Rolex Explorer collection expensive?

  • Compared to the other models of the Rolex world, the Explorer collection’s price range is routine and relatively low.

Is Rolex a Swiss brand?

  • Yes, the Rolex Company is one of the oldest companies that create watch calibers and high-end timepieces; the main headquarter of the Rolex is currently in Switzerland.
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