Hands-on Brand review: Weiss Watch Company

We always talk about certain Swiss and German brands or even Japanese ones. However, we totally forgot that there are some decent watch companies in the US as well.

Watchmaking is a dream come true for some people; it means they are deeply in love with their profession.

In this article, we will discuss one of the US companies that impressed us even more than the Rolex Company.

The history behind this company is, in fact, heartwarming and inspiring.

The Weiss watch company.

Cameron Weiss, a US citizen with several watchmaking certificates from Swiss watch manufacturers, started a company to revive his vision.

We are sure you will enjoy this article, so keep reading with us, and let’s get into the paper.

Weiss Watch Company

The History of Weiss watches

Since the beginning of his life, Cameron Weiss was found of timepieces; his mother mentions that he intended to repair his first timepiece when he was almost 5.

After years he started training on his own and managed to take some educational courses in Switzerland under the supervision of professional Swiss watchmakers.

After he returned, he started the Weiss Company with his wife.

They started working on the timepieces in their living room, and after 300 hours, they managed to manufacture their first ten units of wristwatches. Meanwhile, Cameron had some visions in mind.

He wanted to make the Weiss watches as similar to the American culture as possible.

He said he wanted the customers to feel the watch as it was manufactured in World War II.

The design of the watches did what he had in mind.

He also adds:

“I practically enjoy when we ship American watches to Switzerland.”

At some points, the company’s only employers were Cameron and his wife; however, some individuals came and left, so there was Cameron and his beloved once more.

But from 2013, it has been nine years, and the Weiss brand is one of the best American brands, and the history behind it, as you see, is inspiring.

The times and struggles that Cameron Weiss has gone through make us think that everyone can handle a job if they love and no matter the conditions.

To this day, this company has many collections; Mr. Weiss still sits behind his wooden desk and crafts fantastic timepieces.

Here is the story of the Weiss company; now, let’s get to the watches.

Let’s see how they would perform.

Review Weiss Watch Company

The durability of the Weiss watches

As we mentioned in the last passage, Cameron Weiss hand manufactures all of the watch components in his company.

The material they would like to use in the watch cases and crowns and even calibers of the Weiss watches is 316L stainless steel. Even from the molding part until the assembling is done by hand.

As the material suggests, these watches have a durable body. However, we cannot say that it would be amazing because the competition in the clothes is high in the watch market, especially after Rolex came up with the Oyster Steel.

The front glass on the Weiss watches made from sapphire crystal.

This would be the up point for these watches.

Fun fact: if you go shopping on the Weiss website, you can see a warning saying that it will take almost one month to prepare your watch. It is because they hand make the watches and send them to you fresh from the oven.

Overall, the durability of the Weiss watches is acceptable for the price they are offering them.

Now it is time to get to the design section.

Design of the Weiss watches

Since the beginning of our work, we have looked forward to the design section of the watch reviews.

In our opinion design of a particular watch can tell a lot about that watch.

Now let’s see how the Weiss watches perform in the design section, shall we?

This company has three different watches on their websites. You know Cameron Weiss and his wife started the company.

The design section will be attractive; we mentioned that he had an American dream and made these watches look American.

We will tell you what it means.

When talking about a wristwatch with great design, the first thing that comes to mind is Swiss watches or specific companies; we have to consider that many brands from across the globe are doing a great job on the design and craftsmanship of the watch.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they are huge companies; some are small, but this cannot stop anyone from creating something unique.

The Weiss watches are one of the few watches that combines the feeling of a New York cold winter and a hot day in Missouri and makes the whole American dream.

The dial on Weiss watches is minimal, meaning there are not many components on the watch face; however, you know how much we love a simple dial.

The watch face contains numerals and watches hands, and in some models, there is a second movement system dedicated to the chronograph hand in the watch face.

It would be a nice touch to add these functions on more models yet to come.

The straps on the Weiss watches are leather, which is the perfect addition to this company’s classic watches.

Overall the design of these watches is unique, and we fully approve of the design and handling of the Weiss watches.

We must admit this watch is much different than we usually review; however, something about this brand seems right.

Especially the genesis history of the Weiss can inspire many people who have the idea and the dream but are too afraid to bring that plan to life because they are so scared of losing everything.

The advice that we can give you is that you should take Cameron Weiss for example, he has a talent, and he went after the dream he had, and now, in our opinion, the Weiss is one of the best American companies.

Usually, every brand has its own story behind every watch, but none of them were made out of love and pure tenderness.

Therefore the Weiss watch brand gets a five-star review from our team.

Now let’s get to the conclusion of the article and see what would be the bottom line?

Weiss Watch Company Full review

In the end

After talking about some of the Swiss companies, we changed the pace of the review by getting into the American brand, the Weiss.

We talked about the inspirational story of the brand and how Cameron Weiss created the dream that he had since he was a kid.

Overall these watches are excellent in design and fine inbuilt. The prices on the Weiss models start at $2,000 up to $2,200 on the special edition watches.

If you are looking for a budget watch and you want to have something different than the very day clichés, we would recommend paying a visit to the Weiss shop.

We hope this article was as sweet and helpful as we thought it was; if you have any additional questions about the “Hands-on Brand review: Weiss Watch Company” article, you can contact us from the contact page or the comment section below.

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