Watch Brands Beginning with S List + Short Review

The list for Watch Brands Beginning with S is long but also full of high-quality watchmaking brands as well as one of the companies that is in the watch brand ranking 2023. So yes, with such a prestigious group of brands beginning with S, watch enthusiasts and collectors have no shortage of stylish, well-crafted timepieces to choose from.

Each of these brands has a long, rich history of horological innovation and design. Stay with us at Saatsaz Watch for a list of watch brands beginning with S and a short review for the top ones.

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List of Watch Brands Beginning with S

  1. Seiko
  2. Swatch
  3. Skagen
  4. Stuhrling Original
  5. Sinn
  6. Suunto
  7. Seagull
  8. Swiza
  9. Sector
  10. Speake-Marin
  11. Snyper Watches
  12. Schwarz Etienne
  13. Scatola del Tempo
  14. Sultana
  15. Scuderia Ferrari
  16. Scalfaro
  17. Swiss Military Hanowa
  18. SevenFriday
  19. Sisu
  20. Speidel
  21. Scorpion
  22. Serket
  23. Spinnaker
  24. Szanto
  25. Sequent
  26. Swiss Legend
  27. Shimla
  28. Sequent Smart Watch
  29. Spinnaker Watches

Top Watch Brands Beginning with S (short review)

  • Seiko

Seiko is one of the most well-known Japanese watch brands, producing both affordable watches as well as luxury timepieces. Seiko Watches are known for highly accurate and durable watches. Seiko is best known for revolutionizing quartz watch technology in the 1970s as well as their famous series such as Seiko Divers Watches. Seiko make both quartz and mechanical watches today in a variety of styles.

Here is a review of Seiko 5 sports automatic 23 jewels 100m watch.

  • Swatch

Swatch is a popular Swiss watch brand that is known for fashionable watches at affordable price points. They helped revitalize the Swiss watch industry in the 1980s. Swatch watches feature fun, colorful designs and styles. While most are quartz watches, Swatch does make some automatic mechanical watches as well.

  • Sinn

Sinn is a German watch brand that specializes in highly technical watches, especially pilot watches and dive watches. They are known for watches with features like oil-filled cases, magnetic field protection and temperature resistance. While Sinn uses Swiss movements, their watch cases and designs are distinctly German in style. They produce professional-grade watches that also appeal to watch enthusiasts.

  • Seagull

Seagull is a well-known Chinese microbrand that offers good quality mechanical and quartz watches at affordable prices using their in-house movements. The designs often take inspiration from popular Swiss watch designs. Seagull timepieces are known for their striking designs and good quality at affordable price points. You can read our Seagull Skeleton review on Saatsaz Watch.


Whether for the watch enthusiast or the casual wearer, the watch brands beginning with S offer some of the most compelling timepieces in the watchmaking world. Their watches have come to define the pinnacle of style, performance, and prestige on the wrist.

Overall, the watch brands starting with the letter S represent an exceptional group of watchmakers at the forefront of design, precision, and functionality.

Thank you for staying with us on this article about watch brands beginning with S. We the Saatsaz Watch team strive to provide our readers with good and useful content about watch brands and their models. Also, we have a List of Watch Brands A-Z for those who want to learn about other watch brands.
Feel free to share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section, and tell us if any other watch brands starting with S comes to your mind.


Which watch brands start with the letter S?

  • There are several watch brands that beggining with the letter S such as Seiko, Swatch, Sinn, Seagull and many more. There is a list of watch brands beginning with S on our website along short reviews of each brand.

What are the top watch brands beginning with S?

  • The list of watch brands beginning with S is long but watch brands such as Seiko, Swatch, Sinn, and Seagull can be named as the top among them.
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