Hands-on review: IWC Top Gun Chronograph

It ought to shock no one that IWC are the bosses of the Swiss-made Flieger-style chronograph, considering that they were one of the prototype makers of those watches, thinking back to the ’40s. Yet, their capacity to adjust to current military determinations and assumptions is, without a doubt, an accomplishment.

Because of a selective model made for the Navy Fighter Weapons School (also known as TOPGUN) in 2018, this “nonmilitary personnel” form of the watch has been delivered, restricted to 1500 pieces.

With its matte-dark strategic utility, secrecy, decipherability, and elegant traces of red dropped in, the IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun Edition “SFTI” (which represents Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor) is only a monster of a watch.

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Let’s start with this excellent survey.

iwc top gun chronograph reading

Overall view

Sent off in 2007, the Top Gun assortment takes its name from the US Navy instructional class for military pilot teachers. An ordinarily dark military program put the world on the map through the 1986 film featuring Tom Cruise.

Presently a focal point of the IWC Pilot’s Watch lineup, the Top Gun watches began with the Double Chronograph ref.

IWC isn’t lacking in pilot’s watches, even extraordinary or restricted-release pilot’s watches. The brand has carried out numerous cycles, varieties, and releases. Yet, the Pilot’s Watch assortment is an economically unavoidable hit.

Yet, that doesn’t detract from the natural allure of a pilot’s watch. Furthermore, IWC has been particularly effective at tweaking the straightforward plan to make it fascinating such that requests to the kid in each man.

A portion of the allure isn’t modern; however, it is there – like the red warrior stream outline as the second-hand stabilizer.

The base model in IWC Pilot’s Chronograph in steel has that allure, and in a dark-fired case, it looks far superior.

The expansion of the Ceratanium bits on the SFTI rendition likewise completes the all-dark case. Prior ages of artistic pilot’s chronographs had typically dark titanium crowns and pushers that differentiated the dark matter again.


First off, we will discuss the case and movement.

IWC is no more abnormal to the pilot’s watch recipe, and that is the same when the case material isn’t hardened steel.

Even though we’re seeing an ever-increasing number of ceramic cases spring up, we’re very accustomed to it being a polished, practically fluid material.

For military purposes, sparkly articles are by and large dulled down to not get the light and offer soldiers’ positions inadvertently.

Consequently, this Top Gun Edition has a matte-ceramic case, with pushers and case back produced using IWC’s restrictive Ceratanium, a material with the lightweight of titanium yet the hardness and scratch-opposition of ceramic.

At 44.5mm in width and 15.7mm thick, it most certainly doesn’t stay away from the wrist. Overall, programmed chronographs can be anticipated to be enormous; however, when a watch’s motivation is rapidly readable while taking off through the sky, the additional millimeters are valued.

Taken cover behind the Ceratanium case back is IWC’s in-house type 69380.

The segment wheel chronograph, complete with a day/date show, has all a pilot’s watch needs.

Its 46 hours of force hold and 28,800 VPN beat rate might appear to be no greater than the Valjoux 7750 design. This type is based; however, IWC’s quality assembling ability isolates them from different organizations, drawing the acknowledged exactness much nearer to COSC principles.

iwc top gun chronograph review


With regards to Flieger styles, neatness is the situation. IWC haven’t broken any molds here; however, their unobtrusive contacts truly assist the watch with sticking out.

The sunburst sub-dials are well-organized to flawlessly supplant and not cut off any of the Arabic numerals.

The smaller-than-usual blade hands rush to peruse initially, and the running second’s hand in red at 6 o’clock implies that the watch isn’t excessively deviated in its moving parts.

On the other hand, the fly-formed and skeletonized offset is also a superb option, helping the wearer remember its SFTI-explicit starting points.

Keeping to military reasonableness, the SFTI comes on an olive-green two-piece material tie, with a cowhide backing for the best split the difference between solace and long-haul sturdiness.

With a 21mm drag width, it’s not the most adaptable watch regarding switching lashes up; however, it’s not difficult to envision a tremendous variety of NATO ties fitting its style well.

Other than colors, the case design and dial format of the SFTI is indistinguishable from those on the standard creation chronograph.

That implies a straightforward, no-nonsense artistic case that contains an inward titanium case that the case back screws into (since it can’t screw straightforwardly onto clay, a material that can’t endure a torsional front).

The ceramic is matte, and smooth, and takes a gander at home on a military-style watch. However, it must be called attention that art is weak than metal.

While it is scratch-safe, clay can chip or break with outrageous power, though a metal compound case would mark or disfigure.

Keeping to military reasonableness, the SFTI comes on an olive green two-piece material tie, with a cowhide backing for the best split the difference between solace and long haul sturdiness.

With a 21mm drag width, it’s not the most adaptable watch regarding switching lashes up; however, it’s not difficult to envision a tremendous variety of NATO ties fitting its style well.

iwc top gun chronograph review

The bottom line

The plan changes for the SFTI release are significant – the utilization of Ceratanium parts gives the watch a more uniform look that suits the maritime pilot topic better.

It is an attractive watch with a significant number of the trademark characteristics of IWC’s pilot watches, specifically robust design and engaging plan.

Nonetheless, the progressions are steady, albeit joined by a humble cost climb compared with the standard rendition.

We would have favored the SFTI version supplanting the average creation model instead of a limited run, which could have made it more reasonable thanks to economies of scale.

We are sure that this article will assist you with pursuing the ideal choice of putting resources into a watch.

If you have any questions regarding the IWC Top Gun Chronograph, let us know in the comment section.

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