How To Tell If a Cartier Watch Is Real?

Wearing a watch is an essential ritual for many people and may occupy a significant role in one’s life.

Cartier is one of the most well-known watch brands in the world. These timepieces impart an air of sophistication and affluence to the wearer and are also frequently seen as excellent investments because some sell for more than they did when they were first purchased.

In today’s lesson, we will discuss clarifying this question: “how to tell if a Cartier Watch is real?”

In turn, we shall review each of them to get straight to the point.

Are you prepared to go on a trip that will take you down an exciting new path to familiarize “how to tell if a Cartier Watch is real?”

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How To Tell If a Cartier Watch Is Real

Telling if a Cartier Watch is real (5 most common methods)

1. Weight of real Cartier Watch.

Because of the nature of the components used in their construction, real Cartier watches, much like other high-end watches, have a robust feel despite being relatively lightweight.

In this manner, if there is any ambiguity about the watch you have selected being unusually light, it is nearly guaranteed to be a fake watch. This is because counterfeit watches are far more delicate than their genuine counterparts.

2. Inscription of real Cartier watch.

Removing the case back is the method that makes it most straightforward to tell if a Cartier Watch is real or fake.

Cartier authentic watches will have the brand name engraved and written out correctly, including the capital letter “R” in the spelling development.

Additionally, the brand explains CARTIER on either the 7 o’clock or the 10 o’clock marker, depending on your time zone.

Under the marker for six o’clock, you’ll also see the words “SWISS MADE” written clearly; fraudsters often leave these words off counterfeit watches.

3. The glass of an authentic Cartier watch is resistant to scratches.

Scratch-resistant glass is a standard feature of real Cartier watches; knockoff watches, on the other hand, rarely have this kind of high-quality component.

The glass is also non-smear, meaning that any water droplets falling on it would roll off without leaving a mark.

You could tell a fake by how the water smeared over the face.

4. The real Cartier watch screw.

When it comes to the topic of safety, you will often find identical screws with flathead heads holding the casing down on an authentic Cartier watch.

Imagine Cartier’s often use simple Snap-On casings or Phillips head screws, which only allow for very few adjustments.

5. The luminosity of a real Cartier watch.

LumiNova is a material that shines in the dark and is used in producing several watches by Cartier.

This shine would not even come close to being this bright if it were coming from a fake Cartier, and this is one of the factors that tell if a Cartier Watch is real or fake.

How To Tell If a Cartier Watch Is Real

6. Gemstones of Cartier watch.

A real Cartier watch has a cabochon stone, a gemstone polished and cut into a dome-shaped shape.

If there is no stone, the watch is most likely a fake Cartier. Instead of being adhered to, the diamond needs to be carefully protected.

7. Serial number of Cartier watches.

Cartier that is real always has a serial number of two letters and six numbers stamped on the rear of the carrier.

The number will be engraved on the watch in the same way as many fake Carriers incorporate a chronic number that is barely chiseled into the watch.

8. The Clock’s Dial of Cartier watch.

You’ll find that most Cartier watches’ dial features a guilloché pattern that is symmetrical and balanced.

The guilloché is a technique for embellishment that creates a monotonous and exceedingly precise, wave-like pattern around the circumference.

A Cartier watch will also feature exceptional finishing on the watch’s dial. Look for the hour markers to have barbed lines on them, the clock should have heaps of paint, and the writing styles should be all over the place.

9. The blue details of a real Cartier watch

The Cartier Tank, Ballon Bleu, Panthere, Santos, and Ronde would typically contain Cartier’s recognizable blue details, including blued steel hands and a round-grained crown set with a blue spinel cabochon.

Pay close attention to how the cabochon is attached to the crown; ideally, it should be set into the crown rather than just placed on it.

How To Tell If a Cartier Watch Is Real

The last word

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