Top 5 BEST Seiko Divers Watches in 2023 + review

People believe that wearing a watch during a rainy day would ultimately damage it and is simply impossible.
What if we tell you that with Seiko Watches, not only can you wear your watch in the shower, but you can also reach depths of 200 meters in water while wearing it on your wrist?

Since 1892, when Seiko was founded by Kintaro Hattori, a young Japanese entrepreneur and timepiece enthusiast, they have come a long way. Especially with introducing the Seiko Prospex Sea series, which comes with exceptional designs that provide water resistance that is suitable for sports such as swimming and diving. Meanwhile having remarkably luxurious appearances as well.

Seiko Divers Watches
Best Seiko Divers Watches in 2023

Seiko Divers Watch

These days most advanced watches are considered dive watches because of their water resistance up to at least 100 meters. However, some models of Seiko Diver Watches can reach much deeper than that; for example, the Seiko Prospex S23635 watch allows you to scuba dive to depths of 1000 meters in the ocean!

The Seiko Dive Watches come with many various colorful designs that will please anyone’s fashion taste. They can be worn just as everyday watches and steal glances to your wrist. The waterproof feature is an add-on to their sleek design and the diver watches are not just defined by that.

History of Seiko Divers Watches

The very first Seiko Diver Watch was introduced in 1965 in Japan. Everything started with the history of “not being able to use wristwatches under the water”. That was when one of the world’s most distinguished watch making companies, Seiko, decided to invent the first professional Diver’s timepiece for up to 150 meters in Japan.

Shortly after that, they introduced the Seiko 300m Dive watch in 1968. But their greater invention was yet to come. In 1975, after 7 years of research, the company invented the world’s first Professional Diver’s 600m watch and this was a milestone in the company’s history. This watch had a fabulous design too and came with a titanium case.

After this great invention, Seiko did not stop. Even to this day, their bright and brilliant team of engineers is using innovative technology to manufacture more advanced dive watches to introduce to the world.

What makes Seiko Dive Watches good?

Seiko Divers Watches are one of the most outstanding timepieces one can wear. Unlike most watches that get entirely damaged in water, Seiko Dive Watches offer you relief and peace of mind while you go swimming in the water. Their spectacular design makes them the most suitable timepieces for divers and swimmers. Take into consideration that, they are intellectual in design and the brand provides customers with a high-quality timepiece.

These watches are called “True Diver’s Watches” by Seiko, and this shows the pride they take, and the trust they have in their watches. The Seiko Divers Watches warranty differs from model to model and from country to country; but in the United States, you can expect at least a 2-year Seiko watch warranty when you buy one of these beautiful watches.

Best Seiko Dive Watches in 2023

Seiko is one of the most satisfactory in dive watch marketing. People are always searching for a timepiece that is worth their money. We have done the research, so you don’t have to spend your time. Our team at Saatsaz Watch, has gathered a complete review of the Best Seiko Dive Watches in 2023. Follow us for more…

Here are the top 5 BEST Seiko Dive Watches in 2023:

1. Seiko Prospex SLA039 Divers Watch

Seiko Divers Watch
Seiko Prospex SLA039 Divers Watch

55 years after the release of the first Seiko Divers Watch, the company decided to celebrate the 55th anniversary of this series by releasing this limited-edition men’s watch.

The gorgeous Seiko Prospex SLA039 grabs everyone’s attention with its stunning navy-blue color strap, sleek sage dial with LumiBrite hands and hour marks, and perfectly designed black bezel. Generally, these kinds of watches would have the same appearance, but Seiko Prospex SLA039 offers a dynamic, unique design that is different from any other Seiko Prospex timepiece.

However, with this timepiece’s impressive design, also comes a relatively high price. And it’s all because this watch is delivering more accuracy, better materials, and enhanced performance.

Seiko Prospex SLA039 Price

As mentioned before, Seiko Prospex SLA039 is one of its series. This incredible timepiece will cost you $6,800. Seiko is a known luxury brand with high-quality timepieces that have been satisfying its customers since its creation, and the reason why this specific watch is more expensive than the others is because of its excellence.

Seiko Prospex SLA039 Specs & Features


  • Case Material: Ever-brilliant Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter: 44.8mm
  • Strap Material: Silicone
  • Caliber: 8L55
  • Movement: Automatic (manual winding)
  • Water Resistance: 300m / 1000ft (saturation diving)


  • One-piece Construction
  • Unidirectional Rotating Bezel
  • Screw-down Crown
  • Vintage Pyramids on the Strap
  • Shock Resistant

2. Seiko Prospex SPB297 Divers Watch

Seiko Divers Watch
Seiko Prospex SPB297 Divers Watch

North and South pole’s adventurers’ watch of choice became the Seiko Divers Watches’ early models in the 1960s. This was due to their durable manufacture that could endure the harsh nature of those lands.

Among the “Save the Ocean” series, Seiko Prospex SPB297 was re-interpreted to represent the magnificent glaciers of the Antarctic.

All of the Seiko Prospex SPB297 components are designed uniquely. This popular watch catches the eyes of everyone with its glacier-looking deep blue dial. Extremely hard stainless-steel strap and anti-reflective layered materials are its winning card. You can wear Seiko Prospex SPB297 while diving in depths of 200 meters and get into the blue without worrying about your wristwatch getting damaged. This watch may be the best for those who love nature and adventure.

Seiko Prospex SPB297 Price

This Seiko limited edition watch is one of the 3 models that were introduced in the “Save the Ocean” series. Despite being one of the most known Seiko watch models, the Seiko Prospex SPB297 sits at a price of $1,250.

Seiko Prospex SPB297 Specs & Features


  • Case Material: Super-hard Coated Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter: 40.5mm
  • Strap Material: Super-hard Coated Stainless Steel
  • Caliber: 6R35
  • Movement: Automatic (manual winding)
  • Water Resistance: 200m / 660ft


  • “Save the Ocean” Campaign
  • Screw-down Crown
  • Black Unidirectional Rotating Bezel
  • Carved-out Special Edition on the Back
  • LumiBrite Hands and Hour Marks

3. Seiko Prospex S23635 Divers Watch

Seiko Divers Watch
Seiko Prospex S23635 Divers Watch

Introduced for the 35th anniversary of Seiko Diver’s Watches, the Prospex S23635 is an excellent watch for adventurers who take on the extremes. Being among the “Seiko Tuna Watch” series, this incredibly designed watch is a limited edition of 1,200 pieces. Made with the latest technological advances, this diving watch has a one-piece case plus a black outer shroud, titanium inner and black ceramic outer case, Seiko’s special LumiBrite hands and hour marks, and more.

As mentioned, this watch was made for the extremes. The dark blue/black dial of this watch represents the deep-sea environment. In addition, Seiko Prospex S23635 is one of the few watches that you can wear on your wrist while diving to 1000 meters of depth in the oceans.

Seiko Prospex S23635 Price

Of course, a watch of this quality and design is not going to be the cheapest. This watch’s high water-resistance as well as its classy design, justify its price. All the while, the limited edition Seiko Prospex S23635 can be bought for $4,600 from the Seiko website.

Seiko Prospex S23635 Specs & Features


  • Case Material: Titanium & Ceramic
  • Case Diameter: 49.4mm
  • Strap Material: Hard Silicone
  • Caliber: 7C46
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Water Resistance: 1000m / 3300ft (saturation diving)


  • One-piece case
  • Outer Shroud on the Case
  • Titanium Inner & Ceramic Outer Case
  • LumiBrite Hands and Hour Marks
  • Extra Strap Included

4. Seiko Prospex SLA061 Divers Watch

Best Seiko Divers Watches in 2023

Being among the Seiko Black Watch series, the limited edition Seiko Prospex SLA061 is a fascinating watch to talk about. It is inspired by Seiko’s 1970s Diver’s watch that Naomi Uemura used to wear on his adventures.

The Seiko Prospex SLA061 features the signature 4 o’clock screw-down crown, hard coated & black-treated case, and overall black design but with an orange accent on the dial and the second hand.

Although this watch is on a black-treated stainless steel bracelet, the product box includes a black silicone strap too.

Seiko Prospex SLA061 Price

This timepiece is one of the fancier watches. Its all-black design gives it a mean but classy look that a lot of men desire. With that said, Seiko Prospex SLA061 sits at a fair price of $3,300.

Seiko Prospex SLA061 Specs & Features


  • Case Material: Black-Treated Hard Coated Stainless steel
  • Case Diameter: 44.0mm
  • Strap Material: Black-treated Stainless Steel + Black Silicone Strap
  • Caliber: 8L35
  • Movement: Automatic (manual winding)
  • Water Resistance: 200m / 660ft


  • Signature Screw-down Crown at 4 o’clock
  • Unidirectional Rotating Bezel
  • Folding Clasp and Diving Extension on Bracelet
  • Extra Black Silicone Strap Included
  • Carved-out Special Edition on the Back

5. Seiko Prospex SNE549 Divers Watch

Best Seiko Divers Watches in 2023
Seiko Prospex SNE549 Divers Watch

The Seiko Prospex SNE549 is a colorful solar powered watch. As Seiko formed an association with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), they released this special edition watch. This Seiko Padi watch with a blue dial and bezel and a red accent, will steal the looks of everyone onto your wrist, and the added LumiBrite will make your wrist shine in dark.

Being a Seiko Divers Watch 200m, the Seiko Prospex SNE549 is the “budget” diving watch of this company and the sea series. If you fancy the Seiko Divers Watches but cannot afford the price of the Seiko limited edition watches models, then this watch is the perfect one for you.

Seiko Prospex SNE549 Price

Being cheaper doesn’t always mean being worse and this Seiko solar watch is an example. Priced at $395, the Seiko Prospex SNE549 is a high-quality dive watch that will have a classic yet modern look on your wrist.

Seiko Prospex SNE549 Specs & Features


  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Case Diameter: 43.5mm
  • Strap Material: 
  • Caliber: V157
  • Movement: Automatic (manual winding)
  • Water Resistance: 200m / 660ft


  • Folding Clasp and Diving Extension on Bracelet
  • Screw-down Crown
  • Unidirectional Rotating Bezel
  • Overcharge Prevention
  • LumiBrite Hands and Hour Marks


Seiko, the greatest watchmaking company in Japan, is known for its high-quality watches. Since releasing their first Seiko Divers Watch in 1965, they have been on a quest to produce the world’s best dive watches… and they have succeeded! In this article, we talked about the history of the Seiko Dive Watches and their evolution. Then, we introduced the BEST ones from the diving series that you can get your hands on in 2023.

Thank you for staying with us and we hope you liked this article. Which one is your favorite watch from the list? Is there another Seiko model that you like? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below because we appreciate them.


Are Seiko Divers Watches good?

Seiko is one of the most famous watch brands in the world. The effort and research they have put in their Divers Watches over the years is phenomenon; thus, making these watches one of the most desired timepieces among watch enthusiasts.

Where are Seiko Divers Watches made?

The Seiko company is located in Tokyo, Japan. So naturally, The Seiko Divers Watches and their Prospex series are also manufactured there; but you can find them in the retailers or even buy from the Seiko website and have them shipped to you.
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