Hands-on Review: Seagull Skeleton

Wearing a wristwatch completes our fashion combination, and it would be a great way to express ourselves.

There comes a time when you want to use both sporty and formal watches simultaneously, but there are so few options that can fulfill that desire, but after all, there are some options.

The watch that we will review today is a compelling case; it’s a sport, formal and everyday use, and much cheaper than the other brands.

The Seagull Skeleton.

This model is an entry-level wristwatch; however, it can do everything you expect it to do.

You will read:

  • Overall review
  • The durability of the Seagull skeleton
  • Design of the Seagull skeleton
  • Special features that the Seagull skeleton has
  • summing up

If you want to get a wristwatch for a reasonable price and many options, it is time to start this article and get to know this watch better.

Seagull Skeleton Watch

Overall review

We have always talked about European brands like Swiss watches, but we will take our journey to central Asia in this article.

The Seagull is a Chinese company founded in 1955 by an international organization; the Seagull brand took a long time to achieve what it hoped for because its main competitors were Swiss brands.

Yet after a long time, this brand found its place in the world of wristwatches and started profiting from its products.

At the beginning of the sales, they didn’t even have a website for themselves, and they did all of the marketing on the “ALIBABA” platform.

But as growing as a brand, it started its website and thrived as a brand. In 2018 the Seagull had an idea to focus all options on a small affordable space for their benefit and the customers.

Therefore they came up with the Seagull Skeleton.

This watch came in two hand colors and an almost flawless design. You cannot expect titanium or any high-end material for the low price, but this watch is solid and does the job.

Let’s start the sections and review all of the aspects of the Seagull Skeleton.

The durability of the Seagull skeleton

The first stop in our review is durability.

A wristwatch holds on to your wrist for the entire day and is your most vulnerable gadget.

When it comes to the Seagull Skeleton, the durability is a gray line between durable and not durable.

The case and frame on this watch consist only of stainless steel. The Seagull is a big fan of steel because the dial on this watch is also made of this material.

The parts that have titanium and alternative materials are the components of the caliber on this watch, and that’s it.

The front glass is made from Sapphire crystals and has a pink and blue hue, but changing the quarts screen to a sapphire one is a smart move for this company.

Another thing that we have to mention is the back glass. The Seagull skeleton has a back glass like Swiss watches like the Rolex Mariner.

Although having two glass panels on a wristwatch feels nice, it increases the risk of one of them getting cracked.

Overall, the durability of the Seagull Skeleton is at an average and standard rate; however, if you consider the price that this wristwatch comes in, this classic durability is more than enough.

Watch review Seagull Skeleton

Let’s move on to the following chapter, which is all about the design.

Design of the Seagull skeleton

We love a delicately designed wristwatch.

At our first glance at the Seagull Skeleton, we got the impression that this watch had some unique design features.

Unlike the other brands, the Seagull did something surprising.

They wanted to reveal the watch’s caliber from both the back and the front of the watch, but they didn’t want to remove the dial as well, so they improvised.

The concept behind this watch was that it would exhibit its caliber from both sides of the watch.

We pointed out that the dial on this watch is fabricated from steel; yet, if you look at the watch for a moment, you may not even see that it has a dial and instead notice only the gears that are part of the caliber.

However, the dial is there, but it was made to seem like a string. To put it another way, the dial is present, but it is so intricately patterned that you need a magnifying lens to make out the individual markings.

This watch’s caliber has 12 stones; however, only five are visible through the front glass.

The straps on the Seagull skeleton are leather, and it comes in a total of two colors, black and blue.

This company tried to create a matching theme for this watch, and the results were two colors, both in straps and the dial hands.

The dial on this model doesn’t have any numerals, which is an act of minimalism, and we think it was the right move for this particular watch.

Overall, the design of the Seagull Skeleton is rated above average, which is good.

Now that you know all there is to know about the design of this one-of-a-kind watch, let’s move on to learning everything there is to discover about its features:


Special features that the Seagull skeleton has

The section of the review is simple.

We have seen some insane wristwatch options in previous reviews, but the Seagull focuses on what matters and makes sense.

For example, some of the models on Rolex collections have a water resistance rate of 30 bars which is nearly 300 meters; we know that they got inspired by the marines but is 300-meter water-resistant useful?

We think not.

  • On the other hand, the Seagull Skeleton has a water resistance rate of 2 bars, around 20 meters. This one makes more sense because you can scuba dive 20 meters deep, but 300 meters will crush your bones.
  • The second feature on this watch that matters is the self-winding option. It simplifies the errors that watches have from time to time and does the job for you.
  • The unique features of the Seagull Skeleton are suitable for everyday use, and we are happy with what the company offers.

Let’s sum up the article and get to the ratings on this model.

Summing up

We had to review this watch and test it several times to give the final answer to the question, “is it worth it to get this watch?”

After lots of research, we concluded that if you pay $250-350 dollars for a high-end replica watch, the Seagull Skeleton offers the best deal.

We give 8 out of 10 for this watch, and we recommend getting it.

Especially this wristwatch is for people who don’t want to spend lots of cash on a wristwatch but still do like fancy gear.

This is the end of this article. We hope you enjoyed every bit; if you ever owned or used the Seagull Skeleton, we would appreciate it if you shared your experience with us in the comment section below.


Is The Seagull a knock-off brand?

  • The Seagull is a fair-priced watch manufacturer; they have patents, calibers, and history.

Where is the Seagull located?

  • Currently, the headquarters for the Seagull is located in China, but some other facilities are separated across the country.

Is the Seagull Skeleton watch limited?

  • The Seagull Skeleton isn’t a limited wristwatch, but its excellent design makes you think it came straight out of the Caviar store.
5/5 (2 Reviews)

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