Seiko 5 Sports Automatic 23 Jewels 100m [Full Review]

In modern times, watch collections are seen not just as a way to keep track of time, but also as a luxury accessory. Seiko is a well-known watch brand that offers fans luxurious collections. This Seiko 5 Sports Automatic 23 Jewel 100m watch would make a great addition to your collection.

The Seiko 5 Sports Automatic 23 Jewels 100m is a timeless piece of craftsmanship that will stand out in any watch collection. It is reliable and stylish and offers an extended battery life – making it an ideal choice for those wanting to make a lasting impression.

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Seiko 5 Sports Automatic 23 Jewels 100m

Basic Information about the Seiko 5 Watch

The Seiko 5 Sports watch has been an iconic timepiece in production since 1963. This was revolutionary for its time, as it meant that wearers no longer had to wind their watches manually every day. This design was the precursor to the automatic watches that are so popular today.

It is known for its affordability, durability, and accuracy. It is a highly sought-after watch, offering a classic style with modern features.

The Seiko 5 Sports watch is available in various colors and styles and is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

The Seiko 5 range was introduced to make a quality watch collection accessible to all.

This watch has features such as:

  1. Day/date complications,
  2. In-house automatic movement,
  3. Water resistance,
  4. A robust steel case,
  5. A recessed crown at the 4 o’clock position.

Seiko 5 has been a top-selling watch for the past 55 years due to its affordability and quality craftsmanship.

The Seiko 5 Sports watch is a timeless classic that combines style and function, making it an attractive and reliable timepiece for watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Throughout the three years, Seiko recognized the value of offering a range of styles to match the various needs of different customers.

It has thus released a range of watches in different colors, shapes, and sizes, thus giving customers more options when looking for a watch.

At least until now, all models were powered by the same 4R automatic movement with hours, minutes, seconds, and day/date indications.

This has made the collection extremely popular, as it offers various styles and designs to suit different tastes. However, it also has a consistent level of quality, thanks to the reliable 4R movement.

The Seiko 5 sport automatic 23 jewels create a smooth and accurate movement that is reliable and long-lasting.

The 100m water resistance allows you to wear the watch in various environments without worry. This watch is truly a timeless classic.

The Seiko 5 Sports Automatic 23 Jewel watch has a stainless-steel case, bracelet, and scratch resistant Hardlex crystal.

The watch is powered by an automatic movement with 23 jewels and has a power reserve of approximately 41 hours. It has a date window and luminous hands and markers.

Seiko 5 Sports Automatic 23 Jewels 100m

Top 15 Seiko 5 Watches

Seiko 5 watches are valuable for their material and highly sought after for their quality.

Known for their accuracy and durability, these watches have become an international symbol of reliability.

Since various watches are in the Seiko5 collection, choosing the most suitable one is challenging.

However, do not worry. We are here to help you with the top 15 Seiko 5 watches.

These are the names of the top 15 Seiko 5 watches:

1. Seiko SNZG15

An excellent field watch that offers several features.

2. Seiko SRPC61

Seiko Tuna alternative at a fraction of the cost.

3. Seiko SNKL45

An excellent choice for an everyday watch, with its classic design and reliable quartz movement.

4. Seiko SNXS79

Offers the same reliability and accuracy as a traditional Rolex Datejust 41 watch.

5. Seiko SRPB21

Features a stylish and modern design that will turn heads.

6. Seiko SNKE01

A worthy alternative to the Rolex Explorer II, offering similar features at a fraction of the cost.

7. Seiko SNKK27

A colorful racing watch with a sporty design. It has a bold, eye-catching dial and accurate quartz movement.

8. Seiko SNZH57

A stylish alternative to the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, offering a similar look at a fraction of the price.

9. Seiko SNK809

An excellent choice for those looking for a classic pilot watch who don’t want to spend a fortune.

10. Seiko SNZF17

A viable alternative to a real Rolex Submariner.

11. Seiko SRPD79

The perfect choice for a stylish yet affordable timepiece.

12. Seiko SRPD73

An elegant design combined with unbeatable quality.

13. Seiko SRPD51

A unique and sophisticated design.

14. Seiko SRPD77

A more intricate design with a blue bezel and black dial. This watch is designed for those who want to stand out with their creativity.

15. Seiko SNK393

A more affordable alternative to the expensive Rolex Explorer. It has a stainless-steel case, a black dial, and a day and date display.


You can choose the suitable Seiko 5 Sports Automatic 23 Jewel watch depending on your expectations and desires.

It can be customized to fit your style and the colour of clothing.

Watches come in a wide range of styles and colours, so you can find one that fits your aesthetic.

Watches can be a great way to express your personality and style, and choosing the right one can make a statement about who you are.

Can I shower with my Seiko 5?

No, it would be best if you did not shower with your Seiko 5 watch. Water can damage the delicate parts of the watch, such as the movement and seals, and cause it to malfunction. Water resistance is not the same as waterproofing.

While the watch may be resistant to some water, it is not designed to be submerged in water for prolonged periods.

This is what would happen in a shower. Consequently, it’s best to avoid showering with your Seiko 5 to preserve its functionality and longevity.


Seiko watches offer a unique blend of style and sophistication, making them the perfect choice for those looking to make a statement with their watch collection.

The Seiko 5 Sports Automatic 23 Jewels has a sleek design, precise craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The watch is aesthetically pleasing and offers exceptional performance and durability.

We hope you have found this article helpful in finding your desired Seiko 5 sport automatic 23 jewel watch. With this knowledge, you can confidently select the perfect timepiece for your needs.

Now it is your turn to talk about your ideas and experiences in the case of the Seiko 5 sport automatic 23 jewel watch.

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