Exploring +10 Watch Brands Beginning with E

The world of watchmaking is vast, with countless brands offering timepieces to suit every style and budget. This article will look closely at watch brands beginning with E. There’s something for everyone, from classic luxury brands to more affordable options.

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Luxury Watch Brands

Ebel, Eberhard & Co., and Eterna are some of the most prestigious luxury watch brands that begin with E. These brands offer exquisitely crafted timepieces with advanced features and complications, perfect for collectors and lovers.

Affordable Watch Brands

Esprit, Elle, and Endura are popular watch brands offering affordable timepieces without compromising quality. These brands provide modern designs with reliable features, making them perfect for daily wear.

Independent Watch Brands

Louis Erard and Thomas Earnshaw are relatively lesser-known independent watch brands than other luxury brands. These brands offer unique designs and advanced features at a more affordable price point.

Watch Brands Beginning with E

  1. Thomas Earnshaw
  2. Ebel
  3. Eberhard & Co.
  4. Edox
  5. Etienne Aigner
  6. Elgin National Watch Company
  7. Elle
  8. Elysee
  9. Emporio Armani
  10. Epos
  11. Endura
  12. Louis Erard
  13. ETA SA
  14. Esprit
  15. Eterna
  16. Everswiss


This Swiss luxury watchmaker is known for its sophisticated designs and attention to detail. Founded in 1911, Ebel offers a range of high-end watches for both men and women.


Established in 1884 in Switzerland, Edox has a long history of producing high-quality timepieces. Known for its precision and reliability, the brand offers collectors and enthusiasts a range of luxury watches.

Emporio Armani

Known for its sleek and stylish fashion designs, Emporio Armani also offers a line of elegant and functional watches. With a focus on minimalism and simplicity, these watches are perfect for everyday wear.


Founded in 1856, Eterna is a Swiss brand known for its precision and attention to detail. The brand offers a range of classic and contemporary designs, including its iconic Eterna Matic collection.


This Swiss watch movement manufacturer is a subsidiary of Swatch Group and produces high-quality movements for many of the world’s top watch brands. ETA movements are known for their precision and reliability.

Louis Erard

Founded in 1929 in Switzerland, Louis Erard offers a range of affordable luxury watches for both men and women. Known for its attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship, the brand has gained a following among collectors and enthusiasts.


From the classic luxury of Ebel and Eterna to the stylish designs of Emporio Armani and the precision of ETA movements, watch brands beginning with the letter “E” offer a range of options for every taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or an everyday watch, these brands are worth exploring. Make sure to check our full List of Watch Brands A-Z to find more watch brands.

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