30 Watch Brands Beginning with C

The world of horology is vast and varied, with many watch brands offering a range of timepieces to suit different styles, preferences, and budgets. This article will explore the world of watch brands beginning with the letter “C.” From classic luxury brands to affordable fashion watches, there is something for everyone.

Also, we have a List of Watch Brands A-Z for those who want to learn about other watch brands. But for now, let’s dive into the world of “C” watch brands.

List of Watch Brands Beginning with C

  1. Calvin Klein
  2. Candino
  3. Carl F. Bucherer
  4. Cartier SA
  5. Casio
  6. Catorex
  7. Cecil Purnell
  8. Century Time Gems Ltd
  9. Certina
  10. Cerutti
  11. Chanel
  12. Charles Jourdan
  13. Charriol
  14. Chaumet
  15. Chopard
  16. Christian Jacques
  17. Christopher Ward
  18. Chronostar
  19. Chronoswiss
  20. Chronotech
  21. Chung Nam
  22. Citizen
  23. Claude Bernard
  24. Clyda
  25. Concord watch
  26. Condor
  27. Corum
  28. Curtis Australia
  29. Cyma Watches
  30. Czapek & Cie.
  31. Konstantin Chaykin

Luxury Watch Brands

Cartier, Chanel, Corum, Concord, Cuervo y Sobrinos, Cecil Purnell, Carl F. Bucherer, Chaumet, Chopard, and Charles Jourdan are some of the most prestigious luxury watch brands that begin with the letter “C.” These brands offer exquisitely crafted timepieces, often decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. These watches are designed to be chosen and worn by celebrities.

Affordable Watch Brands

Casio, Citizen, and Christopher Ward are three popular watch brands offering affordable timepieces without compromising quality. Casio is known for its rugged and durable G-Shock watches, while Citizen is known for its Eco-Drive technology that uses light to power its watches. On the other hand, Christopher Ward offers well-designed and well-made watches at a reasonable price point.

Independent Watch Brands

Clerc, Cyrus, and Czapek & Cie. are three independent watch brands that are relatively lesser-known than other luxury brands. Clerc is a Swiss watchmaker specializing in diving watches, while Cyrus is a boutique brand offering avant-garde designs and complications. Czapek & Cie., on the other hand, is a resurrected brand established in 2012 and has quickly gained a reputation for its unique designs and in-house movements.


Whether you’re looking for a luxury statement piece or an affordable everyday watch, plenty of options are available among watch brands beginning with the letter “C.” From classic and traditional designs to modern and avant-garde styles, there is something for everyone. Researching and choosing a brand that suits your style, preferences, and budget is essential. Do watch brands that start with a certain letter interest you? If yes, then check out our List of Watch Brands A-Z.

Thank you for choosing saatsaz watch and staying with us. Tell us if you know other watch brands starting with the letter “C.”


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