German watches brands list

Whenever we think of high-brand watches, the first thing that comes to mind is the “Swiss Made” mark.

Usually, most high-end watch manufacturers currently working on luxury and innovative timepieces are located in Switzerland.

Although right after the reunion of Germany in the year 1990, this country started basing watchmaking companies, and immediately these companies joined the competition whether in high-built quality or technical inventions.

So we understand that the origin of the watch that we wear daily is vital for us.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the best German watch brands list, we’ll go through the basics of each company, and in the end, we shall select one and elect it the best watchmaker brand in Germany.

So, if you are ready, let’s get started with the article and see what brands have emerged from Deutschland?

But first, let’s get to know wrist timepieces better.

List German Brands Watches

The first watch brands and German watch history.

There is some rich history regarding the very first timepiece.

In 1868, Patek Philippe, a soldier, pilot, and watchmaker, decided to take the timepiece in his house on his wrist.

At the time, the soul purpose of the wristwatches was to indicate time on the battlefield, which then turned into a fashion accessory.

Philippe was a Swiss watchmaker who recorded his name in the Guinness world record book to craft the world’s first wristwatch.

On the other hand, in 1892, a German company started mass-producing the first German wristwatches; this brand was called TUW Ruhla.

After the strong start of this brand, other companies dared to start manufacturing high-end watches; now, after many years, a handful of watchmaking brands in Germany are doing a magnificent job in crafting timepieces.

Now that we are briefly aware of watchmaking history worldwide, we can get to the best German watch brands list.

A list of German watchmaking brands (+5 Famous Companies)

Although Swiss watchmakers earned their status in the world of watchmaking, some other alternatives can take the place of a Swiss-made watch, and in this scenario, it is the German-made that will take over.

Since the beginning, Germans have been doing excellent engineering and automation. However, it took them a tad longer to showcase their talent in the watchmaking industry.

But finally, after they did, some of them were as good as any other Swiss brands.

In this part of the article, we will introduce some German watch manufacturers, so let’s get to it.

1. The Sinn

In the beginning, the Sinn Company’s first activity field was the stock market, and then they got into making aircraft and interior car parts. Still, after some time, this brand took the innovation and made its first chronograph for pilots.

After this breakthrough, this German watchmaking brand started making the UX and Diver series, the specialty for Divers and Astronauts.

The Sinn started its job in the early 1860s, and to this day, they still craft fancy and high-end timepieces.

German Best Watches Brands list

2. MeisterSinger

While every brand in the world was trying to change the origin of wristwatches to something they never were, the MeisterSinger went the other way.

They made high-quality wristwatches for the original purpose of their invention, showing the time.

Until this day, The MeisterSinger crafts elegant yet straightforward timepieces, and they are trying their best to keep the designs simple and practical like they always have.

The most exaggerated for this brand was their chronograph series.

3. Montblanc

Some German watchmaking companies didn’t start their work by purely making watches.

For instance, the Montblanc was famous for its fountain pens, but after the globally burst of the watchmaking industry and components, this company started manufacturing high-quality timepieces.

The only difference is that for making the most critical part of a wristwatch which is the caliber, Montblanc used Swiss manufacturers to create their famous collections such as Timewalker, Star, and Boheme.

4. Junghans

When the other brands were looking for new ideas for their design and contemporary grounds, the Junghans didn’t leave the traditions behind.

When it comes to the interior of these watches, there are a crazy amount of innovations, however, when talking about design, they have been using the same classic format as the day they started crafting wristwatches.

This is one of the German watch brands whose watches have traveled to space and proved functionality in zero-gravity.

5. Lange & Sohne

When talking about German watch brands, unquestionably, A.Lange & Sohne come at the top of the list.

They are proud of themselves for creating the best watches globally, and we have to say that from the models and reviews that we have done on this brand, they are correct.

This company manufactures accurate and well-designed classic watches, and the innovation of movement and functionalities is immaculate.

To this day, A. Lange & Sohne have some luxury watches that are considered old-fashion or classic, as you might say.

These were five of the most famous German watch brands; they all have unique personalities and differences.

When comparing these brands, deciding on the best German watch brand on the list gets quite hard.

Now let’s get to the conclusion of the article, and we will decide which one of the brands we mentioned in this article is the best among them?

The bottom line

This article mentioned some German watch brands excelling in the watchmaking industry.

We cannot judge these brads from their brief history; the right way to determine which brand does the best job crafting timepieces is to read throughout the review and research every brand.

So, the conclusion is that we cannot decide which watch brand is the best one among the German brands, but there is one thing that we can say, German watch companies are as authentic and resourceful as Swiss manufacturers.

Have you ever used any of the “German watches brands list” brands? If you have, we would love to hear about your experiences using these brands on your wrist and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the comment section below this article.


Are Swiss watches better than German watches?

  • Not necessarily. German watchmaking companies are doing a great job, and they are perfectly competing with Swiss brands like Rolex.

Are German Brands expensive?

  • In some of the high-end models considered luxury timepieces, prices would be considerably higher than the others, but overall it depends.

Who made the first German wristwatch?

  • A brand called Ruhla first created the wristwatch calibers and bodies in Germany; you can read the full story in our article.
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