Tudor 70330B Review: Still a good Chronograph watch?

It certainly is not easy to pick a watch from the many watches of Tudor. Today we are here to introduce and review a gorgeous blue chronograph watch. Stay with us at Saatsaz Watch, and we hope you enjoy this Tudor 70330B review. But before learning about the watch, let’s briefly learn about the brand so you get a glimpse of Tudor’s heritage and quality.

The founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, registered Tudor as a sister company in 1926. Initially, Tudor manufactured military-grade and dive watches for navy seals. But in 1946, the company was repurposed, and Tudor started manufacturing more affordable alternatives to Rolex watches. This was the start of Tudor’s independent watch manufacturing and the origin of why it is known as the poor man’s Rolex.

Now that we know the origins of Tudor, it is time to start reviewing the Tudor heritage chronograph 70330B watch.

Tudor 70330B Review

Tudor’s history of vintage chronographs is rich, and their watches have always been a success. Thus, in 2013 they launched the Heritage Collection. The gorgeous Tudor reference 70330B blue watch is among this collection and is a redesigned version of the Tudor Montecarlo ref 7169 watch.


Starting with Tudor 70330B design, this watch’s dial has blue, white, and orange colors combined so perfectly that makes it a pleasure to look at. The luminous pointed hands, along with the orange second hand, run beautifully on the dial. The ref 70330B also has a subtle date window inside the dial at 6 o’clock.


The Tudor ref 7033/0B watch has a durable 42mm stainless steel case with beveled edges that indicate the effort that they put into increasing their watches’ quality. The case is also polished and has a satin finish. The blue bi-directional rotating bezel is used as a second time-zone and is an incredibly rare feature on chronograph watches. A knurled screw down crown and pushers are also there to add to the beauty of this watch, but they are a bit small.


Regarding the technical aspects, the Tudor 70330B watch runs on the Swiss ETA 2892 self-winding mechanical movement with an added chronograph module that can measure up to 45 minutes. Also, the Tudor 70330B’s power reserve is 42 hours which is pretty good.


Tudor 70330B durability is pretty good as this watch has a sturdy and robust case and screw down crown, and the overall construction is top-notch and tight. Also, a scratch-resistant saphire crystal sits on top of the dial. As a result, the Tudor 70330B watch has a water resistance of 150 meters / 500 feet.


The Tudor 70330B comes with a durable steel bracelet that is as comfortable as the Black Bay sports watches. Also, you can choose a colorful fabric strap over the steel one when purchasing.


Overall, the Tudor Heritage blue chronograph ref 70330B watch is an absolute beauty to wear and sturdy enough to withstand everyday use as well as semi-harsh activities. It also has a good third-party movement that runs the watch.

There is also a grey version of this watch named the Tudor ref 70330N that is “almost” as gorgeous as the 70330B… but not quite.


Tudor 70330B Watch Specifications

This part of the Tudor 70330B review is about its specifications.


  • Case Material: Stainless Steel with beveled edges
  • Dial Color: Blue, White, and Orange
  • Movement: Self-winding mechanical ETA 2892
  • Chronograph: DD modular chrono


  • Case Size: 42mm
  • Case Thickness: 13mm


  • Strap Material: Stainless Steel / Fabric
  • Fabric Strap Colors: Blue, White, and Orange stripes


Tudor 70330B Watch Pros and Cons

Every watch has its pros along with some cons, and the Tudor 70330B is no exception.

Tudor 70330B Pros

  • Beautiful vintage look
  • High quality compared to the price
  • Durable case and movement
  • Overall good construction

Tudor 70330B Cons

  • Large in size and not light
  • Modulated chronograph on the movement
  • A bit hard to find


Tudor Heritage Chronograph 70330B Price

As of today, The Tudor 70330B blue watch is around $3500. After all, this watch was made by Rolex’s sister company and is considered “a more affordable Rolex alternative” by the founder himself. As a result, we will always see comparisons of Rolex vs Tudor.

Is it fair that Tudor watches are called poor man’s Rolex but are not really for the poor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


Is the Tudor 70330B watch still worth it in 2023?

Anyone who owns this watch will talk highly of it. This vintage design chronograph will never get old, thanks to its vibrant colors and fabulous design. And its high quality and durability will ensure that the watch will stay true for many years.

If you fancy the Tudor 70330B watch’s aesthetics and found one that is in good condition, be sure that it will be worth it once you get to wear it on your wrist.



Tudor has manufactured many high-quality models since its relaunch. One of their famous collections is the Heritage, which was introduced in 2013. This collection was a redesign of their famous older vintage chronographs. Among this collection, the blue Tudor ref 70330B watch stands out.

We reviewed the blue Heritage Chrono 70330B watch and talked about its amazing design and vibrant colors, as well as its high quality that results in its high durability. This watch is one of those watches that would please any eye that it catches.

Everything has its weaknesses along with its strengths; the Tudor 70330B watch has many strengths and few weaknesses. And if this watch has caught your eye, and you can afford it (of course), go for it.

Our Tudor 70330B review has come to an end. THANK YOU for spending time with Saatsaz Watch. w What is your opinion on the Tudor heritage chronograph 70330B blue watch? Is it still worth it in 2023? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.


Tudor is Tudor 70330B watch water resistant?

Yes, the Tudor 70330B watch is resistant to water for up to 150 meters / 500 feet. This is all thanks to its high-quality design that includes a sturdy stainless-steel case, along with screw-down crown, sapphire crystal and more.

Is Tudor a respectable brand?

Tudor IS a respectable brand for many reasons. Tudor company has been founded by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, and has produced high quality watches, initially for military and marines, ever since its foundation.

Would anyone buy a Tudor watch?

According to the Rolex and Tudor founder Hans Wilsdorf, the Tudor company’s purpose was to make more affordable alternatives to Rolex. In that sense, Tudor has the same philosophy as Rolex, and they manufacture high quality watches that are Rolex alternatives and sell all around the globe. Also, their vintage chronographs are extremely famous among watch enthusiasts.

Who makes movement for Tudor?

It has been less than a decade that Tudor also offered their own in-house movements. But before that, they used to involve third-party movements from ETA, Kenissi, and Valjoux in their watches.

Do people recognize Tudor watches?

They may not be as famous as Rolex or Apple watches, but they have a very rich history, and they are owned by the company that owns Rolex. Among the watch enthusiasts, Tudor watches are very well known for their heritage and quality watches.
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