Hands-on review: Black Bay 58 lug to lug

If you are a watch lover like us, you would appreciate a decent design and a durable body; we mean that there are watches on the market that will make you think of buying them no matter the price.

Today we will discuss a unique watch with many qualities, and we are almost sure that after this review, we will recommend this watch to you.

The Black Bay 58 lug to lug or navy.

This watch is one of the masterpieces of the black bay collection, and this fact has several logical reasons; you have to consider this watch the first and last one you will ever need.

We will be talking about the durability and the design of the watch alongside the fantastic special features that this watch has to offer.

So if you are as ready as we are, let’s tend to the watch and start opening up its pieces to understand the Black Bay 58 lug to lug much better.

Watches review Tudor Black Bay

Overall view of the Black Bay 58 lug to lug

When it comes to a professional watch, we have to look for several factors to be decent because we will be paying a considerable amount of money for these luxury watches, and we have to make sure that they are worth the money that we are spending on them.

The Black Bay 58 lug to lug is one of the best watches in the Black Bay collection, it has lots of features and magnificent design, and the material that the company uses in the body of this watch is pretty durable, and there is no need to worry.

However, this watch is one of the formal watches of this company because, as you can see, the lug and bracelet are not changeable, and you have to use the watch you get.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you cannot wear it in certain situations, you can always wear this watch in calm conditions, and there are no rules that say otherwise.

However, the best use of this watch is actually for formal gatherings and meetings.

In the next section so the article, we will be talking about the durability and the design of the watch to see if this watch is worth buying or not?

After all of those characteristics, you will see another section dedicated to the unique features of the Black Bay 58 lug to lug, and we hope you will enjoy this article just like we did.

We shall begin.


The durability of the Black Bay 58 lug to lug

There is a box of rules in the world of watchmaking that most of the companies, such as Tudor fo0llows, especially on the Black bay collection, and that is the primary material of the watch.

The Black Bay 58 lug to lug uses stainless steel as its primary substance, and the watch’s surface is polished and stained to look better; believe it or not, it impacts the percentage of durability in this watch.

The front glass of the Black Bay 58 lug to lug consists of sapphire crystal which is one of the steadiest options to use in a watch glass; the dial on the watch also uses stainless steel because of the consistency in the brand.

And the last part is that this watch comes in special editions that use other materials like yellow or white gold. However, these watches will look immaculate, but they will not have the durability that stainless steel does.

Therefore you have to get the normal ones if you want durability in a watch.

The bracelet is made from the same metal as the body and the watch’s frame, meaning it won’t fall apart under pressure. However, the fact that this watch is durable doesn’t mean you should test its limits.

The next matter of order is the Black Bay 58 lug design, which we will tend to shortly.

Full review Watches Tudor Black Bay

The design of the Black Bay 58 lug to lug

As you might have guessed, we are very much sense when it comes to the design of a timepiece because we believe that an item you carry on your wrist 24/7 has to have a great plan.

But quite the opposite of our expectations, the Black Bay 58 lug to lug didn’t disappoint us in the design department.

This watch has the same nostalgic formal look, which means you will still preserve that vintage vibe.

The watch’s dial comes in several colors; however, the most popular are navy blue and midnight black; these two colors are the most preferred ones in this collection.

The hands on the watch have extensions that help the look; we think this is an excellent but minor detail.

The watch face is fantastic; it is not perfect because it is still crowded, but overall, it is pretty decent.

The combination of the gold color and the black watch face with the same bezel makes this watch more appealing than ever, and we think that if you are looking for a good design, you have to consider this watch as one of your options.

Now let’s get to the last section of the Black Bay 58 lug-to-lug review, which is the watch’s unique features.

Special features of the Black Bay 58 lug to lug


This watch has some unique features that make it special, but we cannot say that the Black Bay 58 lug to lug is fantastic because many other brands have the same features on their high-end watches.

Let’s see what they are?

  • The first feature that we would like to talk about is the water resistance feature of the Black Bay 58 lug to lug, which can hold up to 200 meters deep into the water, almost as much as the watches like Rolex Submariner.
  • The following is the power reserve option on this watch, which goes up to almost 45 hours after the battery removal or power source is lacking.
  • And the last one that we would like to mention is that this watch has a magnetic resistance quality that will help you to preserve the watch’s health against the magnetic waves, and the exciting part is that these watches can help to protect you as well when it comes to the magnetic locks.

These are some of the features worth mentioning in a watch; let’s get to the article’s end section and summarize the whole statement.

Summing up…

We all do love a decent luxury watch. Usually, we research before getting that specific watch because the prices on these watches are pretty high, and you have to choose carefully.

Ultimately, we recommend the Black Bay 58 lug to lug for individuals who are into the design and durability of vintage and formal watches. Still, if you are looking for innovation, we might suggest other watches from the other brands such as G-Shock.

We hope that the “Hands-on review: Black Bay 58 lug to lug” article will be helpful, and if you have anything to add to this article, you have to contact us via the comment section or the contact page on this website.


Why is the Black Bay 58 lug to lug so expensive?

  • The main reason this watch is expensive lies in the depth of the watch because it is a tough job to create a caliber. These watches are costly.

Is the Black Bay 58 lug to lug durable?

  • The Black Bay 58 lug-to-lug watch uses stainless steel to protect the caliber inside, and in our opinion, this watch is durable enough but not perfect.

Should I buy the Black Bay 58 lug to lug?

  • The choice depends on your liking of a watch; we mean that you have to read the review we did on the Black Bay 58 lug to lug and then decide on getting it but overall, we recommend getting this watch.
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