Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy Watch

Tech giants in the market are trying to grow as many branches as possible. That’s why companies like Samsung decided that producing TVs wasn’t enough, and then they entered the smartphone world.

Just like this, as the time passed, these companies got increasingly advanced, so much so that they started transferring all of that tech and performance into a smartwatch.

We are confident that you have heard about smartwatches on the market, they are intended to boost your daily activities and ease your pressure of the day, and they are a great addition to your workout plans and such.

Today we will discuss a smartwatch produced by Samsung; unlike the Huawei watches we have reviewed, this watch is a high-end smartwatch comparable to the Apple watch series 3 and 4.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch.

This watch was produced in 2017, and we are excited to test out this watch and see if all of the sayings about this watch are accurate?

Will this watch can defeat its nemesis, the Apple watch series 3?

We shall find out; let’s get started.

Overall view of the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Overall view of the Samsung Galaxy Watch
Overall view of the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Smartwatches are fascinating creations; they give you possibilities that you never thought you had, and we are sure that the Samsung Galaxy Watch will impress us along the way of knowing it.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the watches that Samsung created to compete with high–end smartwatches on the market. Still, we can say that while these watches are a tad comparable but they are from different brands, and they have various interior components, so we should not compare them.

The body of the Samsung Galaxy Watch is like the other high-end watches, as durable as possible.

The front glass of the watch is super durable because of the glass that this company uses on this model; this glass has been used in so many durable smartphone displays, and judging by that fact, we can say that this watch will be stable.

On the other hand, the watch’s design is quite lovely, the remarks and exclusive Samsung components make this watch one of the best in the industry, and we might add for a fair price.

And the watch’s interior is as strong as an old laptop, meaning that there are smartphones on the market that lack performance compared to this smartwatch.

So overall, this watch is fantastic; however, we have to dive deeper to give you a definite answer on whether the Samsung Galaxy Watch is worth buying or not?

Body and design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch

We have seen so many smartwatches from many brands, and in the years 2017 and 2018, there was a handful of decent smartwatches, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch was one of them.

The body of this watch is consisted of stainless steel all the way, meaning the frame and the bezel are both made with this metal, and as you know, stainless steel is a reinforced material meaning that this watch is quite durable.

We have to mention that this watch has a circular dial, and overall, the durability of this watch is impressive; we are looking forward to the design of the watch.

The watch’s design is very much alive; we mean that small details set the Samsung Galaxy Watch apart from the other watches, such as a rotatable bezel as an operating handle for the music playing and other tasks on the watch.

The matte finish on this watch gives it a unique personality, and before we forget, the front glass on this watch is made from Gorilla Glass DX+, one of the most durable front glass materials on the globe.

Summing up, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the durable watches you must consider if you want to purchase a smartwatch, and now let’s get to the interior section of the watch.

The interior of the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch

Regarding the watch’s interior, we have to pay attention to some of the components in this watch; however, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has some specifications we would like to start from.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch uses a 472 mAh Li-Ion battery which will last almost one whole day for you, and you can make sure that by the end of the day, you will have enough battery to reach home.

The display on this watch is super AMOLED, one of the high-res screens in the tech world.

The operating system on this watch is the Tizen OS 5.5, which is made for these watches; however, this operating system isn’t that special, but when you combine it with the 1.5 GB RAM and 4 GB internal storage in addition to Dual-Core 1.15 GHz Cortex-A53 CPU and Mali-T720 GPU you will get excellent performance with a 60Hz screen refresh rate.

Overall, the interior of this watch is one of the best in its era.

However, these days technology has advanced, and there are watches on the market that are stronger than a 2015 smartphone; for instance, the refresh rate of the Apple watch series 7 is 120Hz which is a big deal because most phones in the industry don’t use that tech yet.

What do you say we wrap up the article and then get to the end section in which we will give our final feedback on the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

In the end…

We have been testing smart watches since they first came out, and until this day, there are still lots of watches that you have to keep an eye out for because they are amazing.

Some of the older watches in the industry are still up and running because they are well built; keep in mind that in the Samsung series, the Samsung Galaxy Watch was made in 2018, and it is still getting produced, or in the Apple watches the series 3 was the product of 2017, but it is still getting paid.

Overall we can say that this watch is one of the watches you must consider if you are using an Android phone, and if you have a Samsung, this is perfect.

In the end, we are glad that you came with us down this river of reviews on the “Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy Watch,” If you have any feedback on this watch, we would like to hear them in the comment section below.


Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch better than the Apple watch series 3?

  • Nearly they do have the same performance thanks to the exclusive interior components; however, the battery life on the Galaxy Watch is rather more proper than series 3 of Apple.

Why is the Samsung Galaxy Watch cheap?

  • This was one of the first watches that Samsung nailed, and we think they wanted to get into the market, so the prices on this watch aren’t that high.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch better than an analog watch?

  • Depending on your perspective on watches, you can easily compare two of them and decide which one you want the most.
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