Hands-on review: Halios Seaforth

Over time, we started reviewing some of the most high-brand watches on the market.

We talked about the Swiss, German and American watch industries; however, in this article, we are moving to the colorful country of India.

You guessed right. The watch that we will review today is an Indian watch manufactured in Mumbai. At first glance, we were star-struck by the watch’s quality and design, leaving us shocked.

Keep reading to find out more.

By now, we are sure that you are familiar with the Diver collections on every watch brand; the watch we will talk about today is one of the few Indian Diver watches.

The Halios Seaforth.

As you are aware, a diver watch means that it has a high rate of water resistance, and every brand has a name for its Diver collection; for instance, Rolex calls their SubMariner or sea dweller, and Halios calls them Seaforth.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with Halios Seaforth’s review; we hope you are as excited as we are.

Review Halios Seaforth

Overall view of Halios Seaforth

Like any other watches we reviewed on this website, the Halios Seaforth will be going through some extreme steps. Ultimately, we will evaluate all of those steps and factors individually.

However, before getting started on the central part of the review, let’s talk about the Halios Seaforth at first glance.

First of all, there are several sides that we pay attention to when it comes to a specific watch that we are seeing for the first time.

The durability of the Halios Seaforth is excellent and durable; however, this company has done something on the case, the material department that is considered an innovation in the watch industry.

When it comes to the design of the Halios Seaforth, things get complicated; as you know, thousands of watch models are on the market from different brands; however, after some time, the designs start to look like each other.

This is considered a flaw in the company. However, we still haven’t decided on the fate of the design section of the Halios Seaforth.

Keep reading until the design section to learn more about this watch’s design.

The following parameter we would like to discuss is this watch’s unique features; however, let us tell you that you should not expect much from the Halios Seaforth in the features department.

At first glance, this watch seems like a decent piece of the wristwatch, and the price of this product is much lower than we expected.

You have a general vision of the Halios Seaforth at this point, but let’s get into a detailed review and analyze this watch more precisely.

The durability of the Halios Seaforth

As we mentioned in the introduction of the article, this brand took action to get ahead of some of the other brands, and we think that this is why the Halios Seaforth is the best Indian brand in the world.

We know that using stainless steel over titanium is intelligent because it is lighter and less expensive. Yet, it does not have the durability of titanium.

Finally, you don’t have to be obligated to the material the brand presents.

There are three series of Halios Seaforth, and each one has an option for the primary material, meaning you can choose either stainless steel for your primary substance or titanium.

Having options on your watch is a huge plus point for us.

The second act is the front glass consisting of double-domed sapphire crystals; it is durable and scratch-resistant.

A fun fact about the sapphire crystal is that the following more complex substance is diamond!!!

Although the front glass isn’t the only component, Halios Seaforth uses sapphire crystals.

There are two bezels on these models, both made from sapphire; this is the first time any company has ever used crystals on their watch bezel.

All of these suggest that Halios Seaforth’s durability is decent, and you can probably use it in extreme conditions. However, we don’t recommend doing so.

The next section of the article is the design of the Seaforth, and we can’t wait to get to this section; what do you say we start?

Full review Halios Seaforth

The design of the Halios Seaforth (special features)

As you are familiar with our beloved design style, let’s start with the Halios Seaforth.

First, let’s start with the bezel and the dial.

There are two kinds of bezels on these models:

  • Fixed bezels
  • Rotatable bezels

As their name suggests, one of the bezels with a rotatable bezel showcases a 12-hour parameter; however, it can be rotated to adjust a second timeline.

The other bezel also has the 12-hour numerals; however, it cannot be rotated.

The dial on the Halios Seaforth includes a wide range of colors, all stunning, but our favorite color of the dial is pastel blue. There are no numerals on the watch face. Instead, there are lines with luminance light on them and watch hands.

The straps on the Halios Seaforth are our favorite part of this watch because this company uses leather as straps and the classic look of these watches combined with the luxury of leather is a plus point, for sure.

Overall the design of the Halios Seaforth is decent; however, it is not perfect and has many ways to go.

Because there are not that much of special features on this watch, we will be listing them right here:

  • The Halios Seaforth being a diver watch, has a water-resistance rate of 20 bars, meaning that it can be under 200 meters of water pressure and still be okay.
  • The luminance light on the watch details and watch hands are a unique touch; however, it is done on every watch nowadays and is not that special.
  • The rotating bezel on the Halios Seaforth has almost 120 stops, and it is only rotatable in one direction; you can say it is unidirectional.
  • This watch also has a rate of 40 hours of power reserve option, which is a plus point for an entry-level luxury timepiece; in other words, you can remove the battery from the watch and keep working.
  • The anti-reflective coating on the front glass makes it much easier to look up the time on your watch.

By this point of the article, we know everything about the Halios Seaforth, and we will be getting to the conclusion to see if this watch is worth spending on or even considering?


As you know, we usually review Swiss watches on this website; however, in this particular article, we discussed an Indian company founded in 2009.

The watch that we discussed today was the Halios Seaforth.

A diver watch from the heart of Mumbai.

The durability of this watch was marvelous; however, the design was not so much; the creation of this watch was decent enough but not the perfect design we have ever seen.

But you cannot get anything better for the low price of $690. The low price combined with the characteristics of this watch almost makes it decent for everyone trying to get a budget watch.

We are glad you came with us until this point; we hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did.

You can use the comment section to reach us if you have anything to add to the “Hands-on review: Halios Seaforth” article.

Halios Seaforth Watch review


Is the Halios a Swiss brand?

  • No, the Halios is an Indian brand founded by only one person in 2009, and since they have been producing decent entry-level watches.

Are the Halios watches expensive?

  • No, most models on the Halios collections are budget watches, meaning their price is usually lower than $2,000.

Is the Halios Seaforth worth buying?

  • It depends; some may think there are not enough features or design specialties to acquire this watch; however, you must read the review article and decide for yourself.
5/5 (1 Review)

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