Hands-on review: Richard Mille RM010

Enormous, exquisite, and fabulous, these words must describe the Richard Mille products.

Being one of the most successful and dominant brands of wristwatches globally, the Richard Mille and the RM010 historical are undoubtedly the gems in Mille’s crown.

The RM010 historical is one of the most impeccable models that have seen the face of the earth.

With the endurance of Mount Olympus and the design of the Brooklyn Bridge, this wristwatch is simply the best.

So if you are as excited as we are, let’s review this watch.

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  • Overall view
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Features, pros & cons
  • Ultimately

Are you ready to travel through an exciting review?

richard mille rm010 reading

Overall view

The RM010 is a beast of a watch. Simply the design and the material used in this watch make it immaculate.

This model was released in 2006 and was included in the historical collection because the executives said that this model had so many nostalgic features and resemblances.

After a quick review on our side considering the high price of this model, if you fall in love with the RM010, it is worth investing in.

Everything combined with the moving mechanism and the delicate details implemented in this watch has never been seen before.

Let’s start and talk about more intricate parts of the RM010.


The RM010 has the 2006 model RMAS7 caliber movement system that allows this watch to deal with many things that Are going on inside it.

The body and the frame of this model are a mix of 4% vanadium, 6% aluminum, and 90% grade 5 titanium.

The titanium in the mixture of the RM010’s body and frames makes it close to invincible a dependable against any unpleasant situations.

The front panel on this watch contains eight screws that keep the panels in place.

Some limited models of RM010 use 18K white gold as their main ingredient, but we are reviewing the standard model.

The front glass consists of sapphire and temper glass, which is immune to both shock and heat, and the back case and panel use the same glass as the front; this means that the back part of the RM010 is visible and can be seen.

Richard Mille’s bracelets in most models are made from pure silicon and anti-rash substances; a few models use metal bracelets.

The method used to make the body of RM010 is the same method used in Formula 1 car to reach the maximum capacity in endurance; for example, you put this model on solid concrete and apply 3 tons of pressure wonts break. This is a tremendous deal for a wristwatch.

The watch hand and the crown are also made of titanium.


We are excited to cite the design details of RM010 to you; let’s get to it.

We’ll start with the dial. The fact is that this model doesn’t have a dial, and the numbers are, in fact, on the front glass; instead of the dial, we have a pretty magnificent view of the moving gears and all of the interior.

If you pay close attention to the watch, you can see how much work and delicacy it took to make something this beautiful.

There are a few exclusive carvings on the back panel, such as the serial number, model, and brand. Unique versions of RM010 even have some diamonds on them that are very expensive and singular.

And some other remarkable versions of this watch use concentrated silicon instead of a normal one, and it’s more durable and permanently matte; this is a design quality that has so much reputation, although this option is only available in some limited editions.

The font format used in the numerical order on the face of the RM010 is exclusive to Richard Mille, and they use this font on most models.

However, you can find some exceptions that maybe are a product of collaboration or some unique collection.

Let’s cut the design for now and tend to the features.

richard mille rm010 review

Features, pros & cons

We will not see that much of a feature presentation on the RM010, but some things are worth mentioning.

This watch has a dual calendar system, therefore month and date.

The RM010 is water-resistant up to 20 meters for 45 minutes; this might be one of the downsides to this watch. When you spend big money on a watch like this, you expect it to be waterproof for all that matters.

Yet, the rate of being water-resistant of this model isn’t that low, and it’s reasonable.

Let’s see a chart for the final part of this review:

Pros Cons
Solid as a mountain Outdated system
Ergonomic design Not waterproof
The front glass Big in size
Anti-rash bracelet Metal bracelets not available
The moving caliber Not magnetic resistant

Based on the pros and cons and all the facts that we talked about, let’s conclude the article and see in one sentence, is the RM010 worth buying?


Richard Mille’s RM010 historical is unquestionably a fancy and unique watch.

However, based on the pros and cons, we recommend buying this product for those who have spare cash and intend to use it on a fancy piece of wearable item.

Otherwise, if you are looking for something more casual, this may not be your daily watch.

The size of RM010 makes it hard to overlook, and this is an annoying fact for most people. Therefore, it’s not suitable for those individuals.

But, these phrases were purely based on the review and pointing out the facts; you may enjoy a big flashy watch on your wrist or feel an exceptional affection towards this particular watch.

Hopefully, this article could capture all the aspects of this watch, the good and bad.

And we are looking forward to another review on other series of the Richard Mille series; if you encounter any questions regarding the RM010, please let us know in the comment section.


5/5 (1 Review)

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