Hands-on Review: Seiko Cocktail series

“From a cocktail bar to your wrist.”

This I the quote that Seiko uses to describe its new series called the Seiko Cocktail series.

Many companies manufacture high-end watches, such as Rolex or Omega, but they are terrifying regarding price.

Meanwhile, the Grand Seiko, a Japanese company, is changing the high-end wristwatch world.

Today, we will talk about watches that cost less than a Swiss watch but offer the same features and built quality.

The cocktail series is a part of another series called presage.

These watches were inspired by the cocktails you can find in any bar, and every piece of this collection is as precise as the others.

If you are ready for this exciting review, get ready, and we shall start.

Hands-on Review Seiko Cocktail series

Overall view of the Seiko Cocktail series

One of the things that you have to know about the Seiko cocktail series is that they originated from Tokyo.

Some say that designers were attending a party and then came across the idea of crafting a timepiece inspired by the cocktails and their personality.

This series has several models like Grasshopper, Blue Moon, Blue Acapulco, etc.

Every single model in this series is unique, and we will review them in a general order to capture all of the aspects of this collection.

The design and color on these models have significant differences, while the durability side of the story remains the same when you look through another model in this collection.

The shape of the glass and circular bezel gives these watches a formal vibe, and we confidently can say that this is the watch we would wear at a gathering or a luxury party.

The low price on Seiko Cocktail watches models make them even better.

Imagine having all the fancy watch qualities for just 1/10 of the price, unbelievable.

Now let’s get to the detailed section of the article. The first aspect that we will review is the durability of these watches, so let’s start.

The durability of the Seiko Cocktail series

We analyzed some of the modes in the Seiko Cocktail series, and they did not disappoint us.

Some severe modifications to these watches are pretty hard to believe.

Let’s talk about the material.

Most of the Seiko Cocktail collection models use stainless steel as their primary material, and this steel goes up to the frame, back case, and bezel.

Unlike most companies that offer lower prices, Seiko has made several limited edition watches, and even in this series, there is a model called margarita and the sidecar.

These two models are a part of a special edition of the cocktail series; they are made from grade 5 titanium for the case and the back case and reinforced steel for the bezel.

The glass on these models is usually sapphire crystal with a box design; let us explain what a box design glass is.

If you look at these watches from the side, you will see that the glass on the dial is curved upwards. In other words, it’s shaped like a box; we might add that this curve is not that big. It is slightly curved, which increases the durability of the glass.

The same glass is used in most models’ back cases, which means that the caliber is more compromised while it looks good.

However, this is not a big deal; the back case is covered with your wrist when wearing a watch.

Overall the durability of the Seiko Cocktail collection is a solid 8 out of 10.

Considering that you need to pay much less than the other brands, this collection delivers durability expectations.

Now to the next section of the article, which is our favorite.

The design.

The design of the Seiko cocktail series

The first time we studied the Seiko Cocktail collection, we were surprised.

There are so many models with different designs, but one of them attracted our attention: the Mockingbird.

As we mentioned before, the Mockingbird is a green cocktail, and the Seiko reflected its beauty over this cocktail into their wristwatch.

These watches share the most common designs of the dials and the hands-on dial.

If you observe closely, the hands have curved in the end, right on the spot where the glass starts winding, which is a clever and excellent detail.

The colors on the dial are alive and life-like; these colors definitely can please everyone that they encounter.

A glass on the back case will allow you to see through it into the caliber.

The circular silver dial on these watches is bright and charming, although some models have a darker shade of frame and case; in our opinion, it would be better than pure silver.

Overall the Seiko Cocktail collection gets a 7 out of 10 in the design section.

The design on these models is delicate, but some critical points like the matte glass or the luminance light on the hands are missing.

The next part is the features section; let’s see what this collection offers.

Hands-on Review Seiko Cocktail series

The features of the Seiko Cocktail series

Judging from the Seiko Cocktail collection price, we manage our expectations from these models; let’s see how Seiko will perform.

Let’s start with a standard but valuable key factor: water-resistant quality.

These watches have a water-resistant rate of 5 bars, in other words, 50 meters profound.

Having this amount of water resistance is more than enough for everyday use. However, if you decide one day that you want to become a diver and get under the water and travel 200 meters deep, you will need another alternative.

These models have most up to 40 hours of power reserve which shocked us for this price owning a watch with a power reserve rate is immaculate.

The next part is the special edition collections that Seiko creates in collaboration with companies like caviar. Gold, titanium, and black diamonds are possible when collaborating with caviar.

But overall, the standard models of the Seiko Cocktail series are worth it. These options that we cited are usually for fancy watches over $5000, yet this collection with the price of $300-$600 is an excellent deal.

Now let us get to the end of the article and see if this watch is worth buying.

At last,

This article discussed the 2010 Tokyo-inspired watch collection, the Seiko cocktail series.

The performance of these series is above average for a low-priced watch that feels like an expensive watch when you are wearing it.

One thing that we didn’t mention in the article is the straps of these series that can differ from leather to metal based on the model.

If you are thinki9ng about purchasing a timepiece from this collection, we suggest that first, you study the entire review article that we offered you, and then you will be making the right decision.

We are pleased that you stayed with us until the last words.

If you have any additional questions regarding the “hands-on review: Seiko Cocktail series” article, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the comment section below; we would love to hear your thoughts about this article; write away your critics, and we will be addressing them ASAP.


Is Grand Seiko a cheap brand?

  • Depending on the watch model, these watches can go from $200 to almost $50,000. But in this article, we talked about one of the moderately priced models and its outstanding quality.

How many watches does the Seiko Cocktail collection have?

  • The Seiko presage cocktail series include the exact number of 16 models, which are pretty different from each other.

Is The Grand Seiko a Swiss company?

  • No, Seiko is a Japanese company located in Tokyo, to be exact, but their manufacturers are spreader across the country.
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