How much is a Paul Jardin watch worth? – Authentic or Scam?

There are many watch brands that used to have a spark, but their light faded quickly. Today we will talk about a watch brand that you probably have never heard of the name, and you wouldn’t have if you didn’t come this way. We didn’t know about the existence of this watch brand too until today, and then we found out that their price can get as low as $5!!!!! Its Paul Jardin watch brands.

But seriously, how much is a Paul Jardin watch worth? Paul Jardin watch prices vary between $5 to almost $200. It depends on how much the seller rips off.

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How much is a Paul Jardin watch worth?

Paul Jardin is considered a “mushroom watch brand”. These types of watches come and go on the online market extremely fast. They are cheap watches coming off as very expensive, but their names will only exist for a short while, then never again.

With that said, unfortunately, Paul Jardin’s watch value is not very much.


Paul Jardin Watch Review

You may have yet to hear the Paul Jardin brand’s name, but it owns its place in the mushroom watch brand category. Most online watch markets attract people who know little about timepieces to buy Paul Jardin. It’s not considered a luxury watch, and we can’t even compare it to good-quality timepieces as this watch isn’t worth it. But remember that everyone has their own taste, and collecting unused vintage watches at home is always fun.

All of the Paul Jardin watches are quartz wrist and pocket watches and most of them are nameless.
Some of their watches that actually have a name include:
• Paul Jardin Capricorn
• Paul Jardin Two Tone
• Paul Jardin Silver Tone

Overall, purchasing this timepiece is not a rational thing to do unless you like to gather a collection of vintage watches such as Paul Jardin. Also, this timepiece runs on the Japan movement system, and some sellers add a higher price tag on them because of that.

Paul Jardin Watches Price

They don’t have a real value, and the price tag is determined by sellers. Maybe in the future, they will become rare, and their worth will increase, but not anytime soon. Today Paul Jardin Watches cost between $50 to $100.

Paul Jardin quartz watch prices

Secondhand vintage Paul Jardin quartz watches’ prices start as low as $5 and can go up to $200. But remember to check the study, the address bar and the URL, and investigate the online shop’s privacy policy before buying anything.

Paul Jardin pocket watch prices

Paul Jardin puts an interesting name over cheaply-made timepieces and trades them at great deals so that someone whose not into watches buys them. They can be bought for $15 at minimum from auctions or online retail shops such as eBay.


Paul Jardin automatic watches are non-existent!

It’s interesting to mention that if anybody tries to sell u automatic Paul Jardin watches, it’s a scam. Automatic Paul Jarding doesn’t even exist, and anyone who tells you the opposite is trying to sell you a fake timepiece. Read our stuff so u can have better knowledge and judgment when faced with a retail seller 😀



We have come to the end of the Paul Jardin’s watch review; as we mentioned above, this timepiece doesn’t have that much value, and it can only be good for vintage watch collectors and enthusiasts. Other than they are not worth anything. So to the question, How much is a Paul Jardin watch worth? We can say that don’t spend your money on something that is most likely a scam. Paul Jardin watch prices are very low, but some online watch markets put a high price tag on it.

Thank you for being with Saatsaz Watch. We assure people that we bring you nothing but our honest opinion about different wristwatches. What’s your opinion about this timepiece? Have you had a Paul Jardin before? Tell us in the comment section.


Are Paul Jardin watches good?

Paul Jardin watches can only be good for vintage watch collectors and enthusiasts. other than they are not worth anything.

How is Paul Jardin watches prices?

Paul Jardin watch prices vary between $5 to almost $200. It depends on how much the seller rips off. Becarfull for online watch market scams.

Are Paul Jardin watches water resistant?

No, it is almost impossible for Paul Jardin watches to be water resistant. Paul Jardin is known to be a “mushroom brand” and there is not much detail about their watches. Their watches are extremely cheap and unvaluable which make it impossible to believe that they are water resistant. Any claims of Paul Jardin watches’ water resistant might be scams.
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