Top 10 Orient Men’s Watches 2022

Fancy watches are delightful and collecting them can be one of the best feelings you can ever experience. Imagine opening up the drawer in your room and encountering several high-end watches sitting in excellent condition. They are made for men and women; however, some companies intend to make unisex watches because of the new policies. In this article, we will be talking about some of the best watches from the Orient men’s watches.

The Orient is one of the high-end brands that we are sure you will love.

We will discuss the top 10 best Orient watches for men on the market and give an explanation about every watch so you will better know them. By the end of this article, you will know what watch is the most suitable for you.

Before we introduce the best Orient men’s watches of 2022, we would like to tell you about what gives Orient it’s edge.


What makes the Orient watches special?

Every watch brand has its unique tech that would make them special compared to the other brands, and this is why they are trying to top each other every day to compete for the best in the market.

However, these differences sometimes are regarded as factors like price and design, which are just as good. While you have to love that watch that you intend to get, you have to pay attention to some factors that also matter for example a decent design, features, and the price of the watch is one of them.

Meanwhile, the Orient men’s watches and their collections are rather high in quality and decent in design; however, when you look at the prices on these models, you will be shocked!

Because we have gathered so many watches and reviewed many timepieces, we understand what a good deal is considering watches.

We have thoroughly searched some of the Orient collections’ models and paid attention to the details. Overall, we have discovered that his company’s movements and materials are grade B, meaning they are one step away from becoming the market’s best.

But, while you have to pay more than $100,000 for grade A watches, you will only pay around $200 for the Orient men’s watches.

Now let’s see the list of the top 10 Orient men’s watches of 2022 and their explanation.

Top 10 best Orient Men's Watches 2022

Top 10 best Orient men’s watches of 2022

our list of the best deals from Orient watches for men consist of:

1. Orient classic RA-AC0M02B

The first watch that we have to talk about is a classic watch.

This model of the classic collection is the best watch to represent its name because the watch’s design was one of the first watches that this company has ever made, meaning the arrangement is something of a pure classic.

A plain and simple dial with no numerals also creates a decent minimalism effect. you can buy the Orient clasic RA-AC0M02B watch for around $250.

If you are interested in classic watches, make sure to read our “Best Classic Watches to Buy in 2022” article.

2. Orient classic RA-AC0M04Y

This watch is also one of the company’s classics, and there are lots of these watches made, meaning that you can find the sealed ones for a reasonable price.

This watch is almost identical to the last one. Besides the movement visibility from the back case and the gold color of the watch, the material on this model is a tad different than the others.

this watch is available in the market for $260.

3. Orient classic mechanical RA-AC0021L

This watch’s shape and overall design are like the others; however, the watch’s dial has changed.

Instead of standard Arabic Numeral, this watch uses Greek metrics, which makes the watch look more authentic and valuable.

the market has a value of $230 for this watch.

4. Orient classic RA-AP0005B

As the name suggests, this watch is also one of the classics, but with a slight twist; if you look at the watch’s dial, you will see that something looks like another watch hand and dial.

This is the same second hand of the watch; however, they have changed the position of the watch.

This watch’s price is around $170.

5. Orient classic rose gold AC08001T

Again, as the model’s name suggests, this watch is made from rose gold metal, and it looks magnificent, and if you are into bright-colored watches, this might be a decent option for you.

you can buy this watch for around $160.

Top 10 best Orient Men's Watches 2022

6. Orient classic gold AC08002F

This watch looks like the basic model of the classic watches; however, the watch’s dial has a mild green and black gradient, and we think it looks fantastic… especially for the younger generations.

this watch is available in the market for $160.

7. Orient classic metal RA-AS0002B

Unlike the other watches considered formal and casual, this watch is different because of the all-steel bracelet and case; this watch looks much more traditional.

Also, the dial of the watch contains a calendar and a moon phase which is a nice touch for a look at this price range.

the market has a value of $260 for this watch.

8. Orient classic leather moon phase AK00004B

Just like the last one, the dial of this watch is quite comp0lex with all kinds of features, and in addition, this watch has natural leather as the watch straps, which is a great point to have.

This watch’s price is around $280.

9. Orient classic AK00005D

This watch is for those who do not like to stick to only white and black watches and want something more elegant.

The watch’s color, plus the dial’s details, makes this watch a piece worth reading about.

you can buy this watch for around $100.

10. Orient classic AA05003B

The metal bracelet with small pieces and the calendar on the dial is the old fashion way, meaning that this watch represents the watches that you would see on the wrist of your grandpa when you were a baby.

this watch is available in the market for $200.


These were the list of the ten best Orient men’s watches on the 2022 market; make sure to read about each of these models.


Orient is one of the cheapest high-end watchmaking companies, and the products they produce are very affordable.

Keep in mind that just because this company sells cheap watches, it doesn’t mean that these watches are of lousy quality.

In this article, we talked about some of the best Orient men’s watches on the market, and we spoke of the unique sides of every watch; if you want to know even more about these watches, the only thing you have to do is search for them in our website.

In the end, we are happy that you stuck around until the end of the “Orient Men’s Watches – Top 10 Men’s Orient Watches 2022” article, and we cannot wait to hear about all the suggestions and feedback you have for us.

Keep in touch using the comment section below or the contact page.


Are the Orient watches good?

  • Yes, compared to these watches’ price tags, they are relatively high-end. You can learn more about their top 10 best watches on this article.

Where is the Orient watch company from?

  • This organization was founded in 1950 in Japan. However, the most extensive manufacturing line of this company is in Switzerland.

Which one is better, Orient or Seiko?

  • Both watches are from the same company; however, Seiko would be the better option when compared. Although, “You” have to love the watch, meaning you have to prefer which one is the best for you.
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