Hands-on review: Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph

Most American watch brands focus on the flow of time.

It means that when it needs to be a significant change in the structure and the design of the watches, they do so without hesitation.

However, Hamilton didn’t like to abandon the traditions of the vintage era and wanted modernity as well; some would say that combining these two would be impossible and absurd.

But Hamilton proves them all wrong.

Today’s review is an exceptional example of the modernity and vintage aspects of wristwatches.

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph.

Since 1892 when Hamilton started working on fine and luxury timepieces, the tradition is still alive, and they are trying their best to keep it that way.

In this article, we will discuss little details of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph to see whether it can compete with Swiss brands or not?

Full review Hamilton jazzmaster chronograph

Overall view of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph

At first glance, the Jazzmaster collection seems like a casual and everyday collection; however, why do they call it the Jazzmaster?

Let us tell you a story:

There is a city in Louisiana called New Orleans. While it is one of the deadliest cities in America, there is a rich history to this city.

There is a cemetery in this city called the French quarter, since many years ago when someone dies in this city, they get buried there and then there will be a jazz festival to honor their memory.

This is how they tribute to the past, with music and precision.

The story of the Jazzmaster collection gets inspired by this story.

The Jazzmaster watches are beyond vintage and beyond modernity. The precision and design might be plain, but the thought behind the watches is on point.

The durability of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph is at a decent rate; considering the price and the material they could use, this would be the best possible scenario.

Aside from the fact that the design of the watches has small details that will impress you, the creation of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph is much similar to some of the Swiss watches, such as the Jaeger Lecoultre Master Control Date.

However, the features of this watch can be considered as well put.

Now let’s get to the primary section of the article and discover every inch of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph review.

The durability of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph

Like most other global brands, Hamilton tries to keep its watches light while making them durable.

We all know that to keep a wristwatch light, you must use a suitable material, and that’s what Hamilton did.

The front and back case of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph is made from stainless steel, and the straps in this model are divided into two sections:

Leather bracelets and metal ones.

In our opinion, using a metal bracelet would be more efficient if you were looking for durability; however, if it’s the style you are looking for, the leather straps are for you.

The front glass in the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph consists of Sapphire crystals and the rear case glass.

Yes, this model has an opening in the back.

Overall the durability of the watch is decent and suitable for everyday use.

Now let’s get to the next chapter, which is the design of the Hamilton Jazzmaster.

Hamilton jazzmaster chronograph

The design of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph

As we said, there is a debate whether the design of the Hamilton is as exceptional as we thought?

Let’s see if it is.

One of the things that we very much liked at first glance at this watch is the thin bezel; however, we don’t want a big deal, but the main point is when it comes to bad and worst, we will be going with bad.

The thin bezel is a much better feature than the small dial.

If you love big watch dials, this watch is for you.

The thin body and silver finishing gives the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph a new look.

The dial and the watch hands are also in silver, meaning there is a pretty consistency in the whole watch.

The leather strap is a fantastic addition to the style of this watch, and the rear case glass, which shows the caliber, makes it even more beautiful.

If you are looking for a light thing and minimal watch, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph should be one of your options.

Now let’s move on to the features of the Hamilton Jazzmaster, shall we?

Special features of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph

This automatic watch uses the H-12 caliber, one of the most accurate calibers.

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph is a water-resistant watch up to almost 10 bars or 100 meters deep.

The other feature we like is the power reserve mode of the watch. This allows the wristwatch to continue working even after the battery is removed.

The open back case is an excellent opportunity to observe the elegance and the beauty of the caliber, which is powering the watch system and making it show the time for you.

Several spikes on the dial are made from the actual silver, meaning they consist of silver and not just the color.

Now we move on to the last section, the conclusion.

In the end…

Today we learned that the American spirit is helping all these brands to bring out the best in a wristwatch, metaphorically.

Hamilton is one of the American-based companies in Switzerland, but the company’s roots go way back to America.

This watch would be suitable for those who don’t want to spend a lot on a luxury watch yet want that satisfactory feeling of a luxury watch.

The price of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph starts at around $900 and goes up to $1,200.


In the end, we are happy that you stayed with us until the end of the article.

If you have additional feedback about the “Hands-on review: Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph” article, let us know in the comment section.


How many models does the Hamilton Jazzmaster have?

  • In total, 159 models have been released in the Jazzmaster collection, but today we discussed the Jazzmaster Chronograph.

Is Hamilton a decent watch brand?

  • Based on the prices and the reviews we did today, we can say that this watch is a decent one.

Where is the main base of Hamilton watches?

  • Originally Hamilton was founded in America, Pennsylvania; however, after many years, they decided to move to the capital of watchmak8ing, Switzerland.
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