How to Tell if a Rolex Submariner is Real?

When deciding to buy an expensive watch, you will think about so many factors, and when you are getting these watches at an official store, you will be sure that it is authentic.

But when you get a second-hand watch from someone who has used it, you have to check a couple more things because scammers will sell you fake watches at the real deal’s price.

We think the best way is to always check before buying so you won’t have any regrets.

In this article, we will discuss the Rolex Submariner and tell you the techniques and knowledge that will help you know which watch is real and which is fake.

Remember that these watches can cost a fortune, so you have to make sure they are real and not fake; luckily, many brands use some signature moves on the products that differentiate them from counterfeit products.

These distinguishing marks are unique because no fake brand can get them.

So, let’s get started and see how to tell if a Rolex Submariner is real.

How to Tell if a Rolex Submariner is Real

Why should you know what fake watches are?

As you know, sometimes some brands and watches are too expensive to buy for some people, and therefore they will not be able to satisfy their needs.

However, some individuals figured this fact out and tried to make a carrier out of it.

They would create a replica of these products with less quality and authenticity; however, they are very cheap; imagine if a genuine Rolex were like $3000, the fake version of the watch would be $300.

This is the difference, and the exciting fact is that these brands are not doing anything wrong they are open about it that they’re copying the work of other brands with less quality, and the buyers also know that.

But because sometimes these replicas get too real, some individuals we call scammers would use this opportunity actually to scam people with fake watches.

They would sell you the fake watches at the price of the original watch, and when you go to sell it, you will figure out the damage.

This is why you must always know the distinguished points that help you identify an original watch from a fake.

Now that you know why you should know the facts that we are about to present, you will have to read the complete article to get everything you might need.

So, let’s get to the net section of the statement ad talk about the list of the ways that you can use to tell if a Rolex Submariner is fake or real.

Let’s get going, shall we?

How to Tell if a Rolex Submariner is Real

How to tell if a Rolex Submariner is authentic?

This watch is one of the great in the Rolex collections and has a lot of value. However, there are fakes on the market, but you already know that.

In this section of the article, we will tell you about some points you can discover on the watch that guarantee that this watch is 100% real.

So, if you are ready, let’s get on the list, shall we?

  • The front glass

You must first figure out standing in direct sunlight; these watches use sapphire crystals for their front dial glasses. Therefore when direct sunlight touches the glass, it will take a blue tone; however, it will be hard to see.

But the fake ones reflect the sun, but the real glass will reflect the sun with a blue hue.

  • Bezel engravings

Rolex uses its special machines to make some of these distinctive aspects.

The bezel of a Rolex watch will have engravings that determine the watch’s serial number or the limited number, and Rolex does all of these with their special CNC machines, so no other company will be able to pull this off.

The real watch has very surfaced engravings, but the fake ones have a deeper engravement; this is the key to identifying the fake.

  • Laser work

The glass of the Rolex watches has the laser engraved Rolex logo on them; however, just like the bezel of the watch, there is a difference between these two, but it is subtle, so you have to pay more attention.

The logo on the fake watch is more visible and deeply engraved into the glass.

But the real one will not be that visible and on the surface.

Make sure to get under an artificial light where the engravement on the glass will be most visible, and use the techniques we have taught you to identify a fake Rolex from a real one.

Now that you have the list of things you must check the next time you are shopping for Rolex Submariner watches online or outside.

And remember that scammers are everywhere these days; for instance, the next time you are in a pawn shop, remember these rules and factors.

Now let’s get to the end of the article and finish off.

At the end…

Fancy watches have many enthusiasts these days. However, some of these watches are way too expensive for some people to get even if they are second-hand, but there are watches precisely like the original ones but at a lower price, in a way that is affordable for all.

This is a fact that some scammer uses to make money; however, this article discusses how to tell if a Rolex Submariner is fake.

Then we have answered with ways that you can use to avoid any fake watches that come your way.

So, in the end, we are glad that you decided to stay until the future in the “How to Tell if a Rolex Submariner is Real?” article, and we hope that you will use this information in the best way possible.


Why buy expensive Rolex watches?

  • Some individuals like expensive watches and the feeling that it has but mostly, they can be for investment and personal love, and we think it is worth the money you are spending.

Where should I buy a Rolex?

  • We will advise you to use two places: the Rolex shops and the official website. The rest is a personal preference, so get your Rolex from one of these options.

Are fake Rolex watches expensive?

  • No, they’re relatively cheap; however, they have less quality than the real deal, so make sure to weigh all aspects and then decide on getting them.
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