Hands-on review: San Martin Flinger Watch

We all do love having an expensive watch around our wrist.

It boosts our confidence and gives us the courage to walk in fancy crowds. However, there comes a problem with wanting a luxury wristwatch, and they are expensive.

Today, we have wristwatches that are much more expensive than a house; it sounds absurd.

But what if you deeply love and care for these types of watches?

What if we would tell you that there is a way that you can have all of these hefty watches for a couple of hundred dollars?

Today, the article’s topic is a particular company that will help you get the mint condition and even sometimes brand new watches of your dream for a significantly lower price. They have a specific model that we are willing to review: The San Martin Flinger or Pilot.

We shall begin the article and see what excellent opportunities this company offers us.

You will read:

  • Overall view
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Special features
  • On the whole

If you would like to own a fair-priced fancy wristwatch, keep reading with us until the end of this article.

Review San Martin Flieger

Overall view

As we mentioned in the intro about the so expensive watch, San Martin is a Chinese company that retails, designs, and makes high-end wristwatches; the model maybe we have on our hands today is the San Martin Flinger; if you search for this model on the internet, you won’t find it let us tell you why.

The word “Flinger” translates to “made for pilots or aircraft operators”; therefore, the flinger is just a title for this model, and if you want to buy it, you have to replace the word flinger with the pilot.

Therefore this model can be called the San Martin Pilot.

Back to the flinger, if you have seen some classic brands of watchmakers like Rolex or Omega, you are pretty familiar with the structure, yet this company isn’t an old one. It is a very young brand.

It was founded in 2016.

The San Martin flinger is a classic; looking at the design, the built quality, and many other factors indicates that the traditional models inspired this watch in other brands.

But the most impressive side of this model is how much it costs, considering the quality and features.

Usually, fancy watches start their price at $3,000, and it can go up to $150,000, but when talking about this model, you will need much less cash to acquire this fantastic flinger.

Now let’s dive into the tests and part-by-part reviews on the San Martin Flinger watch.


Unlike most brands that use materials like titanium or ceramic in their watch-making process, San Martin went differently.

This model uses stainless steel as its mainframe and case material, but again steel is pretty much durable itself, but we cannot compare it to substances like titanium.

Considering the price (we will tell you in the article), this is not a big deal because metals like titanium or aluminum are very high prices materials.

The bezel around the dial is circular and is blended into the case, meaning the only way to open this watch is from the case back with special tools; this condition proves another fact that the san Martin Flinger is most likely water-resistant.

The glass in the front dial is made of sapphire crystal which would be a plus point for this model. Besides, the anti-reflective coating on the dial glass makes observing the watch in the light of day way more manageable.

The straps in this model come in two forms that you can choose when buying the product, one is metal straps same as the case it is made from stainless steel and the second one is leather.

It would be evident that the steel can handle much more pressure than the leather strap, but you have to get what you like, and it should be by your preferences.

Overall when we talk about durability, you get what you pay for. In our experience, a watch with this range of price should have much less durability, but the San Martin Flinger crosses over that rule and makes a half-decent wristwatch.

Now we are done with durability, let’s move on to the design.

San Martin Flieger Watch


This is where we are afraid that this watch will fall and burn.

When it comes to designing wristwatches, some flourishing models in the market can compete with this watch; of course, we always say before competing, you have first to compare.

Watches like Oyster by Rolex define delicacy and beauty in a wristwatch; now, let’s see how the San Martin Flinger will perform.

If you are a minimal and straightforward person, this watch is for you, giving the circular dial and the steel body, this watch has strong hints of classic vibes, yet the dial itself is pretty much so simple.

The numerical numbers, the hands, and a triangle on the top of the watch are the only things this dial has; the dial itself comes in two colors, sunray blue and green.

The San Martin brand recognized this simple design and elaborated on making it more interesting now, and you can have your costume logo and world-text on the dial of this watch, which is a nice touch.

The design on this model isn’t anything special, but it is decent, although the customization of the dial is a plus point for this company.

The next item is the unique features of the San Martin Flinger.

Special features

The San Martin Flinger has some options, so we decided to talk about it.

Remember, we said that the bezel and the case were blended into each other, and it meant that this watch was water-resistance; well, we thought correctly, this model is water resistance up to 20ATMs, in other words, up to 200 meters.

The second fact about this watch is the luminous light on the numerals and hands that absorbed light and then let it out in the dark.

Again, considering the price of this flinger, we are sure to get everything that we needed; although this watch lacks some standards like magnetic resistance and chronograph option, it costs only $138-$169!!!

We told you that this watch was cheap.

Now let’s see what the end of this article is and if the San Martin Flinger is worth buying.

San Martin Flieger Watch review

On the whole

Overall, we have to say that you should not expect the most from this watch; while you pay $100,000 for a Rolex, it has the gold caliber and diamonds on it, but for the price of $136, the San Martin flinger is one of the best options that you can find on a budget.

We recommend getting this watch given the low price and the built quality. This model can meet your every need quickly.

Although, as we mentioned in the article, you have to be minimalist to get this watch, not that it is mandatory, the design is very much in its simplest form, and you have to be devoted to getting this watch.

We hope you enjoyed this review; if you own a San Martin Flinger, we would love to hear about your experiences using this wristwatch.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via the comment section for any additional questions about the “hands-on review: The San Martin Flinger watch” article.


Is San Martin Flinger a watch retailer?

  • Not quite. They are an independent watch Maker Company with several patents for their original design, but they sometimes alter some ideas.

Is San Martin Flinger Japanese?

  • this company is a Chinese company founded in 2016 by a watch enthusiast; there were only three people at the beginning of their work.

Are San Martin Flinger watches cheap?

  • Depending on the definition of cheap, it can be different, but when it comes to the world of the luxury watch world, yes, these models are significantly more affordable.
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