Hands-on review: Longines Legend Divers 36mm

Eight billion people live on this planet, and they might have different tastes and likings; however, some people are the same when it comes to things that they find interesting.

Today’s topic is a wristwatch, but not your average wristwatch. We are talking big guns this time.

Some people like their wristwatches minimal and straightforward, and others like them messy and chaotic, but some want both. Is it possible, though?

The answer would be positive; it is very much possible.

And that’s why today we will take our companion, the legend diver, and get to the heart of Longines.

Longines Legend Divers 36mm.

Now you might ask what makes this watch so unique. It looks just like the Legend Bronze, but there are some key differences that you need to know to get an answer to your question.

You will read:

  • Overall view
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Particular features
  • The bottom line

Let’s start our journey, get to the bottom of this watch, and see what is inside it.

longines legend diver 36mm article

Overall view

Some previous articles discussed a similar model to the Legend Diver 36mm with almost the same features.

But we have a feeling that this one is special.

Some people always complain that their wristwatch is usually too big; all brands make their watches between 38 and 44mm, which has become the standard size for all brands.

But the Longines went the other way and didn’t obey these rules and made the new Longines Legend Divers 36mm, which has a diameter of, yes, you guessed it right, 36mm.

When they first revealed this model, they referred that their target customers for this model were female users, although this was a mistake. Shortly after that statement, their stocks started dropping due to sexist comments on the watch.

Then they apologized and announced that the Divers 36mm is a gender-neutral wristwatch, and the matter escalated quickly.

Like the other divers, this watch is from the heritage collections; if you pay attention, you can see the resemblance in the heritage models that the Longines has revealed yet.

We strongly recommend you are a classic person. It would be best to get to the end of this article because this model might be for you.


When compared to the rest of the series, we cannot say that this watch is the most durable, but it’s no reason for this model.

The Longines legend Divers 36mm consists of stainless steel; in other aspects, it is not titanium. Therefore, it’s not as durable as the rest of the titanium-based models.

However, there are some special editions of this model by Caviar that are made from ceramic and titanium, but they have a way more hefty price; after all, it’s Cartier, right?

The straps on the divers 36mm are removable leather, meaning that you can change the straps and get some steel or metal ones; in simple words, you can change them whenever you want.

The front glass on Legend Divers 36mm is a sapphire crystal, a plus point; with several anti-reflection coatings, the front glass passes the durability test.

When it comes to the back case, we have the same magnificent diver carvings and the serial number, and some additional information; the back issue is also made of stainless steel, for that matter.

And in the end, are the services that the Longines offers for their customers; by getting this watch, you have a five-year any-condition warranty that covers everything, from a battery change to shattered glass.

Considering everything mentioned above, the Longines Legend Divers 36mm gets an 8 out of 10 in the durability section.

longines legend diver 36mm article


Like most of the models in heritage collections that we have reviewed so far, this model has almost the same design, yet this can be a downside for some people, but it’s a plus point for us.

The design on these models and especially the Legend Diver 36mm, is out of this world; the elegancy of mixing the modern-day design with a classic twist is at its most perfect form.

First, let’s talk about the dial and the case grips.

As usual, this model has a circular case, and the grips are as well-designed as ever. They have the minimum interaction with the skin so that it won’t bug you all day.

The deal is for its masterpieces. The base color for the Longines Legend Divers 36mm is hued black and gray, mixed in a gradient which is a very clever move.

Some other exceptional colors, such as emerald green or ruby red, are a new identity for this model.

Overall, there are some unique characteristics to the Longines Legend Divers 36mm given to it by its well-designed pattern.

This watch gets a 10 out of 10 in the design aspect of the review; now to the next chapter.

Particular features

With the unique features that a brand inserts inside a wristwatch, we expect a lot from the Longines.

And we are not surprised that the Legend Divers 36mm lived up to its reputation.

This model has 73 hours of power reserve, allowing your watch to keep working even when it encounters an issue.

The next point is the interaction with water, which in this case 30 bars is a fair number we think, although the name of the model is a diver, so it should be waterproof up to 30 bars which are approximately 300 meters deep in the water, that’s a lot.

The last option is the magnetic field resistance rate which is our favorite, and this watch didn’t disappoint us and added that function inside its L888 caliber.

This section’s end gets an 8 out of 10 because so many companies now make mariner watches like the Rolex mariner series that can get to the 3500 meters deep waters.

Let’s see what the bottom line of the article is.

The bottom line

Considering all of the sections and points that we have given throughout this article, the Longines Legend Divers 36mm gets an overall of 9; this is an excellent point for a watch in average condition and is not a very old model.

We hope that all of the details and facts that we cited in this article will help you make the right decision on investing in a watch, but to be frank, if you respect and love classic items and classic lifestyles, this watch might be the perfect match for you.

And no need to mention that the 36 mm diameters make this model way smaller than the competitors and make it easy to wear.

We hope that you enjoyed this review as much as we did; if you have any other questions or opinions regarding the hands-on evaluation of Longines legend Divers 36mm, contact us and share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Is Longines Legend Divers 36mm a waterproof model?

  • No watch on this planet is waterproof, yet this watch can handle a lot of pressure under deep waters, as we mentioned in the article.

Is Longines Brand expensive?

  • Kind of yes. Not that they are unreasonably expensive, as you know, Longines is a high-end wristwatch manufacturer that is currently a Swiss company.

What colors do Legend divers 36mm come in?

  • As we said in the design section of the article, the primary color for this model is gradient black, but as we said, there are some other magnificent color options as well.
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