Movado vs Citizen: Comparison of two Mid-Tier Watch Brands

In the world of horology, the debate between Movado vs Citizen stands out. Both brands, with their unique legacies, represent a blend of Swiss elegance and Japanese innovation. This article dives deep into their distinct identities, offering insights to help you discern their unique offerings.

Movado vs Citizen Comparison

Both Movado and Citizen offer unique value propositions. Movado leans more towards design and aesthetic appeal, while Citizen emphasizes technological innovations and functionality. The choice between the two would largely depend on individual preferences and intended use. But regardless, we will compare these two watchmaking companies in different areas:

Movado VS Citizen Classic Watches
Movado VS Citizen Classic Watches

History and Brand Heritage

  • Movado: Founded in 1881 in Switzerland, Movado is best known for its iconic Museum Watch, which features a solitary dot at 12 o’clock, symbolizing the sun at high noon.
  • Citizen: Established in 1918 in Japan, Citizen has continuously innovated its watch technology, with Eco-Drive being one of its most recognized advancements.

Design and Aesthetics

  • Movado: Emphasizes minimalist and sleek designs, with the Museum Watch representing its signature style.
  • Citizen: Offers a broader range of designs, from dress watches to rugged dive watches, many featuring their signature Eco-Drive technology.

Price Range

  • Movado: Typically positioned as a mid-luxury brand with prices ranging from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars.
  • Citizen: Generally, more accessible with a wide price range, from under a hundred dollars to over a thousand for some advanced models.

Movement and Technology

  • Movado: Primarily uses Swiss quartz movements, with a few automatic models.
  • Citizen: Renowned for its Eco-Drive movement, which uses light to power watches. They also offer quartz and some automatic movements.

Material and Build Quality

  • Movado: Uses high-quality materials typical for its price range, including stainless steel, sapphire crystals, and leather.
  • Citizen: Offers robust build quality with materials such as stainless steel, mineral/anti-reflective crystals, and titanium in some models.

Accuracy and Reliability

  • Movado: Swiss quartz movements are known for their accuracy and reliability.
  • Citizen: Japanese movements, especially the Eco-Drive, are also highly accurate and reliable, often requiring minimal maintenance.

Special Features

  • Movado: Renowned for its clean and simplistic design rather than feature-heavy watches.
  • Citizen: Many models come with additional features like radio-controlled timekeeping, world time, alarms, and dive functions.

Brand Recognition and Prestige

  • Movado: Recognized in the fashion and design circles, especially for its Museum Watch.
  • Citizen: Globally recognized, known for technological innovations and reliable timepieces.

Warranty and Customer Service

  • Movado: Typically offers a two-year warranty on their timepieces.
  • Citizen: Provides a five-year warranty, highlighting their confidence in the durability and longevity of their watches.

Note: These warranties are only offered for newly released watches available on each watch brand’s official website, and pre-owned and second-hand watches bought from retailers do not have warranties.

Resale Value

  • Movado: Holds a moderate resale value, especially for iconic models.
  • Citizen: While reliable and durable, most Citizen watches aren’t purchased as investment pieces, so resale values can vary.
Movado VS Citizen Sport Watches
Movado VS Citizen Sport Watches

Citizen vs Movado: Pros and Cons

Movado Watch Brand

  • Rich history originating from 1881 in Switzerland.
  • Minimalist and sleek designs, particularly the iconic Museum Watch.
  • Swiss quartz movements known for reliability.
  • Moderate to high resale value for iconic models.
  • Positioned as a mid-luxury brand.
  • Price range might be less accessible for some.
  • Fewer special features compared to some competitors.
  • Two-year warranty, shorter than some peers.

Citizen Watch Brand

  • Long-standing brand since 1918 with technological innovations like Eco-Drive.
  • Wide design ranges from dressy to sporty.
  • Accessible price points with broad range.
  • Eco-Drive and Japanese movements recognized for accuracy.
  • Extended five-year warranty showcasing brand’s confidence.
  • Some models might lack the design prestige of luxury brands.
  • Resale value is variable, with many not viewed as investment pieces.

In essence, Movado stands out for its design ethos while Citizen shines in technology and functional diversity. Your pick between them depends on personal preference and purpose.



Citizen and Movado are renowned watchmakers with deep-rooted histories, respected for their distinctive designs and technology. Citizen offers sporty, eco-friendly watches powered by their signature Eco-Drive solar technology, typically at more affordable price points.

In contrast, Movado leans toward minimalist, luxurious designs, often crafted with premium materials and a higher price tag. Your choice between them hinges on personal preference: Citizen for innovative, budget-friendly, and sporty designs, or Movado for timeless elegance and luxury.

Fin. We hope you enjoyed our Citizen vs Movado comparison. Thank you for staying with us at Saatsaz Watch, and if you have any further questions about these two watch brands, make sure to ask us in the comments.


Is Movado a good watch brand?

Yes, Movado is a reputable watch brand known for its minimalist design and quality craftsmanship, particularly the iconic Museum Watch with its singular dot at 12 o’clock.

Do Movado watches hold their value?

Movado watches, especially the iconic models, hold a moderate resale value. While they may not appreciate in value like some high-end luxury brands, their unique design and brand recognition ensure they maintain a reasonable resale value over time.

Are Movado automatic watches good?

Movado’s automatic watches are of good quality, benefiting from the brand’s Swiss watchmaking heritage. While the brand is primarily known for its quartz models, its automatic timepieces also reflect Movado’s commitment to craftsmanship and reliability.

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