Hands-on review: the grand Seiko SLGH002 limited edition

There comes a time in every individual’s life that particular period craves something more. Fashion is one of the leading industries nowadays that thrive; that being said wristwatch is part of the combination that can make a marvelous style.

But what if standard luxury and high-brand watches aren’t enough and you look for something far more outstanding?

The answer is Grand Seiko’s SLGH002 elevation nine limited editions.

This watch is hard to comprehend; it has a character and is the most splendid watch ever. You may as why?

Read through this review and enter the lavish world of this watch.

Contents in hand:

  • Overall view
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Limited features
  • At last

Let’s start and get to know the grand Seiko’s SLGH002.

slgh002 review

Overall view

It has been almost 60 years. The Grand Seiko company retails high-end wristwatches; this company is currently placed in central Japan and is one of the leading wristwatch forgers globally.

In honor of their 60th birthday, the Grand Seiko revealed a new series called evolution 9. This series defines so much about the company’s presence and the future.

The SLGH002 was one of many watches that stood upon the 60th evolution, and like many other models in that category, this watch was a limited edition and wasn’t mass-produced.

Meaning that there is only exist a total of 100.

Yes, there are only 100 pieces like this one we are reviewing right now in the entire world.

The SLGH002, with its gold body and leather bracelet, is a whole new look in the grand Seiko series; compared to most of the formal models that this brand has produced, this one gives out more of a sporty vibe.

This watch uses the new innovative movement system unveiled by the Grand Seiko at its 60th.

This watch has so much to offer and yet more to show off, so let’s review it; who is to say? Maybe you will like it.


Whether you are going to a school dance or a fancy ball, the SLGH002 will make your wrist shine the brightest.

This watch isn’t built to hike and climb mountains. In that case, a G-shock may be better for you, but if you are looking for fancy and beyond, this watch is for you.

The entire body is covered in 18K yellow gold; being a limited edition, that makes sense, right?

Although it’s made entirely from gold, it is a plus point for this watch; it is also a downside.

As you are attuned, gold is a soft metal. It’s metal, after all, and it’s durable, but compared to other options like titanium or even steel, this substance isn’t as stable,

This doesn’t mean that this watch is necessarily atrocious; after all, you never wear a watch made from gold on a mountain climbing trip.

The leather used in SLGH002’s bracelet is tremendously dependable, and I’m going to tell you what leather it is in the design section; you will be shocked, so keep reading.

Like the much more models of the Grand Seiko, this one is water-resistant as well, and that’s an up point.

The new movement system used in the SLGH002 is something different and unique, and I might add, very reliable; we will dive deep into the engine in the design section.

Let’s talk about design, the most critical part of the SLGH002.

slgh002 review


First of all, when you look at the SLGH002 for the first time, you can see that this one is unique; the gold used to make this watch is pure and 18K, and it covers the case, back frame, and the body of the watch.

Seiko once again uses sapphire crystal with an anti-reflection coating that is quite different from the other models in making the front glass.

The coating for the anti-reflection chemical is actually on the inside of the crystal, meaning as long as it doesn’t break, the anti-reflection is permanent and ever-lasting.

The silver textured dial base gives it a significant amount of minimalism, and it sure is an up point.

The leather used to make the bracelet is crocodile leather, and the texture of the leather feels surreal and undoubtedly natural.

Although this kind of leather, you have to use special waxes for making these pieces of the SLGH002 shine.

Now, let’s talk about movement.

This watch uses the new 9SA5 system which is slimmer and more powerful than ever. The 9SA5 series was introduced on the company’s anniversary as the central piece in the evolution nine series.

And without any doubt, this new movement mechanism made a revolution in the wristwatch world.

The diameters on the SLGH002 are 40mm, and the thickness is 11.7mm.

The clasp used on the model is three-fold and is released with the push button. With the lion emblem in the case back, you can see the 9S system crystal clearly.

The backside of the watch has serial engravements and the production number on it.

Considering all of the above, the SLGH002 is a design masterpiece, and no one can say otherwise.

Now let’s talk about extraordinary futures.

Limited features

Typically, the limited editions that the grand Seiko reveals have some unique features.

Like many others, the SLGH002 is water-resistant up to 10 bars and magnetic-resistant up to 4,800A/m.

Engraved information on the back of this watch is considered a feature cause the regular watches don’t have that option; the LIMITED EDITION on the back, serial number, and much more.

This watch uses a dual calendar system with a date display, and there is a second-hand stop option, meaning that you can turn your watch into a stopwatch at any given moment.

In the end, let’s see how the overall performance of the beautiful SLGH002.

slgh002 analysis

At last,

In conclusion as all that we discussed above, the SLGH002 is a high-end luxury watch made of gold that is limited and one of the best models in the Grand Seiko collections.

And if you are looking for a limited edition, amongst all models, we recommend this watch; correct, it is expensive but compared to the build quality, the features make it fair.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this hands-on review, and if you have any other questions concerning the SLGH002, ask us in the comment section below, and we will gladly answer them.

5/5 (1 Review)

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